Cooking Game: The Cheesy Fries of Supreme Joy

Here’s a killer dish that will have everyone complaining loudly that they should not eat it, but they will eat it anyway with little groans of pleasure. It’s that good.
The dish is made in five layers. The waffle fry layer, the cheese sauce layer, the bacon layer, the scallion sprinkle and finally the sour cream meteorite is balanced on top. It looks like this…
The Cheesy Fries of Supreme Joy


At this point I’m pretty hopeful that you can figure out how to bake a bag or two of waffle fries in the oven, can figure out how to fry up some crispy bacon?, can chop a few scallions and can operate a spoon with intent toward the sour cream. (It is after all man’s use of tools that separates him from the animals.)
The secret to this dish is the cheese sauce. This is no plastic cheese “spread” invented by the military with the demand that it does not freeze at -40F or get too runny at 120F . This is not grated cheese that one has simply heated into a mix of warm cheese, melted cheese and a hardened post-cheese residue. This is a proper cheese sauce that slowly snuggles into the waffle fries and asks if it can sleep over.
So here we go…
Step 1 – Two tablespoons of butter. Melt this in a pot with a low heat.
Step 2 – Two tablespoons of regular flour. Add this a little at a time into the melted butter. Seriously don’t just tip it all in at once, you have to slowly add it in and stir it into a smooth even mix. Stir hard and fast and I find smooshing it against the bottom of the pot with a rubber spatula helpful.
Step 3 – If you did Step 2 right, you’ll have a gray kind of looking smooth paste in the bottom of the pot. Then just spread it out a little on the bottom of the pot and keep it on a low-medium heat and let it heat up to a bubbling paste for about three minutes.
Step 4 – Add one cup of milk. Do this exactly the same way as adding the flour, a little at a time and stir like crazy getting it into a smooth even texture. I said stir like crazy and I mean it. Go go go go go go!
Step 5 – Slowly bring the mixture up to a bubbling simmer and keep it there for two minutes. Keep stirring it once in a while to stop it from scalding on the bottom of the pot.
Once Step 5 is complete, what you have is known as a “White Sauce”. It is vastly improved with cheese.
Step 6 – Remove the pot from the heat and immediately dump in a cup of shredded cheese. Then quickly stir the cheese in. All going to plan, the cheese will melt into the white sauce evenly and transform into a smooth cheesy delicious pourable sauce.
Then obviously toss all the waffle fries onto a plate, pour the cheese sauce over the fries, shovel the bacon on top of that, sprinkle some chopped scallions and then do a huge whoops of sour cream in the middle of Mt.Cholesterol and you’re done.
The serving dish in the photo above is actually our Thanksgiving Dinner turkey platter, and involved two bags of waffle fries, a double batch of the cheese sauce and a whole thing of bacon. It was a little much for the four of us. Would probably be good for a full dinner for about six or seven people. What an opening salvo for a Halloween party though, I mean lets be honest, candy is no good with beer.
It scales easily as well. Want to serve 12 people? 20 people? 40 people? A bag of fries = a batch of the sauce as a loose rule. Get a big metal serving tray and you can cook up a ton of fries and bacon and just up the quantity of the sauce and pour it all on and you’re good to go. Great for wakes.


  1. Susan Walsh says:

    Yay, another blogger is doing food posts! I think that looks unbelievably delicious. I wish I had the makings in the house right now.

  2. Yummo!!

    Adding some ground chipotle pepper to the sauce might be nice also. Lots of room for tasty variations here.

  3. I am sure I would like this … and I am equally sure it would not like me. :-)

  4. No offense Athol, but I think this guy does the the cooking recipe thing a bit better:

  5. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin says:

    A little lemon and chopped green onion on that would really make it sing.

  6. I didn't see this recipe in the Supreme 90 "clean eating" guide…lol

    This is exactly the correct procedure for making white sauce and cheese sauce, as taught to me by my mother many years ago! Removing the pot from the burner before you add the cheese is key.

  7. The technically-correct term for your "white sauce" is "Béchamel sauce". It is a great base for a lot of things (like lasagna) and with a little practice you can make it with your eyes closed.

  8. Athol,

    My pregnant girlfriend currently craves nachos. I think with some green chile added, I'm going to get some major beta points off this.

    BTW thanks for the MAP. Improvement seen within one month of implementation! Your book is off the hook amazing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Totally OT but a quick question to some of you here. But first a bit of background and sorry for the ramble….

    I've been married almost longer than I can remember and to be quite honest it hasn't been that great. My wife is a very strong woman and wants total equality in our marriage but effectively it has meant that she has been in charge. Our sex life has never been that bad, just not great. However she can be very confrontational while I am ( was ) a bit of a doormat and basically just take it. Things just blow up and it all gets a bit crazy.

    Anyway, a couple of years ago I found Roissy and then MMSL and others. I began changing and things did improve. The nature of our arguments definitely changed and the sex got better with us doing different things ( an issue with me ). It looked like this could actually work. But… this relearning has been really hard. She can still be very confrontational and in fact we have probably came closer to calling it quits more than ever. Quite a while ago she 'caught' me reading MMSL ( and later Roissy ) and quite frankly was horrified at what she read. She spent a week reading all these 'game' blogs. Several of our arguments have since been about the effectiveness of the technique. Remember she's all about 'equality'. I ended up promising not to read MMSL. Totally beta damn it, since it definitely works, I'm just not very good at it.

    The thing is although I am still not very good at standing up to her, I *have* become quite indifferent to the outcome :-) Our family has grown up and we are now quite well off. I used to be scared of what others would think as we have always been seen as a 'model couple' however, I think of it more as me dumping her than divorce these days. I seriously don't need this crap I get from her and she knows it. But it does seem like she just can't help herself. I used to think she was crazy but I have a much greater appreciation of my role in this. Stupid thing is we are very compatible, have similar interests and she can be fun in bed. In a funny way I actually started appreciating her more after I got over her, so in some respects it would be a loss but I am prepared to move on.

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  10. Athol Kay says:

    Anon 10:34 – well if you guys haven't talked for five days, I'm not sure that her knowing about you buying a book will make things worse.

    Just tell her MMSL is like "Eat, Pray, Love" for men, but rather than celebrating divorce, it celebrates marriage.

    And that if a man told a woman not to read a book, he'd be accused of being an abusive spouse and controling her.

  11. @Anon, wow, she gets to decide what you read? You giving in on that was a big fail. Also, her calling all the shots isn't equal, and equal is not a universal good in any case.

    "I see MMSL as improving me, and coincidentally improving our marriage. I'm going to read it, and I'm going to improve myself whether you are on board or not."

    I think that marriages shouldn't be exactly equal. After all, it's inefficient for us to each do all the same chores. In the best businesses, there are different roles for different workers, and they don't all get paid the same either. There is no inherent reason a marriage should be equal.

  12. I think your next book should be a cook book – “Kitchen Game- Working the K-Spot”:) Your recipes seem very good- love that most of them go over basics and classic techniques (many recipes assume you know everything). You also write in a very entertaining way- I detest dry cook books that are a bore to read.

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