Two Million Page Views

Kids are at the grandparents, so tonights post is short as I have other plans lol.
Hit two million page views a day or so ago, so thanks to all for reading. It’s a quite surreal number to look at. Nice to have hit it just before the two year mark of the blog.
Love, sex and happiness to all.
See you tomorrow.


  1. No, thank you.

    What you've done is nothing short of pure magic

  2. alphapersona says:

    lololol other plans!

    You're having sex right now.

    I'm trying to hit the 40k mark by the end of the year, 30 k is looking more likely.

  3. Nice Work!

  4. Looking Glass says:


  5. Awesome! I am so glad I found the book and this site. Have fun tonight! I am going to get mine tomorrow afternoon. We are both too exhaused tonight. Going to cuddle up naked, watch some football, and have our own half fun. Ah…the joys of the empty nest!!

  6. I'm trying to hit the 5k mark. And I don't mean blog hits.

  7. Lol elhaf, good luck! :-)

    It's been a good year for Jennifer and I. 5k is a couple hundred times ago now…

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