“Brother Husbands”?

I gotta think the gender reversal makes some of the Sister Wives dynamics painfully clear…


  1. JCclimber says:


  2. I saw a documentary about polygamy a while back. The one man several women bunch seemed to have a dynamic similar to the big love. THe one woman two men couples seemed to have a bitchy woman bitching to both and using the other boyfriend to humilate the other. For example, one woman said to one boyfriend that "oh me and Rob make out al the time, for really long as well, we just have that sort of sexual connection you know". The boyfriend looked totally humiliated and was lost for words. She kept doing stuff like that to both. I think a lot of the apeal for her was actually to feel very superior all the time. She was truly horrible.

  3. Bahahaha! No way! this has to be a joke! One of those guys is clearly gay.
    In a way it kind of reminds me of those old marriage manuals that tell you all the different kinds of woman you should be for your husband the friend, the mother, the mistress, the maid lol

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