Reader Story: Updating Anon 4:46

Athol: The saga starts back on March 27th, and we last heard from Anon 4:46 on May 9th with the report she orgasmed with him finally. The cliff notes version being that she couldn’t orgasm with him, but she could with her swinging partner. We had a lot of email a couple months back and it seemed to be sorted out and heading in the right direction. Here’s a further update from Anon 4:46…
Anon 4:46: Sex has been really good. Usually, when it’s in a lull, I can point to legitimate problems (her work’s busy time) or my lack of leadership. Either way, it gets back on track pretty quick.
Today is my wife’s 40th birthday. By framing it as the last time that I ever had to sleep with a 30 year old before setting out on a lifelong journey of sleeping with cougars, she really got into it last night. I made sure that she knew that she was the sole focus of my abject lust last night and then rubbed her back while she fell asleep.
I’ve been running some pretty good Beta game by getting the kids to work on projects together. I even got them to get up early and make her favorite breakfast. Bit of a surprise party tonight. She knows that there is something but not really what. She will be amazed at what each of the kids has done. (way more exhausting and rewarding than doing it myself)
It seems so unreal that just a few months ago, I had to work to put everything out of my mind that was wrong with my marriage in order to just get through the day at a job I love. Now, I wouldn’t trade my marriage for anything. We’re in it together.
I’ll send you another update on what I think the keys to our turnaround were.  Thank You
Athol: So again…. “How does she like MMSL now??”
Even when it all looks bleak, it’s still possible to turn things around. By all accounts the starting point looked absolutely unsalvageable. But here we are.


  1. You, sir, are a miracle worker.

  2. "By framing it as the last time that I ever had to sleep with a 30 year old…"

    This is brilliant. My husband turns 39 later this month and I'm going to reuse this theme with him.

  3. viagra online says:

    I love cougars! well done mister, now you are an alpha.

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