Sexy Move: Carry Gum

For whatever reason, women like fresh breath, but many forget to carry a self-sufficient supply of minty fresh gum. If you carry a supply of gum with you, pretty soon you’ll become the go to guy for gum.
However you don’t want to become the Chump King of gum either….
Suggest making a simple rule set for gum dispensing and explaining it to the ladies.
One piece of gum – the receiver must say “thank you”.
Second piece of gum – the receiver must kiss you.
Three pieces of gum – the receiver must sleep with you.
Four pieces of gum – no one has survived, but they died happy.
Obviously hardly anyone will jump to a second piece of gum, and no one to three pieces, but they will laugh and take one piece and say “thank you”.
A few days later when they ask for another piece of gum, ask them if they remember the rules and review them again if necessary. If they still want it, give them a piece of gum. As they start chewing, smile your best naughty boy grin and say…
“You realize of course, that’s your second piece of gum…”
Then enjoy her squirming her way out of being kissed. Playfully torture her verbally. Keep it light and funny. Say you can’t trust her now she’s proven to go back on her word. Say you were interested, but now she’s making Russian mail order brides look good.
The other game is when asked for gum to simply ask back at them, “I heard girls only ask for gum when they want to be kissed.”  Hold eye contact and smile.
Jennifer gets gum whenever she wants. That’s a skittles move. I usually just hand her a couple pieces after we go to a restaurant together.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought it said guN
    Which works too, albeit in a different way.

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