How Do I Let A Good Man Down?

Well ain’t this just the Alpha Beta theme song…

How Do I Let a Good Man Down?
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

See we’ve been getting on
So good so far for so long
No, you never hurt me
No you never gone and done me wrong
(Lots of Beta, I feel so safe.)

I know that something just ain’t no good
But you always do exactly what you should
(But I’m a little bored.)

So tell me?
How do I let a good man down?
How do I let a good man dow-ah ha down?
(I love you, but I’m not in love with you.)

You got to believe me
I didn’t mean to find nobody else
I don’t wanna hurt you but I gotta do right by myself
(It just happened… over 40-50 hours of chatting on Facebook.)

You make me happy but he gives me thrills
You give me comfort but he gives me chills
(His Alpha makes me wet. You’re nice.)

So tell me?
How do I let a good man down?
How do I let a good man dow-ah ha down
(This is kinda awkward isn’t it. Can we still be friends?)

I know that it’s crazy to walk away from such a good thing
But I’m gonna gamble and I bet that this ain’t just a fling
(Behold the dopamine effect.)

I can’t have my cake and eat it too
So I gonna get up and walk out on you
(Seriously you aren’t even going to fight for me?)

Please tell me:
How do I let a good man down?
How do I let a good man dow-ah ha down
(I know the dog was yours before we got together, but I want to take him with me. Is that cool?)

How, how do I let him down
I said, I
I gotta let him down
I said, I
I gotta let him down
How do I
How do I let a good man down?
How do I
How do I let a good man down?
I gotta let him down
I gotta let him down
I gotta let him down
I gotta let him down
(The ring was a gift you idiot.)

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  1. Miles Anderson says:

    The first time I saw Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings live was at a festival in SF at Golden Gate park. She called up some young guy and while singing a song gave him instructions on girls which included advice to "make her work for it a little" or something to that effect.

    "The ring was a gift you idiot."

    Not sure what this was really referring to but it should be noted that in contrast to a lot of fear mongering about the cost of divorce some courts in this country are starting to consider jewelry bought during the divorce to be community property. How that might effect the engagement and wedding ring are anybodies guess.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And it even includes the undertone of "I'm a good person! See me agonizing over this? I'm doing the right thing!" to make herself feel better.


  3. (r)Evoluzione says:

    I have been both men in this song; the whipped beta, supplicating, nice and safe; only to lose my beloved to what I'll term the 'dark alpha.'

    More recently, I've been the cock-swinging Alpha that generates the tingle. I haven't set out to seduce married/taken women, but somehow they respond to me. I don't want to be that dark alpha that wrecks relationships, but I understand the temptation. So far I've been able to do the right thing. So far.

    In the future, I'll do whatever it takes to prevent being that guy for whom she wrote that song. If it means spinning multiple plates, as Rollo advocates, then that's what must be done.

  4. Susan Walsh says:

    Brilliant, Athol. I can't resist finding Game, or lack thereof, in everything from pop culture to classic literature.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Athol. Brilliant post. I am victim of a wife's MLC which destroyed a family over the past year. Learned 'game' in the past year as a result. Marriage is over but using game with new lady. Wish I had known this stuff years ago. But I will make sure my sons know this stuff. It will be their secret weapon. Best wishes…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    there a jasmine sullivan song that is the exact same topic called im in love with another man

  7. 61ff9aa6-0d5e-11e1-b8d7-000bcdcb8a73 says:


    Athol, what do you make of this song being written by a man (Bosco Mann, aka Gabriel Roth)?

  8. The MacNut says:

    Mr, Roth has obviously either lived the good man's side of this song, or has a guy friend or relative who did.

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