Tantric Sex And Holding In The Moneyshot.

Reader question: I’ve been reading a little on tantric sex, and some authors speak of male ejaculation as something that’s a serious drain on the body. So, there are tons of references to working up to climax and backing down not just for the fun of it, but to keep from sucking the life out of a man. My man can cum 3-4 times in a session if it’s been a few days. I love it, and I’m addicted to his seed! But, since he has a physically taxing job, I worry that I’m wearing him out. Yes, there are days when I can tell he’s tired, so I don’t push. But, my fear is lurking… Any medical info on this, Athol?
Athol: The entire point of a man is to produce cum and shoot it in your direction. As long as he has a good diet, everything is working as intended. Enjoy!
It’s fun once in a while to dam up the cum supply for a few additional days and explode in or on her, but long term orgasm denial and/or chasity devices are simply counter to the design specs of the male sexual anatomy. Plus the female sexual anatomy is designed to expect to be splattered with cum fairly often. After a certain point of not getting the moneyshot, vagina is going to start to wonder what the hell is wrong with penis.
If you are going to play the “dam up the cum” game, suggest doing it over her period and then blow a gallon of semen into her vagina once her period is finished. You do not want to do it over her ovulation time. You essentially don’t want to get into a long term “role play” of having what amounts to be a sexual dysfunction though.

Transitional Relationships And Not Sticking The Landing

One of the great temptations in doing the MAP toward the end of the process, is to use your new attractiveness to create a serious attachment to someone outside your marriage. After years of struggling to get your wife to show you attention, affection and sex, to suddenly have that offered from another woman is near impossible to turn down.
But I think you should think carefully before you start up a relationship triangle between you, your soon to be ex-wife and a girlfriend.
The first thing to know is that anyone you attach to like this, is a transitional person.
Urban Dictionary: A transitional person is the first person you date during and/or after the ugly ending of a long term serious relationship, or possibly a drawn out death of your partner. They comfort you through the pain, self doubt, insecurity and other difficulties. Then, as you heal, they are a reminder of that terrible time and pain, so you gently ease them out of your life.
Only 3% of affairs turn into a new marriage, and those marriages fail at very high rates. So when you have an affair partner during the last year of your marriage, realize that your affair partner will not be part of your life over the long term. Or in plain English, when you leave your wife for another woman in particular, it’s odds on that you will eventually end up with neither one of them.
Should your transitional person actually realize that they are your transitional person at any point, they may end the relationship. Typically this happens at the worse possible moment for you, usually just as you step boldly and bravely out the door leaving your sobbing wife behind, only to hear your girlfriend tell you that she’s going to give it one more try with her husband and she can’t see you anymore.
Failing to make the jump between women like this is called Not Sticking The Landing, and it basically means you are seriously screwed, and all by your own hand.
So in terms of running the MAP, I generally advise not actually getting a girlfriend into the mix or having a full fledged affair. By all means flirt and prove that you can pull female attention – in fact that’s vital. But gaining a transitional person means that you have started to abandon fixing your marriage as a goal, it makes the situation more complex and you abandon the moral high ground.
The moral high ground is important to keep if you have it. It’s one thing to leave a woman with a serious drinking problem that refuses to get help. It’s another thing to have your marriage finally fail because you had an affair in no small part because of her drinking problem. By the time the spin doctors get through with it, she only ever had a drinking problem because of your affairs. And by “spin doctors” I mean her lawyers.
So keep the problem you are trying to fix simple and reasonable. Once the divorce is final (or close to it), then it’s far easier to move forward with a new relationship without the old one dragging behind like a broken anchor. 

What Is Sexy?

Sitting on your butt and looking beautiful is only sexy if you’re a woman. If you’re a man…
Playing football is sexy.
Watching football, not so much.
Making money is sexy.
Reading about someone else making money, not so much.
Being in good physical shape is sexy.
Talking about getting into shape, not so much.
Walking up to a woman and starting a conversation is sexy.
Reading pick up artist blogs and books, not so much.
Wearing nice clothes is sexy.
Thinking about wearing nice clothes, not so much.
Getting a promotion at work is sexy.
Complaining about work, not so much.
Traveling to another country is sexy.
Watching the Discovery Channel not so much.
Doing something a little risky is sexy.
Always being safe, warm and dry, not so much.
Saying what you want in bed is sexy.
Watching porn about what you want in bed, not so much.
Becoming a Black Belt is sexy.
Playing Street Fighter on XBOX, not so much.
Re-telling the story about something you did is sexy.
Telling the story about something someone else did, not so much.
Finishing your high fantasy novel and holding the finished book in your hand is sexy.
Playing World of Warcraft, not so much.
You can’t do everything that is sexy, just pick a couple things and get started on them. Everything else on the list that you can’t do fully, are fine to enjoy as entertainment and fun. Just make sure you’re in motion.
Don’t be boring. Even your colossal screw ups can be better than doing nothing.

Get Ready, Remain Calm (And Eat Cheese!)

We live in Connecticut and I’m sure you know that we have a hurricane / tropical storm / media masturbation thing happening.
Still it might be rougher than a normal storm so we’ve done a few added precautions. The cars have full tanks of gas, we have extra candles and batteries, water, food and we took inside all the potted plants and deck chairs etc. Plus we finally took apart the trampoline that was becoming increasingly dead. The girls quite enjoyed that authorized destruction.
But along with that happy to help attitude, the kids are a little nervous about it all. There’s been two solid days of foretelling of doom and power outages on the TV so it’s understandable. Youngest quite concernedly asked earlier in the day if we would have to evacuate, and she’s the calmer one of the two. Jennifer responded with a discussion about how we live close to a transformer station and hardly ever lose power, we’re all ready, not over much to worry about, we’ll probably get a flooded basement but that’s about it.
This is all true. But these are all words.
Which is in part why I requested a stop at the grocery store for “junk food and movies.”  My stated plan for tomorrow being limited to eating junk food and watching movies while it rains. We have so many battery powered devices that can play movies, I think we’ll be all set for hours upon hours. We’ve been without power for about ten minutes over the last six years I think.
Action carries the day. Even if that action happens to be sitting around eating cheese. It’s one thing saying “there’s nothing to worry about”, and another thing acting like there’s nothing to worry about. The girls have been relaxed ever since we stocked up on junk food and got to prep for the storm by tearing apart the trampoline. Youngest even switched it around on me at bedtime and said she now hoped we lose power “because it’s fun.”
Anyway, I got to do the heavy lifting of chairs and stuff into the garage, and then generally just lolled around like a bored lion. A hurricane is a serious event. So get ready (Beta), and once you’re ready, remain calm (Alpha). Most major events require those basic traits.
It’s also been fun to have a whole weekend with Jennifer for the first time in several weeks. She was all set to do her thing at the Hot Air Balloon festival in Plainville today. Can’t imagine why they cancelled it. Not that I care, I’m always happy to race over and help deconstruct her tent and take her home.
I mean dinner doesn’t cook itself.

Breaking Down The Sexually Shy Wife

Ovulation + a few drinks = time to push the limits a little.
Don’t fumble and ask her for permission for what ever it is. Just make a move.
Shy wives tend to be submissive, so she probably wants you to take the lead and overcome her shyness anyway.
Oh and I said push the limits a little. Surprise buttsex never goes well.