We Got The Power!

Along with the rest of Connecticut the Kay family got taken down with the freak October snowstorm. We lost power around 11pm Saturday and finally the lights all came on again at 4:52am Thursday.

So here are the rules to surviving a long power outage.

1. Dress Warmly. Never mind how silly you look.

2. Have a gas BBQ Grill or gas stove.

3. If you have a gas grill, have a cast iron dutch oven. If you have this, you can cook anything in it. Soup, scrambled eggs, pasta, rice, boil water for drinks, interesting canned vegetable creations. Seriously, anything you can do in “one pot cooking” you can do on a gas grill with a cast iron dutch oven.

4. Put gas in the car as soon as you can. Lines for gas were over 100 cars in some places.

5. Get cash as soon as you can. Supermarkets often had emergency power to run lights and the cash registers. No debit/credit.

6. Coffee singles and hot chocolate singles.

7. Find any power source and recharge laptops and cell phones shamelessly. Laptops make great DVD players. Get at least three DVD’s for the 7th grade sleepover party happening on the Saturday night at the beginning of the power outage and re-watch them endlessly.

8. Yankee Candles burn for an exceptionally long time. A proper camping lantern throws an epic amount of light and saves on batteries amazingly well. We still haven’t replaced any for it.

9. Know that even though most of the kids fish are going to die, you must try a heroic water warming effort over multiple days anyway. It helps to think of how bored those fish are in those cruel little tanks, and how badly they want to die.

10. Everyone sleep in one bedroom. Humans are heated to 98.6 F. Therefore you are all heaters. So huddle together in one room.

Also sex during an extended power outage is amazing, well at least for me anyway lol. Mmmmmm warm vagina. Though I gotta admit sneaking into a frigid living room for a quickie was getting really old. Jennifer truly hates the cold with a primal passion and she stayed non-cranky all week.

So anyway…

…returning to regularly scheduled awesomeness.

I’ll be getting to everyone’s email sometime today hopefully.


  1. Looking Glass says:

    Welcome back to the land of the warm!

  2. Glad to see you back!

  3. Ian Ironwood says:

    After three days, power outages are no longer "sex positive". On the other hand, ice quickies keep you from killing each other from the stress and boredom.

    Seventh graders . . . (*shudder*)

  4. Welcome back! Glad you did so well through the blackout.

  5. Glad its over, that is a pretty long blackout to endure.

    Just curious, how exactly does one sneak out into the living room for a quickie? You're talking about once the kids are sleep right?

  6. Athol Kay says:

    Kids with laptop DVD's and headphones. Leave the bedroom separately to (1) get a drink from the kitchen and to (2)ensure the backdoor was locked. Return to bedroom a couple minutes later.

  7. I lived through five hurricanes. The longest power outage was over a month, but that was only because a second hurricane hit before they could repair the lines following the first one.

    It was amazing to me how much society changed when there was no electricity or electronic media. People actually went outside and met their neighbors!

    And the sex! When there's no TV and people go to bed at sunset, I got laid almost every night. I can only conclude that 20th century technology is interfering with my sex life.

  8. I'm laughing so hard at the subterfuge you describe, Athol. There are times when I feel like married sex when you have kids is a bit like trying to make out with your boyfriend in the basement without your parents noticing. Unless you're behind a locked door, you're always on edge, with one ear open to break apart at the first sign of approaching footsteps.

  9. Gwen,

    I know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes it adds to the fun.

    But it would make for an interesting MMSL post, especially with the frequency of sex that goes on in the Kay household… seems like getting caught by the kiddos would be inevitable. Or if not caught, at least 'found out'.

    "Daddy, why do you and mommy get to jump on the bed every night?"

  10. Wow… Well done for both of you.

    I would be down with that, the Mrs… not too sure. Our kids are only 3 and 7 mos so lots of time for her feelings to change when we are finding it hard to get away.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Get a Generator! It's a lot less work.

  12. Athol Kay says:

    We live near a transformer station and haven't had the power do anything more than flicker for six years. We're debating a generator though.

  13. Great info on generators from an instapundit debate that was going a few months back:


    We have a deep freezer that is usually stocked up with half a side of beef and a lot of pork, (i.e. manyhundreds of dollars worth of meat) so we keep a small generator to run it during power outages. Otherwise I don't think I'd have one. They are kind of a pain in the ass to maintain. They need to be started at least once a month, require oil and spark plug changes, and gas conditioners to keep your gas from turning into jelly when you inevitably forget to start it for two or three months in a row.

    Unless you have the disposable cash to drop on a BIG disel household generator that is hooked into your electric system and is self-maintaining, I would only get one if you have special circumstances that require it. We live in a rural area subject to frequent power outages, and I can't tell you how many people I know who complain about their generators never working when they need them.

  14. I wound up with a small Mr Heater gas heater for emergency use. Useful for this sort of thing, and not overly expensive.

  15. The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful says:

    Oddly enough I dated Brandon Bruce Lee back in the day when I was formerly beautiful. See how I always manage to make it about me??

  16. dannyfrom504 says:

    glad to know you and the family are alright.

    while i can't relate to the cold aspect of your dilemma i DO know about extended power loss after a hurricane. let's just say i can take care of a family of 4 for up to a month without ANY public services. i can hunt, i can fish, i have tons of water, a generator (with spare diesel to refill the tank once), bunch of wet-naps, and a food bank that can feed a family of 4 for a month. Louisiana boy ftw. when the zombies come calling, get the fam to north florida. lol.

    good to see you worked out a "quickie contingency plan". lol

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