How You Like Me Now

Can’t tell you guys exactly what it is just yet, but I had some absolutely fabulous news yesterday. And trust me, unless you already know what it is you can’t come close to guessing it right. It’s up there on the “Well maybe there is a God after all” range of improbability.

Here’s the theme music for the happy dance…

Jennifer is excited too… just not as excited as I am lol.

Jennifer: Oh I’m excited, just a little frightened.

Athol: All I heard was that you’re turned on.

Jennifer: Walked into that one didn’t I.

Athol:  /looks in the direction of the bedroom


  1. CantBeJustMe says:

    Really? You mention it, build it up like that…and lead off with the "Can't tell you just yet".

    What is this? A shit test from you?

    Does it ever end? LMAO

  2. Is it a boy?


  3. It is funny you chose that headline because I would say, I like you less then I did yesterday. I have been noticing a change in your writing style and attitude for months now. The real kicker was your advice on another site telling a cheating wife to keep her mouth shut. I was shocked that you felt that way. I believe you have taken your beef with God too far. I only have one life and would hate for that life to be a lie. What you dont know wont hurt you, please. That is childish advice in my opinion. You have given me good advice over the years so I will give some back. Stay grounded or this could be all for nothing in a few years.

  4. Ian Ironwood says:

    Personally, I think Athol has matured quite a bit as both a blogger and a writer since I've been reading him. While every piece of advice he gives doesn't work for every person, he does an outstanding job of understanding a situation and then problem-solving, and then actually communicates effectively enough for it to be of use to his readers.

    I can only guess at the news, but I wish you the best with it.

  5. Actually Im serious. Im thinking.

    And yes I have changed my writing style. Im deeply exhausted and its hard to stay perky and fun. Alot changed after dad died too.

    Cheating is complex. Three children are involved in that topic thread. You're making a choice for them too for a situation they didnt cause. The damage can be significant.

  6. Athol, was wondering if you could write a blog about Beta men and their money.

    Women are attracted to men who can provide for their families, obviously. But what happens when they marry and then she takes over all the bill paying? I get that many guys see this as an obnoxious chore, and initially delegate the work to the wife. But does this backfire?

    He who controls the money controls the marriage is my experience. And if the wife married (mostly) for money, isn't she less likely to have sex with her husband if she's able to help herself to his fat direct deposit at any time?

    Wouldn't it make sense for a beta-who-wants-to-be-alpha to open up his own bank account and have his paycheck directly deposited, then pay all the bills himself, simply giving his wife a biweekly allowance?

  7. Hm. I always prefer a system of checks and balances. I've never done the bills behind a black curtain. I may be good, but i'm not perfect, so a quick glance from someone else is always helpful. Especially when he says, "Um, the car needs repair. Did you plan for that?"

    I fear this scenario is less task delegation and more totally handing over the keys to the kingdom and never looking back. Bad leadership. Even for a fully competent person, having a leader show interest in the work also expresses appreciation.

    And then there's always this: "Trust, but verify." And verify doesn't have to be affair paranoia… It can be verifying that everything is on track with the family strategy.

  8. I think the good news is that Athol and Jennifer will get their own reality show.

  9. It would probably have to be on Cinemax.

  10. I know a Beta who only gets laid every other Friday. She wants to get "paid" first before she gives him sex.

    For the past year, she's dropped it down to about once every three months. Yet he still continues to dump his paycheck in their bank account for her to do as she wishes. (And of course he keeps whining and occasionally argues for sex).

  11. Congratulations Athol. It is obvious that you have worked extremely hard to achieve your goals, and you have helped a lot of people along the way. You deserve the exciting thing that is coming your way. As does Jennifer, since it seems clear that you could not do this without her support.

  12. I like the way Athol's writing has developed over the time I've been reading. Common sense grounded in realistic understanding of the psychology and physiology of M-F relationships. I've noticed a greater confidence, combined with general responsiveness to critics' constructive concerns (e.g. the Miscarriage post earlier today).

    Advice, often helpful to me, enjoyable to read. Keep it up, Athol. Jennifer too :-)

  13. Evan Shochat says:

    Congratulations on another album going platinum!

    Oh wait…wrong blog.

    Let's see Jennifer is excited and frightened.

    Hmmmm, either Jennifer is pregnant or Athol finally landed a guest appearance on Playboy Radio's Tiffany Granath Show.

  14. This is the more appropriate song:

  15. dannyfrom504 says:

    it must be something big……you NEVER post on my site. lol.

    whatever it is, congrats brother. continued success to you and jenny-jen-jen.

  16. Not a reality show. Not a pregnancy. Seriously you can't guess it.

    I'm just feeling so *UP* right now I could hold it in!

  17. Oprah book club selection???? :-)

  18. 1.) You are moving to Rio
    2.) Brittany Spears has offered to be your nanny
    3.) Jennifer has agreed to pose for Playboy Magazine
    4.) Ryan Gosling will be crashing with you for 3 days
    5.) The Church lady will be crashing for 3 days

  19. Your book hit the NYT bestseller list?

  20. You've been asked to make an educational sex / softcore adult film? Or direct one?

    Wild guess, but I couldn't resist. Sorry!

  21. Jen agreed to anal? >D

  22. National syndication I just cant think where. LA times or NY post? Maybe daytime tv ala sex with sue (Johansen).

    either thart or Hef called up and said "I get the whole alpha thing…I get all the bunnies. I just cant keep them. what is this whole beta thing about?"

    or Jen's long lost twin showed up and wants in so Athol is moving to Utah. or B.C. its legal up here too.

  23. Britney Spears wouldn't pass the "second date test".

  24. too funny!

  25. Athol Kay says:

    Lolz all too funny.

    You'll just have to wait sorry.

  26. I do the chore of bill-paying, but with online banking we both see the accounts and we both see exactly where the money goes. We check with each other before making unusual purchases, not for permission, but to prevent any surprises. I'm the better money manager, but the only "restriction" I put on him is that he not sign up for any debt. (It got us into deep trouble once and we spent years digging out.)

    That said, I suspect you have brought up a serious and fairly common issue in many marriages. There are only two reasons it's not a problem with us: I'm ridiculously honest, and my husband keeps himself informed.

  27. Stargate Girl says:

    We took the dave Ramsey Financial Peace University :D We're just about fight free now. Finances was an issue. I'm horrible with $. We make a budget every month and use a cash system. Gives me freedom to shop and he knows where the $ is going:)

  28. So how long to we have to wait to find out? Days, weeks, or years?

  29. Athol Kay says:

    3-4 months is my hunch. It's just a nice stepping stone is all. It's a woo-hoo for us.

  30. You're publishing the second, 2012 edition of your primer?

  31. Anacaona says:

    My guess is that you found a publisher or agent that wants to do your book, with of course some substantial advance payment and of course the marketing that books authors get and you are in checking/reading the contract stage and can't say anything till you sign the dotted line/cash the check.
    And if I win I want brownie points. :D

  32. Athol Kay says:

    The 2012 Primer should be done by the end of the month.

    Don't need a publisher for it.

    There's not been a guess close and I can't reveal as yet. I was just excited and had to squeak for joy :-)

  33. Anonymous says:

    Med school?

  34. Athol Kay says:

    Hell no. Not even if you paid me to go.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Reality show…


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