Me, My Girl, Some Arbor Mist and The Summertime

Jennifer and I were at a early Fourth of July party last night. There were five couples present and a couple of single women. Heavy kid presence of the middle school type, so not a wild Paaaaaaaaaarrrr-TAY! by any means, but more of a relaxed family fun party.
Now I know writing about what I write about, I have a reputation of being an insatiable sexual beast with ejaculations rivalling that of a team of horses. That’s obviously an exaggeration, one horse sure, but no man could hope to match an entire team of them. I just want to set the record straight on that.
Anyway, I may come across as fixated on sex, but the reality is 95% of game involves having your clothes on, and not worrying about your clothes coming off. Of the five husbands present, guess which one…
Sat with his wife on and off through the night and chatted.
Put his arm around his wife multiple times in passing.
Kissed his wife on the back of the neck once.
Lightly teased his wife over a trivial matter.
Started drinking the latest in the evening.
Became the clear favorite of the two-month-old in attendance.
Brought his wife the most perfectly toasted marshmallow in existence, such that it splucked inside her mouth in a single gooey orgasm of liquid marshmallowy goodness.
Lightly groped his wife’s ass discretely when no one was particularly paying attention to them.
So didja guess it was me yet? Didja? Really? Wow you are good.
Now I don’t even think any of the other couples are bad relationships by any means. I quite liked them all. Just, I’m the only one that Played Attention to his wife at the party. That’s half of Game right there. Just Play Attention to Her.
And of course being married is key to this sort of soft sell Game. I’m not hunting for a number close. There’s no boyfriend in the way. I don’t have the night winding down without having to worry about getting laid. I don’t need to ditch a friend to try and isolate her from her friends. I’m in board shorts, T-Shirt and bare feet…. peacocking lol.
Jennifer already said yes to me sixteen and a half years ago. Think about that for a moment… she already said yes. Last Minute Resistance was quite some time ago. Wifely pussy should in theory be the easiest possible pussy you will ever get your whole life. She’s pretty heavily committed to riding your cock you would think.
Now I get that for many of my readers, the very reason you are here is because you aren’t getting laid enough in your marriage. So think about this for a moment. At some point she already said a HUGE yes to you. Somewhere along the way, her yes for you turned into a no for you. If you managed to pull off a yes before, you very probably can find your way to a yes again. She’s actually biased toward you finding your way back to the yes.
Women love sex, and given a choice between cheating, divorcing, or finding their husband attractive again, the easy option is finding themselves turned on by their husband again. But attraction isn’t a choice, so that option is only yours to take. So give it a shot. It’s hard going at first, but it does get easier once you get it all up to speed again. You can do this.
Hopefully in not too long you’ll be goofing off too. Just kicking back with your girl, some Arbor Mist and The Summertime.


  1. Good stuff. My favorite Will Smith tune, by the way.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    i frequent the site because i feel at some point i'll be married, or committed…….whatever. you offer great advice, and i know i need to game up" to keep my relationships functional. you're blog is likned from mine because i know you offer sound advice. i'm still new to this blogging crap……..whatev's.

    but you offer great insght. which is why i reference you.

    stay up.

  3. dannyfrom504 says:

    and my typos have AIDS. kill me.

  4. dreadpiratk says:

    Good advice. I've always wondered why guys don't pay thier wives much attention in public. Nothing better than coping a quick feel or a smootch once in a while. That little blush she still gets even after 21 years is a real turn on. Just stokes the fire for later.

    Coulda lived without the whole marshmellow/orgasm thing though, don't know how I'll roast them with my kids tonight with that image in my head!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The amount of self-glorification on this blog is really starting to turn me away from it.

  6. Looking Glass says:

    @ dreadpiratk: with something cold between your legs & thinking about football, I imagine.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Two thoughts – maybe you just didn't catch the other guys being affectionate, or they realized the "Sex Guy" was there and didn't want to appear on your blog. Well, they're here anyway. Wouldn't expect too many invites in the future from that crowd.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just don't take his advice on wine selection. :p

  9. Dave in the cave says:

    I agree with the "your wife already said yes" part. Even if you aren't having much sex, she's still giving you that yes by staying together right? Or if you're still sleeping in the same bed? Gotta tap that.

  10. Athol Kay says:

    Anon 8:22 – lol I hardly drink so my options are limited to "aggressive fruit juice" or a couple of beers.

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