You Decide: Amy Grant vs Lady Gaga

Endless Fitness Testing in the comments for posting an Amy Grant song lol. So I’m afraid you leave me no option but to run another song until everybody cheers up.

In the blue corner…  Amy Grant with “Baby, Baby.”

In the red corner… Lady Gaga with “Bad Romance.”

You decide!  Allez cuisine!!!!


  1. Anonymous says

    Maybe there is something to the index/ring finger ratio, Amy has longer index finger while Gaga has longer ring finger. I guess testosterone is a hell of a drug….

  2. Anonymous says

    Athol you mention in your book "old boyfriends" and rekindling relationships. Do you find your words to be the same with "old girlfriends"…..that since the comfort level is there it is more likely to lose your man to an old flame over a new girl?

  3. Charles says

    Hmm. I'd rather sing Bad Romance than Baby Baby, but I'd rather be the main man in the Baby Baby video than in the Bad Romance video. Now, being any of the other guys in the Baby Baby video, the ones dropping everything to throw themselves at Amy Grant, to no avail? That would suck ass.

  4. JCclimber says

    No comparison.
    The ugly hybrid between a horse and a man, with tons of makeup applied to hide the equine pedigree…..vs a sweet semi-innocent and playful woman who is pretty.

  5. dannyfrom504 says

    amy was stereotypical 90's pop crap. lady ga-ga is stealing grace jones and bowies identity and pushing it on kids who will never know who bowie or jones is.

    i was too busy skateboarding and listening to punk and public enemy back then to care about amy grant. gaga…..kill it with fire.

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