Get Ready, Remain Calm (And Eat Cheese!)

We live in Connecticut and I’m sure you know that we have a hurricane / tropical storm / media masturbation thing happening.
Still it might be rougher than a normal storm so we’ve done a few added precautions. The cars have full tanks of gas, we have extra candles and batteries, water, food and we took inside all the potted plants and deck chairs etc. Plus we finally took apart the trampoline that was becoming increasingly dead. The girls quite enjoyed that authorized destruction.
But along with that happy to help attitude, the kids are a little nervous about it all. There’s been two solid days of foretelling of doom and power outages on the TV so it’s understandable. Youngest quite concernedly asked earlier in the day if we would have to evacuate, and she’s the calmer one of the two. Jennifer responded with a discussion about how we live close to a transformer station and hardly ever lose power, we’re all ready, not over much to worry about, we’ll probably get a flooded basement but that’s about it.
This is all true. But these are all words.
Which is in part why I requested a stop at the grocery store for “junk food and movies.”  My stated plan for tomorrow being limited to eating junk food and watching movies while it rains. We have so many battery powered devices that can play movies, I think we’ll be all set for hours upon hours. We’ve been without power for about ten minutes over the last six years I think.
Action carries the day. Even if that action happens to be sitting around eating cheese. It’s one thing saying “there’s nothing to worry about”, and another thing acting like there’s nothing to worry about. The girls have been relaxed ever since we stocked up on junk food and got to prep for the storm by tearing apart the trampoline. Youngest even switched it around on me at bedtime and said she now hoped we lose power “because it’s fun.”
Anyway, I got to do the heavy lifting of chairs and stuff into the garage, and then generally just lolled around like a bored lion. A hurricane is a serious event. So get ready (Beta), and once you’re ready, remain calm (Alpha). Most major events require those basic traits.
It’s also been fun to have a whole weekend with Jennifer for the first time in several weeks. She was all set to do her thing at the Hot Air Balloon festival in Plainville today. Can’t imagine why they cancelled it. Not that I care, I’m always happy to race over and help deconstruct her tent and take her home.
I mean dinner doesn’t cook itself.

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