Sexy Move: Undoing Her Bra With One Hand


  1. Hilarious video!! I actually learned that little technique a long time ago as a teenager. Probably contributed to getting my wife pregnant at 16 years old (I was 17)! 39 years married in case anyone is wondering.

  2. Awesome is awesomely quick with unhooking and removing. It's quite unerving how quick he can do it. He seems to like the challenges that arise from getting through complicated clothing to achieve his goal! :-) C

  3. It's a skill well worth practicing.

    Although some women appear to be offended when you demonstrate an obviously superior technique for removing bra's. Be prepared to explain yourself appropriately.

    (and no, saying you practiced on your sisters does not make it ok)

  4. What do you do with the other hand that's free for an extra 2.5 seconds?


  5. Duke of Earl says:

    I can do that.

    The now fiancée's reaction was quite a laugh when I did it for the first time (I swear that was my first attempt on anyone).

  6. Degree of difficulty increases exponentially on a 38F.

  7. Anonymous:

    Practice, practice, practice.

  8. Thought I'd see if I could still do this move last night. Yep…about 2 seconds. This led to so much more!! Soon we were both naked on the couch going at it. Awesome!!!

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