Tantric Sex And Holding In The Moneyshot.

Reader question: I’ve been reading a little on tantric sex, and some authors speak of male ejaculation as something that’s a serious drain on the body. So, there are tons of references to working up to climax and backing down not just for the fun of it, but to keep from sucking the life out of a man. My man can cum 3-4 times in a session if it’s been a few days. I love it, and I’m addicted to his seed! But, since he has a physically taxing job, I worry that I’m wearing him out. Yes, there are days when I can tell he’s tired, so I don’t push. But, my fear is lurking… Any medical info on this, Athol?
Athol: The entire point of a man is to produce cum and shoot it in your direction. As long as he has a good diet, everything is working as intended. Enjoy!
It’s fun once in a while to dam up the cum supply for a few additional days and explode in or on her, but long term orgasm denial and/or chasity devices are simply counter to the design specs of the male sexual anatomy. Plus the female sexual anatomy is designed to expect to be splattered with cum fairly often. After a certain point of not getting the moneyshot, vagina is going to start to wonder what the hell is wrong with penis.
If you are going to play the “dam up the cum” game, suggest doing it over her period and then blow a gallon of semen into her vagina once her period is finished. You do not want to do it over her ovulation time. You essentially don’t want to get into a long term “role play” of having what amounts to be a sexual dysfunction though.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Oooh… gina tingle thinking about begging for his load without the guilt!

    Bonus points for the writing, Athol! Nearly spit my coffee when I read, "vagina is going to start to wonder what is wrong with penis."

  2. I agree about roleplaying a sexual dysfunction. Good insight.

    Now for a little bit of the dark side. Just as male sperm acts as a plug, much of the female sex drive in a relationship is mate-guarding. A man's occasional refusal to allow his partner to mate-guard him sends the right signal: I am more valuable on the sexual market than you. For tonight, at least, you are not worth guarding. And I have a stock of useful sperms.


  3. There's really no such thing as Western Tantra. Real tantra has many prerequisites before sex even becomes a part of it. What is known as "western" tantra, is just people trying to have bigger orgasms. Not the point. At all

    Not all tantrists even engage in sex, and the ones that do only orgasm occasionally.

    For info on what REAL tantra is (including the LATER sexual counter parts) read this.


    Reuniting.info has some great layman's information on this as well, though they tend to focuss on Karezza.

  4. In fact, I think http://www.reuniting.info/ would be a great addition to Athol's recommended blogs. : )

  5. Yes, I would love to hear Athol's view on Karezza… See some of Marnia Robinson's writing…

  6. I had to Google Karezza. It's not particularly normative sexual practice. I'm pro-cumshot. :-)

  7. Athol, after a holiday weekend of nothing but begging for (and gettong) the cumshot, we're both much happier. And screw it if neither of us has energy for work today. ;)

  8. Karezza is amazing. Far more satyisfying than any form of regular sex and it makes love and sexual attraction last with little effort. It really is revolutionary. I wrote a long post explaining everything about karezz, tantra, mulitple orgasms without cumming etc. here: http://www.fastseduction.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi?action=retrieve&grp=9&mn=1300812108649664

    THe problem is you have to become a member of the site to read the post now as it is in the archieves. Now you only see the post by the guy who started the thread.

    Diana Richardsons books on tantra are the same brand of sex as karezza but explain much better how to do it and why it feels so much better. Read one of her books first and tehn read cupids poisoned arrow for the scientific theory. I also recomend reading the mass of testimony at the reuniting.info forum that karezza works wonders on relationships.

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