It’s Big, It’s White And She Can’t Wait To Get Her Hands On It

Our fridge was starting to die on us yesterday. The giveaway being when eldest daughter went to get some crushed ice and got a whoosh of fairly cool…ish water splurting out over her. I gave it a very hopeful vacuuming out of the air intake as it did look like it had tried to suck several cats up into it. Then set it on maximum cold and went to bed.
The fridge passed away in the night.
Jennifer snuck out at the crack of dawn to completely avoid the situation by going to work for twelve hours. Leaving me, the kids and a dead fridge. Also the cats were out of cat treats and they became increasingly vocal anytime anyone walked into the kitchen. Which seeing we had a dead fridge, was about every seventeen seconds.
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  1. Stephenie Rowling says:

    Planet of the cats! So funny and probably ten times more scarier than the Apes one.

    I love this little snippets of family life. Showing that you are a normal family and you don't keep Jennifer in a short leash or any other feminist nightmare of control that they will love to imagine a man leading is so they can feel better about their multiple cats no hubby or kids included…unless Jennifer is down for it and there is a safe word of course;)

  2. "I'm not a gearhead by any means, but I am a geek and if you can give me a bug sheet and a solution option, I can give it a solid try."

    All hail the power of the geek wielding the mighty tool of information, for his resourcefulness is unlimited.

    Athol, did you use a specific site for product reviews or did you just google it directly? if the former which one? thanks

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Hunted the reviews on the store website.

  4. I wanted a fridge that fit the following three criteria:

    1) French doors.
    2) Freezer on the bottom.
    3) Fits our fridge area.

    I don't think you'd be disappointed with that combination. The freezer on the bottom is more convenient because it's accessed less and holds more stuff.

  5. > there was huge "KA-KUNK!" and the engine just burst into tears on me.

    You sheared off the lugs on the piece that adapts the engine shaft to the blade. I did this too. The lawnmower engine has no flywheel – it uses the blade as the flywheel.

    I did this once, scratched my head for an hour until I figured it out, then drilled out the two sheared off lugs and welded in short segments of 1/4" steel round stock. Voila – 1 hour thinking, 5 minutes welding, and the lawnmower worked again!

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