Sexy Move: Chick Flick, And F…

From Thunder one of my regular commenters…
Hey Athol,
I thought you’d be interested in hearing some reader game success stories.  And besides, we’re sick and tired of hearing about you and Super J.  :)
Hope its not too graphic…
Background:  After a week of no-sex period time, we had some great sexy-time the previous night.  The next night, I’m still feeling my oats….she meanwhile, had told me a few times how tired she was from the days activities and how she can’t wait to get off her feet and into bed.  That night in bed together while watching some corny chick flick “Hitch”….
Me: “Hey baby, I know how tired you are so I’m not gonna go all in for sex tonight, I’ll just take a handjob.”
Her: some whining routine about being tired, we just had sex the previous night, she always needs to be “on”, etc…
Me: Slapping that shit down calmly, taking it all in stride, telling her the default between us should be some form of intimacy every night, etc…and going back to watching the movie, unaffected. [In the past, i would have sulked, went passive-aggressive, etc…]
Her (Smiling):“Oh, I’m just teasing you about having to be “on”, you know I like to play with you…”  Starts to get cozy with me.
Me: Lightly slap her ass while watching movie.  Not really expecting anything but not affected anyway.  Getting bored of movie planning on going to sleep shortly.  Lightly stroking her back.
Her: 5 minutes later. Out of the blue.  “Let’s just have some naked cozy time.  Don’t get your hopes up.”  She strips completely naked and starts cozying up against me.
Me:  I am pretty surprised here but take it in stride.  Just continue watching movie stroking her back.
Her: starts cozying into me more, kisses me during some commercials.
Me:  stroking her full body now, breasts, ass, etc…but not making any real move yet.  But knowing that it is game on.  in every sense of the word.
Her: kisses me again during next commercial break. getting playful.
Me: I take off my clothes.  hey, it is naked cozy time after all.
Me:  now, starting to turn it up a notch making my move…
Her: Responding with some shit as to not wanting to miss the movie that we are watching…
Me: caught off guard, roll off, rambling something about her priorities
Me: catching my composure again within a few seconds: “I’m tired baby, I need to get to sleep.”  Roll on top of her start making out. touching ALL over.
Her: cooing, grabbing me in closer, sticking her tongue down my throat, stroking my penis, telling me she was joking about watching the move instead of this….
Post sex cozying – while watching end of movie…
Her: “So what was it about me that made you fall in love with me, be crazy about me, etc…blah blah blah”–>context: again, we are watching this gushy chick flick so it seemed to trigger this thought process in her.  or maybe it was just her wanting to follow up sex with another dose of my manhood via shit testing…
Me: Running Game – “Your boobs”
Her: Laughing.  “No Really”
Me: Running Game –  “Your legs”
Her: laughing again, but now acting insulted.
Me:  I can’t tell if she is truly insulted or just feigning it.  Women are so damn hard to read.  Even mine after 15 years of marriage.  Even right after sex.
Me:  Running Athol MMSL Game – I turn towards her, put my hand on the back of her neck, pull her towards me, roll on top of her, kiss her deeply and tell her I am crazy about her and love her with all my heart.
Her:  Cooing and cozying deeply into me while I drift off to sleep.
Me: Big smile next morning.
Athol: Some corny chick flick? Hitch is classic! I actually adapted a little from it for the Ten Second Kiss routine!
I also love that after all the Alpha framing and cocky and funny routine, that you unleash the sappy and score with it. Women love, love, love the sappy romantic fluff… as long as you have a good enough Alpha framework to drape it on.
Plus I love that Jennifer has earned her superhero handle nickname. “Marriedman and Super J” might just stick.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post! The key is in your frame!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Super J is a pretty awesome name. LOL!

  3. And they slept happily ever after…

    Super hero names are awesome. I may need to find one for the hubster now.

    I told hubby the other day that I was sore. He said, "I'm sorry."

    Me -"Don't say you're sorry. That takes some of the fun away. Say, "You're welcome."

    Him -"Okay, you're welcome," He had the biggest grin!

    I love it. Who is gaming who here? LOL

  4. Cosy naked time – what a lovely concept! Thanks Thunder – :-) C

  5. Athol – I sent this to you because I felt it was a successful example of using bunch of the concepts you preach.
    - Expecting some form of intimacy as the default.
    - Stating what you want (not asking/pleading)
    - Avoiding Passive-Aggressive Behavior and neediness.
    - handling shit tests
    - using the behind the neck grab/rolling on top to show strength/dominance while simultaneously being "sappy"

  6. Hitch was ok, and he used game pretty well – but the ending basically tried to show that game was useless and women prefer clueless beta saps.

  7. "Hitch was ok, and he used game pretty well – but the ending basically tried to show that game was useless and women prefer clueless beta saps."

    This is how a lot of Hollywood rom-coms end, the No More Mr Nice Guy finds a woman who really wants his old self. The twist is that they wouldn't have found each other if he hadn't made the personal change, so you're left to wonder if it was or wasn't superfluous – and there's no mistake to be made that straight up nice guyism isn't the path to success. It is in fact true to life, women want attractive guys to be nice to them. Neil Strauss' book The Game ends like this, he gets together with a rock musician who almost rejects him because of his player lifestyle but ultimately he gets her.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Thunder, once the Albert/Allegra pairing was resolved, the movie should have ended.

  9. Athol Kay says:

    The ending is perfect and is the greatest teachable moment if you can see it.

    1. Women want to be actively gamed.
    2. Women want to believe game isn't needed to seduce them.

    So you hook them, reel them in, then tell them there isn't actually a hook – just love.

    The hook is still there of course, you just feed their hamster a line to help them believe that there isn't one.

  10. That is a fantastic insight and one I had missed.

  11. Stephenie Rowling says:

    "The ending is perfect and is the greatest teachable moment if you can see it."

    Heh great way to see it. Now I wish that Hitch had had a last look at the camera smiling and winking his eye at the end. That would had made the movie more "talked about" than it was before.

  12. Anonymous says:

    "Her: 5 minutes later. Out of the blue. "Let's just have some naked cozy time. Don't get your hopes up." She strips completely naked and starts cozying up against me."

    Er, who is gaming who, here? Lol!


  13. Anonymous says:

    Gaming one's spouse can be a lot of fun.

    I would imagine though, it would be a right pain in the arse having to frequently game your whiney "I am tired don't get your hopes up" fickle wife. Lol..

    When I read stuff like this it makes me glad that I am a woman.

    It's just so easy for a woman who is interested in sex with her husband to get it without going to a whole lot of time and efort.

    I prefer the direct approach.

    So if hubby is working in his office at night, and I am feeling like a bit, I just poke my head in the office and say with a smile "Feel like a root" (or somethiung similar.. or I may just physically interefere with him whilst he is trying to work.. lol).

    It works every time. ;)


  14. "It's just so easy for a woman who is interested in sex with her husband to get it without going to a whole lot of time and effort."

    I agree, Kathy. Although, I do know a few women that have higher sex drives than their husband, and it makes them pretty depressed.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Lainey, that would be depressing.This is why I greatly sympathize with men whose wive's won't come across. It would be extremely hurtful to be rejected by one's spouse.

    The reason I can so confidently ask for sex from hubby (and sometimes I don't even ask, just wake him up)is because I know that he won't ever reject, me, as I have never rejected him.

    Having also to deal with kids means that the window of opportunity is not that great sometimes, so I(we)have learnt to adapt over a period of time.Sometimes 5 minutes is all you've got. ;)


  16. I'd still end the movie after the Albert and Allegra thing sorted itself out. The lesson about "Yes, Game me/You don't need Game with me" is right there in Allegra's story arc, with her in exactly that kind of denial. And, despite Hitch's statement to the contrary, Albert had plenty of game, just not the kind Hitch – nor anyone – was expecting.

    Anon 12:30

  17. Anonymous says:

    Yes Lainey. Very depressing. Trying not to pull my hair out from frustration. To the point now I don't even want sex and completely miss his "hints" for sex. Im not asking for it every night I'm not asking for fireworks. All I want is a little foreplay and sex more than once a month. A woman can only get rejected so many times before she gives up. Ugh, I'm venting now. shutting up.

  18. Anon 10:50

    He is hinting for sex. That is good. Have you talked to him? My husband is wonderful, but both of us are bad at getting hints.

    My feelings were hurt the other night when a hint went unnoticed. We've been married a long time and we still had to talk about it. I had to let him in on my hints and what they mean. I also shared mmsl with him and we talked a long time about what I want and what he wants. I wish I could send him messages telepathically, but I can't

    As women we like to hint. We want our men to take charge and just do what we like, but they don't know how sometimes without us telling them.

    Talk to your husband. Are there other things going on besides the sex issue? A lot of times unresolved issues come between couples and sex.

    Don't shut up. It does hurt.

  19. Anonymous says:

    anon 10:50 this isn't getting you anywhere is it? You are frustrated,and it has built up over a period of time, to the point where you are resentful. That's not good for either of you. Someone has to break this impasse, and I think that it will have to be you.

    In my own experience, there was a period where sex had become sparse. My husband was establishing a business and was extremely busy, channeling all of his energy into it. So not much time for "us". Coupled with the fact that we had a litle autistic boy who needed constant supervision, made it even harder.

    In the end, I decided to do something to get us back on track.. I made all the overtures.. I had the time.. I sent him (and still do) explicit and suggestive text messages, which had a two-fold result. It primed him for the evening. and it also got me going as well.

    Telling him what I was gonna do to him, and what I would like him to do to me etc.. really turned me on.. By the time he got home I didn't even need any foreplay. Lol. (sex is all in the brain)

    He even started to drop by during the day for a quickie, as a result of those text messages.

    I started giving him backrubs when he came home, and would whisper suggestive things in his ear, and maybe cop a feel when the kids were not looking. ;)

    Because I had made that initial effort, he reciprocated.. And we have never looked back.

    Sex too, just got better and better. We were both happier, more content, relaxed and able to tolerate each other's little idiosyncrasies(As I said somewhere else, after hubby and I have had sex the roof could cave in for all I care)

    Because you know when you are upset, frustrated and resentful any little thing that your partner does can get on your nerves.

    I worked really hard for our relationship, because I knew that hubby was working really hard to support his family.

    Someone has to make the first move, before things will improve anon.


  20. Anonymous says:

    I think Lainey, that we are all different. My husband is not very good at hints.

    I learnt a long time ago that the direct approach works best with my hubby, because that way, there can be no misunderstandings.

    He appreciates the lack of coyness, and I always get a positive response. Of course if he is dog tired after a particularly hard day, I'll let him be…

    Hey, I'm not that much of a selfish bitch that I'd badger the poor guy when he's wiped out.. :D


  21. Anonymous says:

    Just one other thing worth mentioning I think. Many women want their man to be romantic(I am not refering to you Lainey, or anon 10.50)But most men are just not like that. Well, not after years of marriage anyway..

    My husband was never a romantic. I knew that before I married him. He'd do stuff like cook a nice meal for me. Practical things.And, he never ever lied to me.. Something I found very refreshing.

    We also have a lot in common, and we get on well. He's damn good in the sack too.;)

    I never get chocolates or flowers etc.. I get HIM, and, THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.


  22. "I think Lainey, that we are all different. My husband is not very good at hints."

    In this one part of my life I like to give hints. It makes me feel sexy – like I'm not initiating, even though I am. LOL I just gave the hubster the secret hint decoder of Lainey though so we are good. I'll have to let him know when the signals change.

    He hints, too. I know he is hinting about sex when he start rubbing my earlobe. He read somewhere that the earlobe is an erogenous zone on a woman & rubbing it gets her horny. When we were younger it just made me curious. Sure enough though after all these years, he's trained me. When he rubs my earlobe I get all weak in the knees.LOL

  23. Athol, I think you need a forum section now for all us chatty people. :)

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