$3.99 Kindle and PDF

The price drop to $3.99 for the Kindle and Lulu.com PDF version is live.

The print version is still the same. Createspace isn’t letting me drop it as far as I want just yet without having to ditch the expanded distribution channel. Working on it.


My sales dropped because of this and I put the price back a few weeks later.


  1. Brian says

    I'm glad you have a pdf version. I just bought it to send to a friend of mine. He definitely needs it.

  2. Anonymous says

    Ideal price points:

    $9.99 for a smaller format paperback.

    $19.99 for a hardback autographed by you.

    $29.99 for a hardback autographed by Jennifer.

    $149.99 for those accustomed to paying scientific book prices. Of course, you would have to rename it to something like "Topological Dynamics and Coupling Equations".

  3. Anonymous says

    Picked it up. Added apps to my iPhone so that I can read it there and have it read to me in the car. Thanks.

  4. Ian Ironwood says

    Glad you took the plunge. You should see your sales — and profits — start to rise dramatically. Price point is everything on Kindle.

    Good luck!


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