The Sci-fi Thing And Just Being Yourself

Anonymous said…  Athol, honest question, why all the scifi? Is it personal preference, you think it get the message over more effectively that anything else or that the people you’re trying to reach are often geeks and would understand the idiom?
Looking Glass said…   Two thoughts on the sci-fi:
1) Athol’s a nerd, never forget that.
2) The point of Sci-Fi is abstraction, allowing for a discussion of the present from a foreign point of view. Which is a lot of what Athol’s work is.
Athol: The short answer is yes to everything. The longer answer is that I’m just being myself.
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  1. TrekShel says

    What… not everyone recognizes that SciFi is awesome and life teaching… and.. and… But then again… I recall playing Drunk Trek with coca-cola with you and Jen and a few others in Sept 1991– watching the back to back to back episodes on the PBS station out of Harrisburg….

  2. TrekShel says

    Actually folks… Athol is pretty mundane compared to some Trek/SciFi geeks–

    I still say I'm not that bad, I mean, I haven't shown up to a sci-fi con in costume yet….

  3. Neal F. Fischer says

    So, what exactly was the Orion Slave Girl Costume I've seen in the picture then, TrekShel?

  4. TrekShel says

    Well Mr. Fischer… a) That was not an Orion Slave Girl costume…. b) It was not at a con…
    Too bad you didn't know me then, yes?

  5. Neal F. Fischer says

    All I know is that the first time I saw you drive up, there was a STARFLEET Academy sticker in your back window. Later, I see a picture of you painted green I thought 1+1=2, no?

  6. Iain D says

    1+1 = 10

    I don't think I've commented on here before, but I like the blog, especially the captain – first mate bit.

  7. Joost says

    Great to see fellow scifi-lovers around, though I'm more the bookish kind. How is Terra Nova so far? I've got a bit of a "Been here before"-feel. Stargate:destiny, Earth 2, Land of the lost, etc..

  8. Ian Ironwood says

    What my wife says about sci-fi (I'm a professional sci-fi author under my "real name"):

    1) "Nerdy boys are smarter boys."
    2) "Smart is sexier than stupid."
    3) "You want Alpha Male? A Geek with a billion dollars compares favorably with a Quarterback with only a couple of million. Not to mention that watching the two-hour season finale of Warehouse 13 is a helluva lot better than waiting around six hours every Sunday while you watch football and dream about the glory days. With Geeks, the glory days are all ahead of them, because you don't get dumber as you age."

    (N.B.: I am not a Geek with a billion dollars. Or a Quarterback with a million. Just to be clear.)

    A penchant for sci-fi usually indicates a strong intellectual base in a potential mate, and a willingness to consider alternate viewpoints and be more adaptable than other preferred genres. That holds true of both genders. When my female single friends want to know where to find the perfect guy, I hand them a stack of Firefly and Star Trek DVDs and a convention schedule. It works for them.

  9. elhaf says

    Athol, well said about being yourself. If you're a geek, be the alpha geek, is the point. If no one hates what you are doing, no one will love it.

  10. Anonymous says

    A major keeping point when I met Mr. OffTheCuff was he watched Star trek with me. I was raised a Star Trek geek, I worshipped at the altar of Star Wars, I later discovered Stargate, and so on and so forth. Mind you, he doesn't really do the Sci-fi shows with me anymore, but he still gets my version of geek speak. He understands my siblings and I when we converse in trek quotes. And, he isn't embarrassed to be seen with me when I dust off the old com badges and wear as an accessory. Hell! We were introduced at our wedding to the Throne Room music from Episode IV and a tunnel of lightsabers :D I love my computer nerd:)

    -Stargate Girl

  11. Anacaona says

    Athol as Dominican Republic only nerd (and I do consider myself a nerd and I love people too so your definition doesn't compute), not knowing the difference between Trek and Wars was a deal breaker for me all the time. No wonder I kept my virginity for so long.

    "I still say I'm not that bad, I mean, I haven't shown up to a sci-fi con in costume yet…."
    You need to return your geek card right now, every geek/nerd has to go to a convention cosplaying so it says the scifi word of The Flying Spaghetti Monster to its prophet HG Wells…

    "We were introduced at our wedding to the Throne Room music from Episode IV and a tunnel of lightsabers :D I love my computer nerd:)"

    I hate you so much right now :)…Another idea for the renewal of the vows!

  12. Athol Kay says

    Are you going to play the new SW MMORPG?

    I don't have time to play a MMORPG. Maybe Diablo 3 when it's out. I can play a hour or two here and there. That's about it.

    I love that you called her Imzadi. That is so sweet and romantic!

    It was a joke :-)

    How is Terra Nova so far? I've got a bit of a "Been here before"-feel. Stargate:destiny, Earth 2, Land of the lost, etc..

    It seems very Avatar like. In no small part to that guy playing what amounts to the exact same character in both of them.

  13. Anonymous says

    Terra Nova has much potential. And Stephen Lang, while a bit older, is not bad on the eye candy.

    Amendment to previous comment. While we introduced at our reception with the Throne Room music from EpIV, it was originally supposed to be Darth Vader's theme. Some family members got ahold of DJ and my soundtracks and pulled a little switch-a-roo.

    OTC's favorite character on DS9 was Kira Nerys. Anyone care to guess what we named our daughter?

    And surely you gents were fans of Xena, if only privately. Lucy Lawless is HOT! Those eyes! that bod! The barely there costume! Big time woman crush I had and still have on her. *swoon*

    Athol- Did you read the ST:TNG book IMZADI and it's sequel? History of Will and Deanna, how things fell apart, where Worf comes in, how they fix things….. written by Peter David. One of my FAVORITE strek writers. The book is non-canon.

    now, off to do the womanly duties of cleaning house, putting kids to bed and laundry while I watch some sci-fi. :D

    -Stargate Girl

  14. Athol Kay says

    Agree Lucy Lawless is hot.

    Yes I did read Imzadi. Not sure if I read the sequel. Peter David is always excellent.

  15. TrekShel says

    Athol…I have the sequel… I can get it to you. Anacona.. In college, I was the most sci-fi obsessed of my group of friends… One emailed a list of "Ten signs you might be obsessed with Star Trek.. my friend signed the bottom by saying, the rest of them were safe but I was in danger… so I adopted the line about "not going to cons in costume". Truth is, I love the masquerade part of the cons and wish I had a truly fun idea. My first cons were CREATION but later I discovered some of the fan run cons… haven't gone in years now, but it is still so tempting, we just can't afford it.

  16. Anacaona says

    Heh I was mostly kidding I'm obsessed with everything I become a fan of so for me obsession is not a bad thing. In fact my husband is never more attractive for me that when he is having "I'm obsessing about Minecraft moment" but to each its own.

    I had not attended one yet, since I'm relatively new in USA and I totally missed the window of opportunity to go to San Diego Comic Con last year, I will try next year and hopefully I can do something fun with it. I'm going to CREATION Twilight convention. First time ever so hopefully I will learn how this things work. Not Cosplaying so far.

  17. Anonymous says

    Honest questioner here again.
    Still think scifi is for kids, but I see how the two herberts from star trek are a better model for captain / first officer than Ahab and Starbuck.

    And I didn't even know there WAS a difference between a geek and a nerd.

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