You Could Be So Good For Me

Often the thing you like about someone, is the same thing you dislike about them.
She’s always so engaging to talk to.
She never shuts up.
He’s so hunky, what a beefcake.
He spends all day in the damn gym.
She’s always so well put together, I can’t stop staring at her.
She’s never finished in the bathroom, we’re late again.
He’s so smart.
He makes me feel stupid.
She’s so great with making this place a home.
She’s a neat freak and what fuck is with all the pillows?
He’s always good to talk to about the things that really matter.
He’s so serious all the time. I’m bored.
Some times it’s the very things that drive us crazy about our partners that are the things we most need from them. There should be some sort of mutual benefit to each other to being together. You should be good for each other.
I’ll be honest. Sometimes Jennifer is a little too easy going and passive for me, but the thing I most love about her is that she’s always so accepting and soothing to me. On her end of things, I’m fairly sure that she wants to just groan and clutch her head with some of my little shenanigans. I say that because I’ve seen her just groan and clutch her head with some of my little shenanigans about three times a week for the last few years. But I also bring her to tears of laughter several times a week plus our lives are being taken over by my bright ideas that work.
I’m the lightning, she’s the earth. I’m good for her, she’s good for me.
 Like Rocky Balboa says, “I got gaps, she got gaps, together we don’t got gaps.”

Treat A Whore Like A Lady And A Lady Like A Whore

A reader sends me an email…
Interesting quote from Monroe on her husband. Can you spot the take-home message?…
“I was surprised to be so crazy about Joe [DiMaggio]. I expected a flashy New York sports type, and instead I met this reserved guy who didn’t make a pass at me right away! He treated me like something special. Joe is a very decent man, and he makes other people feel decent too.”
Athol: Immediately I thought of the old line advising to “Treat a whore like a lady and a lady like a whore.”
Converting it into MMSLspeak, women have the whole Alpha Beta Trait thing happening with them too. What’s Beta for men and women are much the same, but the Alpha Traits are primarily based on dominance and power for men, and beauty and being sexually provocative in women. Most of us tend toward being better in one or the other of Alpha and Beta Traits.
So a “whore” would be a higher Alpha and lower Beta mix woman. So she’s going to be seeking a way to get more Beta into her life.
A “lady” would be a lower Alpha and higher Beta mix woman. So she’s going to be seeking a way to get more Alpha into her life.
Though do remember that it’s all about a balance. Once she gets a big dose of what she’s looking for right now, she’ll return to baseline and start looking for her usual mix of Alpha and Beta. So you do have to maintain the balance, you can’t just throw Beta at a “whore” endlessly and expect great results forever.
The point is that for an opening move though, doing the exact opposite of what every other guy has done up until now, is going to get her positive attention. There are plenty of “ladies” simply craving flirtation and direct sexual interest in them. There are plenty of “whores” dying inside to not be pump and dumped anymore.
Though the saying that you “Can’t make a ho’ a housewife” also springs to mind. So be advised on that account. But you can certainly make a housewife act like a ho’… all that takes is privacy, passion and power…
…or booze.
Jennifer: Be advised that the word “whore” is used for illustrative purposes only. Do NOT use this with your female interest.
Athol: Awwwwwwww…….

My Plan To Take Over The World Requires More Coffee (And Giant Robots)

For those following the plot of our intrepid hero…
Oh noes! I’m out a shit-ton of cash!!! $300,000 In Lost Royalties
Oh wait that’s not exactly right, which  is explained in the comments. Nevermind I get it. Need more coffee.
Cunning lawyers pick up the cause…  Shocking Revelation Piracy Hurts Individuals
Explain that it’s not exactly right in the comments. Sip coffee like Sean Connery playing James Bond.
Email discussion with cunning lawyers begins. Realize I’m possibly more like Austin Powers trying to explain how a penis pump got into my bag. “Honestly baby, I’ve got no idea where that came from.”
Cunning lawyers introduce me to their buddy (Mike Masnick). Curiously the lawyers fight against everything their buddy stands for, except the buddy. The difference between “Freetard” and “Great guy” being noted. I suspect the buddy has hired these particular lawyers.
Buddy writes for Tech Dirt, and they have a web forum devoted to discussing business models and marketing et al, called Step2. Would I like to contribute a post in the forum discussion?
So… here’s the behind the scenes masterplan to have MMSL take over the world with book sales and giant robots. MMSL: The Marketing Plan. There’s a sort of a competition happening over there for most popular thread, so if you could pay a visit and weigh in, that would be great. Competition as in prizes, with actual money. There’s also this cool team ring they sent me that turns me invisible and I don’t have to log on to check my email anymore, I just kind of hear them narrated in my head by Steve Jobs.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot to get through this weekend with writing the next three books (it’s complicated lol) and will price drop the 2011 Primer at some point over the weekend to be ready for Monday. There’s likely going to be some sort of lag in the Amazon stuff before it makes it’s way through the system and becomes effective.

And now I needs more coffees.

Sexy Move: Goofy And Groping

Reader Question:  Last night I told my wife to meet me in bed after we got our kid down for bed…she seemed into it.
So we get into bed and she says she’s exhausted but wanted to do other stuff which in my mind meant bj or hj, but she meant kissing and cuddling…augh.
I wasn’t in the mood for that so I kind of blew her off and said I wasn’t in the mood for that and went and watched TV.  She said we should be able to do other stuff besides sex…blah blah.
How should I handle that?
Athol: I have two thoughts here…
(1) She wanted to be warmed up and escalated before becoming agreeable to having sex. She was interested, but she went to bed lukewarm and you went to bed hot. Maybe kissing and cuddling is what gets her from lukewarm to hot. What happened was you broke off the seduction early. Neither one of you got what you wanted from it.
(2) She doesn’t get that “just kissing and cuddling” in bed is going to drive you crazy when you are horny.
Jennifer: I second this point. I didn’t understand this at first either. Then the “touch the penis make the penis happy” rule was firmly stated lol.
My suggestion is to increase the physical interaction outside the bedroom. If she’s been filled up on her cuddle and kiss need before bedtime, she’s either going to go to bed more interested in sex as opposed to cuddling, or go to bed actually sleepy.
This can also be coupled with an understanding that going to bed is either going to head toward having sex, or just going to sleep, and not that touchy-feely-snuggle-pawing-and-then-nothing-happens-FML-thing.  But to do that, you have to be meeting the physical affection needs outside of bedtime.
The trouble really starts when you go to bed excited and expecting to have sex, and then don’t get it. Even if you got a blowjob, you might have been upset because in your mind it was going to be a sixty minute session of sweating, soaking and sizzle.
But if you really are getting baited and switched by her, then what you did was the correct response. It’s not nice to be promised sex and had it dangled in front of you, and then whipped away at the last minute. In that case I’d just be pissed off and getting out of bed too. Internet porn night for the… well not exactly a win, but a draw at least.
Jennifer and I spend a lot of time incidentally touching, stroking, kissing, flirting and groping each other, with about 90% initiated by me, all the way through an evening. We probably have 12 points of physical contact throughout the evening as a minimum, about 20 as a maximum. Not everything is very long, some are just little ten second moments, others are a couple minutes, but it’s constant. Plus at each moment of contact, I’m leading her, wooing her, dominating her and gaining her compliance. Which makes going to bed and getting sex very easy for me.
At this point, it’s not even me consciously running game on Jennifer. I’m just “goofy and groping” with her. It’s light and playful and she knows that I can make a pass at her in the kitchen and not suddenly start trying to wrestle her to the ground. It’s so ingrained at this point that it would require a conscious decision to not act like this with her.
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