Turkish Pasha: Challenge Accepted

A random comment caught my eye…
mgwk:  I don’t think Athol would be very successful in advising somebody from another culture with different ideas about what marriage should be. Say, a Turkish pasha trying to figure out how to keep his #3 concubine from expressing jealousy towards his #1 wife.
Athol:  Well I’m not quite sure what a Turkish Pasha is, but I would instruct the #1 Wife that it is up to her discretion how she keeps the concubines in order. As a suggestion, if concubine #3 is unhappy and would prefer to be a wife herself, perhaps she would be happier if she was married off to a pig farmer somewhere nice and quiet… and remote.
An actual harem isn’t juggled by the male. You put a woman in charge and these things practically run themselves. First Officer for the win.
In any case, sexual biology is the same all over and all through history. There may be some unexpected quirks in certain time periods and cultures, but generally everything carries over pretty well.  Women like strong men with money, men like perky tits and a 0.7 waist to hip ratio.
Anyway that’s about it for today. I’ve had a lot of cold medicine recently. Time for a lie down.


  1. Speaking of other cultures … I have a few friends who seem to be making polyamory/open marriages work well. One family has an alpha woman, an omega man, and a third man I don't know well enough to classify. She runs the family, and everyone appears happy. The other is an alpha man, and a wife with a much lower sex rank. They both take lovers, he has a steady "hot babe".

    As I said, from the outside, everyone appears happy in these groups. I know other people who say the poly life works well for them; they are of the opinion that poly os better than monogamy.

    Once you're feeling better, I'd love your opinion.

  2. Dan Savage commented on this. He had asked for couples that where happy with this arrangement to respond. There are some interesting reply's.

  3. I would like to have another man/husband in the home but doubt that my husband would accept it. Admittedly I would not be able to tolerate the jealousy and insecurity another woman/wife would bring on for me.

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