Newsflash: Sex Blogger Is Needy

Jennifer replies to a question on How To Fall Back In Love With Your Wife
I’m surprised Jennifer doesn’t view you as needy and smothering when you’re touching her all the time. Jennifer, be honest…do you ever view his desire and need for constant attention from another as a weakness?
Jennifer: Lol, yes the sex blogger is sexually needy…but in a good way! He is more sexually high maintenance than many other men, but I’ve known that for all of our almost-17-year marriage. The needy-ness isn’t a turn off, it’s him letting me know that he is paying attention to me, he wants me and he is into me. I’m not smothered or annoyed…we are both touchy-feely people. We naturally like to hug, kiss, get a quick back rub, and yes have a little grope when the kids aren’t around. This is part of how we connect with each other and show that we love each other.

Also, you hear about 10% of our day, the sexy lovey-dovey part. 90% of our day is the mundane working, doing laundry, what should I cook for dinner, ask your father for help with your geometry homework kind of stuff. We are not velcro-ed together all day.

The Marathon of Play and Teasing doesn’t happen every day, or every week even, but when it does it’s a special time for us to re-center and re-connect with each other. (okay, that sounds corny but it’s true.)


  1. JoelMacDad says:

    Jennifer, thanks for posting an answer to that question. You have a great answer in your 10%/90% comparison. My wife and I are the same way. We love the side bar gropes and butt slaps. It keeps us connected and smiling! It is part of the reason why we both view sex as super important to our marriage. Thank you again

  2. Jennifer, thanks for responding to my question. Hearing your words helps me understand now. The sex blogger loses me sometimes. :-)

    One sentence he talks about how he can never keep his hands off you, but then in the next sentence he more or less says he looses interest in you sometimes because you make yourself too easy.

    This situation he describes is a bit ironic. Many men come to this site cause they feel their wife is losing interest in them for whatever reason. From the post you're originally replying from, it kind of sounds like Athol is the women we all have in our lives that we're trying to balance and fine tune our alpha and beta attributes in order to keep her attracted and interested in us.

    Maybe this is why Athol is a good blogger on this topic, cause he's kind of like a chick. lol :-)

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