Steve And The Stripper

Ever wonder what happened to Steve of Blues Clues?

Keep watching and he gets to a great story about him and a hot female fan… agonizing to listen to in his pure Beta approach.

“This is the only game I’ve got.”

Seriously the guy has to be rolling in dough if he had a half decent agent. Blues Clues is still playing.

Steve if you’re out there, buy the damn book.


  1. David Balan says:


    Great video… Sure he coulda played her into bed real easy (she seemed like she wanted it badly enough – or rather, was told to do so so he might agree to the children's show pitch.) but given his description of his life, her personality, and their conversations, I don't blame him that he doesn't find her attractive and doesn't want to. I wouldn't either. Fake, negative chicks with fake breasts = yech. There's more than being a swimsuit model.

  2. I agree with David. I kinda like that he had some integrity here.

  3. "pure Beta approach"?

    WT *F* are you talking about?

    Sure, there's some Beta there — dinner date (at a place she picked), a somewhat passive vibe, &c., but there's also:

    * Rejection of her "send a limo" nonsense
    * DHVing with the kids
    * Rejection of her "sing the song" ultimatum
    * "Walk away, man. Just … walk away."

    The story simply isn't that of a frustrated Beta — it's of a disgusted guy with more on his mind than the pussy on the pedestal. Could he have banged the Playboy model? Sure. Was it worth it? No.

    That, my friend, is Inner Game. Pity you don't recognize it.

  4. Oh I agree that he should have passed on it, that's about the only thing he did right.

    Twenty – his entire frame of this story is that he has/had zero inner game. Where did you get the disgusted guy angle from? His story was that of essentially being awed by her sexyiness.

  5. David in Opelika says:

    I'd agree with you Athol that he was awed by the sexiness. But only up to the point that he actually met her. There's a some bit of intimidation by her height, and a lot of being disgusted by fake bewbs and general nastiness after that point.

  6. @Athol

    It's like you stopped listening after the part where he talks about driving over to her place with flowers. Betas don't turn down ultimatums from half-naked stripper/models.

  7. Ian Ironwood says:

    This is why the whole alpha/beta thing is more complicated and sophisticated than we often give credit/blame for.

    Steve (who was my wife's not-so-secret crush for five years) is an actor, and while he's not a great one he does have the personality of nerds-in-high-school-who-go-into-drama-to-get-girls-only-to-realize-that-actresses-are-shallow-and-vapid, that is, he can act a good game even if he can't feel a good game.

    I watched nearly every episode of Steve's tenure on Blue's Clues, and while the soft, sensitive Beta Steve was certainly dominating, due to the constraints of the show, he displayed what can only be described as "alphishness" repeatedly. In particular, when he did Elvis impersonations or other characters he displayed the kind of confidence and charisma one associates with Alpha behavior.

    Having a conscience and good ethical judgement is not a negative, in the long run, or even an essentially Beta trait. My wife was won over by the balding-and-mustached Steve all over again for the way he described the date, and it wasn't just his thoughtful consideration of the little boy and the vapid model that did it. It was his ability to discern what would have been a betrayal of his personal sense of honor and ethics for the short-term gain of a one-night-stand with a model and his willingness to walk away when things crossed a line.

    Mrs. Ironwood pointed out that not all Alpha traits are active, and some are passive: like practicing good judgement in the context of your personal code of honor. Nothing says "Alpha" like a man who has the courage to stand up to his own temptations and stay internally consistent with his self-defined sense of honor. Obviously Steve accepted his responsibility as a kid's-show host with a great deal of seriousness, and even in the privacy of his own home, faced with a couple of giant boobs and a woman more than willing to use them, he didn't cave. That's Alpha, in a very real sense. "Character is what you do when no one else is looking." Or, in other words, "Being Alpha is not just about pussy".

    Athol, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Not only are there some good lessons here, but I was thrilled to see what Steve was up to these days. Joe just isn't the same.

  8. Actually I think he was a mix is true that he got intimidated by the high issue but a true Beta would have obssesed over it all night long instead of seeing the oportunity to make up for it by playing "his game", there is also the part of the limo nonsense wich was a good assertive move and also he not cancelling or going to another restaurant when people though she was a scort (again a Beta would be thinking on the scandal), and the turning down sex a Beta with no options and drunk would had sang that song and got laid in then and even more awkward morning situation.
    So how about a middle term? Bepha or Alta?

  9. Dude can tell a great story and is funny so I can't see him being too beta. I think he played this up for the comedy value. He had an alpha response to the limo by amplifying it.

    I am guessing it may have really had a different ending and there is no way the cheering nerds rooted the way he said..

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