Danny DeVito Short Guy Game On The View

Admittedly Danny DeVito is a celebrity and that’s why he’s on The View. But he’s so full of reckless confidence about his sex life that he carries the day. Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck folds over laughing so the stick up her ass must need replacing soon.
All in all Danny runs a rampant cocky and funny game. I’m also pretty sure that having five women laughing and liking him made for a great preselection effect for when he got home. But then again, he’s made it clear he was going to get laid anyway.
I think the trick to short guy game is to act like you have no idea you’re short. Or if questioned on it, simply announce you are “taller on the inside” and continue to plow your frame.
Probably best not to start fights in bars though.
Hat tip Popcrunch for the video.


  1. Looking Glass says:

    Doesn't he normally show up there slightly drunk? That doesn't hurt. :)

  2. Agh. I cannot stand those harridans. They all have personalities that make you shudder like you've just stepped on a very large and crunchy cockroach with your bare foot. I imagine the gatekeepers to Hell are about as hospitable.

    Danny DeVito, of course, holds his own. Then again we already knew he was the man.

  3. We love Danny DeVito because he has the BIGGEST personality :)

  4. I was at a nice restaurant recently and asked the staff who the coolest person they'd served was. Two different staffers independently said Danny DeVito.

    Apparently it was raining, and Danny was holding the umbrella over Rhea Perlman's head gentleman style. Then a fan asked a waiter to slip Danny a note of admiration. Danny came out of his private room and sat with the dude for an hour and paid his bill.

    Then Danny's crew came into town late, and he had the place prepare food for the whole crew and carried it over to the hotel himself.

    Big pimpin'. As Gene Siskel once said, DeVito doesn't play short guys – he just plays guys.

  5. I never much liked deVito, but I wanted to say I think short guys are hot.

    I'm 5'2" when I stretch. My tallest SO was 5'10, and he was about as tall as I like. I do like men taller than I am (not hard), but not too tall. 5'8" is about perfect for me.

    I want a man I can kiss standing up, without using a stepstool.


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