You Could Be So Good For Me

Often the thing you like about someone, is the same thing you dislike about them.
She’s always so engaging to talk to.
She never shuts up.
He’s so hunky, what a beefcake.
He spends all day in the damn gym.
She’s always so well put together, I can’t stop staring at her.
She’s never finished in the bathroom, we’re late again.
He’s so smart.
He makes me feel stupid.
She’s so great with making this place a home.
She’s a neat freak and what fuck is with all the pillows?
He’s always good to talk to about the things that really matter.
He’s so serious all the time. I’m bored.
Some times it’s the very things that drive us crazy about our partners that are the things we most need from them. There should be some sort of mutual benefit to each other to being together. You should be good for each other.
I’ll be honest. Sometimes Jennifer is a little too easy going and passive for me, but the thing I most love about her is that she’s always so accepting and soothing to me. On her end of things, I’m fairly sure that she wants to just groan and clutch her head with some of my little shenanigans. I say that because I’ve seen her just groan and clutch her head with some of my little shenanigans about three times a week for the last few years. But I also bring her to tears of laughter several times a week plus our lives are being taken over by my bright ideas that work.
I’m the lightning, she’s the earth. I’m good for her, she’s good for me.
 Like Rocky Balboa says, “I got gaps, she got gaps, together we don’t got gaps.”


  1. Shannon Bradley-Colleary says:

    Amy Grant. Sadly I think I know exactly which year this song came out and it was about the time my neck began to fall. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My God Athol. I've respected your opinon on many topics but Amy Grant???? Really? You couldn't find another link to prove your point? That is just an awful song and an EXTREME display of beta. Your going to need to run a chainsaw for 2 hours to get back in balance.

  3. I agree with Amy Grant thing. Uber beta. …Plus the video is terrible.

    In other news, I'm a 24 year old single guy, long-time lurker, first time commenter who just bought your book on Lulu. For 3.19 with the fall discount I wasn't going to get a better steal than that. ;-)
    New tagline idea: "For the price of a Big Mac, you can lay down big mack on your wife. Ow-ow!"

    Thanks for all your hard work. Before I saw your post about what to look for in a wife I was clueless about a lot of this stuff, you opened my eyes. Marriage is still a frightful endeavor, (some might even be dressing up as a "married man" for halloween soon) but armed with with the right knowledge, I figure I may have a better shot at it than the average chump. Keep on trucking.

  4. It was 1991, videos weren't that great then. Also pop stars didn't have to have fake tits. I found it refreshing :-)

    Beta isn't bad. Being nothing but Beta is bad.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rocky quotes = Good.
    Amy Grant videos = Bad.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Amy Grant is fine [I'm a dude and I don't care.

    This post is f*cking brilliant. I can't tell the amount of times I've heard "You are so smart, I love it," or the "You know so much about everything, tell me more," and then at different times "You talk down to me, I hate it," FROM THE SAME PERSON ABOUT THE SAME SUBJECTS.

    I know I have to work on my own things, but damn I wish I could just get this point across.

    As always, great articles.

    [and Jesus for the haters, his blog is directed SPECIFICALLY TOWARDS MALES, the subject matter is going to reflect that. Deal with it.]

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