Sexy Move: Bathroom Mirror

Almost everyone enjoys watching themselves having sex in the mirror. It’s the trill of making and watching your own sex tape, the safety of not worrying about your sex tape getting onto the Internet. The trouble being that if you put a huge mirror on the ceiling of your bedroom, everyone knows exactly what it’s there for. I mean you can say, “I just like to wake up in the morning and experience momentary panic that the people in the mirror are going crash down on top of me.” but no one will really believe you.
So enter the bathroom mirror. It’s big, and it has a perfect excuse to be there – it’s really helpful to watch yourself as you take vibrating objects and repeatedly move them in and out of a warm wet opening in your body. I do love my electric toothbrush and oral hygiene is definitely part of the foreplay process.
The standard move is her bent over with her forearms on the counter facing the mirror while he takes her from behind. This way you actually get to do rear entry with eye contact as you can look at each others face in the mirror.
Another option is him standing, while she sits on a stool and give him a blowjob. It is in fact very illuminating to do this standing side on to the mirror. It’s one thing to watch a blowjob looking down at the top of her head bobbing up and down, it’s quite another to see her from the side trying to dislocate her bottom jaw. I’m by no means a freak of nature designed for a career in porn, but I am basically… um… taller than most men. Not much about sex surprises me anymore, but watching Jennifer giving me a blowjob from that angle was truly enlightening. She’s a little five foot nothing peanut, and it looks like hard work for her.
I actually told her all that right after the first time we did it and she exploded into a hands in the air double fist pump, “THANK YOU!” like she was an elementary school teacher waking up to an unexpected snow day. I haven’t even seen her that excited over finding money, so I kinda feel guilty for not really realizing it.
Hmmm…. no actually I don’t feel guilty. I just said that for effect. The blowjobs will continue.
But the next time we did that I taped it with my cellphone so she could see the action from my point of view (deleted it immediately after viewing as per the Not Getting Divorced Act of 2002), and Jennifer was highly impressed with herself.
So give it a whirl, you may be surprised at what you find out about each other.


  1. 2 words.
    cheval mirror

    that is all

  2. We have a full-length standing floor mirror which normally sits discreetly in the corner. However, it happens to have hardware on the back for hanging on a wall. That hardware also works for hanging it at a moment's notice from any side of our large four-poster. (Unless the straps and clips for hanging it have been co-opted for other uses, but that's another story…)

  3. I love mirrors. Love love love. I often wonder about the “3rd person perspective”. Am I turned on by that because of so much porn, my mind is accustomed to seeing sex from that view?


  1. […] Also something to consider is that almost all penis size “studies” ask for volunteers to allow themselves to be measured. So the results can be thrown off by a bunch of self-selecting bigger than average guys volunteering to drop their jeans to be measured by some female grad student with a flippy¬†ponytail.¬†So as far as I can tell there’s no clear understanding as to what exactly is average anyway. If you’re worried about how big you are, try getting a side on view in the bathroom mirror of your wife blowing you… […]

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