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Lest anyone think Jennifer and I have anything other than normal lives, here’s what I did this afternoon/evening….
Our living room is quite wide and we’ve always had a slightly weird furniture arrangement just to fill up the space. The computers on the table against the right wall, the two sofas in the middle with a coffee table and the TV, and then on the left wall a third sofa in a sort of a reading nook that no one particularly uses.
The main trouble is that now the girls are older, we have four people that want to be using a computer, and we have only room for two. We can do a work around for a third one by balancing it on top of a half size book-shelf but you have to stand up to use it. Just no-where for a fourth one to even go.
So anyway, I order a thirty foot cable wire off Amazon…
The computers against the right wall got moved out of the way, and the sofas, coffee table and TV all shuffled to the right, and the sofa from the nook is now on the right wall of the living room.
The nook thereby gained a lot of extra space, and all the computers have moved all the way over there (that’s what I needed the cable extension for) into what is now looking like a very cool LAN party. Flat screen monitors save so much space that we can actually get four computers running on the same table we’ve always had.
All that moving about took about three hours of reshuffling furniture, disconnecting and reconnecting computers, and an awful lot of vacuuming up several years of dropped snacks. The kids pretty much hovered and helped through the whole thing.
So anyway, here’s the score…
$15 of wire.
Sofas Now In Use +1
Computer Space +2
Excited Kids +2
Comfortable Nest Building Beta  +1
Making Something Happen Alpha +1
Jennifer and I had already talked about moving things around, so it wasn’t a total surprise. But when she left to go grocery shopping, I was still in my PJ’s. She came back to the project in motion, which is a surprise of sorts.
So all in all it was fun, and I feel pumped for completing a little project so quickly. Task completion is energizing. Just try finishing off something you’re been waiting to complete for a while. High energy is sexy.
Jennifer: It was very nice to come home to a family project happening. Didn’t cost anything but the wire!


  1. I so love home improvement projects and am very impressed with men that can lead and implement them. Jennifer is so lucky! :-) C

  2. "something you're been waiting to complete"

    Is that "New Zealand" grammer? :-)

  3. "Is that "New Zealand" grammer? :-) "

    I don't know about the grammar, but it's certainly American spelling.

  4. JoelMacDad says:

    Love it! My wife gives me the slyest sexy grins and winks when I'm working in the yard with hand tools. The other day she pulled up from shopping with me in the front yard with an axe chopping out an old stump. The evening was good. ;O

  5. "Task completion is energizing."

    Hell yeah!

    I loathe having lots of projects (or blog posts) half-completed. GTD FTW.

  6. So right, my wife is 18 years younger than me but loves tasks for her (works 55 hrs/week), and when I complete mutual ones. Her head is so full of tasks that I have to use strategies to get her to relax. Too many tasks = tired wife = reduced intimacy. A real dilemma. Interesting when wife's personality is 'anal', or loves tidy, empty rooms, minimalist approach, 'get rid of clutter' etc. She's almost aroused when I take clutter to the tip! I'm the opposite, love cosy man-cave approach, possessions all at hand. We have 3 children busy making mess 24/7.
    So mess = reduced sex. Tidy = better chance of her feeling like it.

    Hope (my first post) comments will be anonymous & email private. Have a lot more to contribute. Athol find your blog witty, 'educational' and very helpful after 19 years of marriage.
    Our intimacy improved already, partly thanks to you. Take a medal! If you and J were here I'd have to buy you dinner. I wonder If you like Hot spicy curry….


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