She’s Good Enough

I prodded Jennifer into bed at around 845pm tonight. No sex. No exercise tonight either. Just been a long week for the both of us. She works all day tomorrow as well, so she needs the rest.
 I slept way too late this morning, and ended up working later than usual as well. So my evening was all out of whack with a late return. I’m tired but “up”. I’m gonna go play video games for a bit after I finish this post.
Tomorrow I really have to get cracking on my next writing project as I’m running out of time to get it done. The Primer 2012 is going to be written through October, November and December and sit in limbo through January getting itself situated on Amazon for a February 1st release day all going to plan. So if I’m going to get something else written, I’ve only got August and September to do it.
Don’t have a working title as yet, but it’s going to focus on using The MAP for both sexes to work on a far wider range of relationship problems than just lack of sex. Maybe half my email is “sex” related, and the other half is “other intolerable problems”. So I can’t not write about it, but I don’t want The Primer 2012 to get side tracked away from the sex for married guys angle either. It’s going to be shorter than The Primer that’s for sure, I’m thinking 150 pages or so… but then I thought The Primer was going to be 200 and it turned into 344.
Jennifer has kindly offered up some behavior modifying cheese for the next book as well. The first coherently decent set of productive writing toward the book nets me a very enthusiastic Jennifer in brand new pink lingerie. I mean I could probably just tell her to do that and she’d do it anyway, but to be honest I need the motivation jump-start. Everyone wants to have written a book, very few people want to actually write one.
Maybe I’ll rest Jennifer tomorrow night as well and work like a dog all weekend. Day 3 and fancy pink lingerie might make for quite a Sunday night session.
I’m actively crushing on Jennifer. It’s delicious. As cheese goes, she’s good enough.

As always I am grateful for my readership and fans. You are all helping me live a life I want to lead and I am appreciative of that. You always have my sincere hope that I am helping you make changes in your lives for the better. May you find love, sex and happiness.



  1. dreadpiratk says:

    Looking forward to the new book! I'm desperately looking for a book on the positive aspects of game that does for young, unmarried men (and women)what the primer does for married men, without the self destructive 'hook up with anyone' meme. I want to give it to my teen aged sons. It doesn't have to be Christian oriented necessarily just aimed at forming LTL's rather than getting into every girl you meets pants. I'm seriously considering giving my 21 year old son the Primer as it's the closest I've found so far, but haven't decided yet. It might be a bit too much for him. Hopefully I've modeled some positive Alpha and Beta behaviors for them, however imperfectly, but the whole 'outside expert' thing would be a great help as well. Get going on it!

  2. Good job, Jennifer! Nothing like a reward for a job well done. ;)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good for you Dread. Even the casual pick-up stuff can work for guys wanting LTR, just by the INITIATION process. You've got her attention, she's interested, now work towards something beyond the bedroom.

    Jennifer 6

  4. "It doesn't have to be Christian oriented necessarily just aimed at forming LTL's rather than getting into every girl you meets pants."

    I agree.

  5. Athol Kay says:

    Dreadpiratk – speaking as the guy selling the book… I think it's ideal for your 21 year old son!

    And oy I did nothing at all yesterday… not even a post. /shame

  6. dreadpiratk,

    Shameless plug but you might want to check out, and direct your son to, my blog. I'm an unmarried young adult and I've made it part of my mission to address the issues (professional as well as relationship) facing young people from ~20-30. it really is a jungle out there, so many things I wish I'd been told at 22.

    Athol's book is good – have him to read the last section first, the part that discusses the reality of modern marriage and how to choose a wife(/relationship partner). You can't run the rest of the material unless start with a sane, stable partner. And heed his advice about doing something well you can hang your hat on as a daily DHV.

  7. Looking Glass says:

    Badger is shameless plugging, but he does good work as well, as he focuses on the younger set, dating scene without being just about Hookups.

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