I Break Down And Hit Something New

So anyway, I have a little confession to make.
I’ve struggled with boredom for a long time now and I just wanted something… well… new.
It started online and I guess I moved things ahead quickly because I know what I’m doing. A few days later I had arranged to be home during the day and the front door bell rings and BAM! it’s all on. I immediately picked up all hundred pounds, carried into the house and started the hooking up process for real. Slapped on the protective gear and just started the pounding.
Once I started I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. Why have I not done this before now???
Okay I gotta admit, the first time was a little shorter than I expected lol, but the next time was longer and more fun. I didn’t plan to tell Jennifer at first, but she came home in the middle of the second movement so to speak and the noises are pretty unmistakable I guess.
So in the middle of it I hear Jennifer yelling “What are you doing?” and I stop and we had the short conversation. I’m sweaty and still obviously wearing the protective gear and bring her up to speed, then go all Alpha and say she can watch if she likes but I’ve got my groove on and I’m just not stopping. She sneaks a peek, then kisses me and tells me to have fun and goes to do laundry.
I shit you not.
Jennifer:  My husband is evil! He bought a punching bag from Wal-Mart lol.
Athol:  Surprisingly cheap to buy and ship. Something fun and different for exercise. Plus I really think I get a testosterone boost on punching bag days.  I got this one.
JenniferImpressively noisy workouts…


  1. mmaier2112 says:

    If I weren't so damned lazy, I'd have cleaned out my garage and hung one of these a long time ago.

    Have fun.

  2. Double Minded Man says:

    I'm sure thats not the only kind of noisy workouts happening in your house!

    Were I not an (unwilling) apartment dweller I would get one. Have thought of the reflex bag tho (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Everlast-Freestanding-Advanced-Reflex-Bag/10284815)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bought one recently and through my research I decided to go with a water core heavy bag. Bags using sand tend to have the sand settle towards the bottom making it rock hard after a while. Water cores don't have this problem.

  4. Speed bags are a lot of fun and easy to set up as well.
    My wife likes watching me work out w/ the speed bag.

  5. Great choice! I have the same one.

  6. Pagan O. says:

    Oh gosh, you got me. My blood pressure started to rise while reading this and you almost lost a long-time reader! Hahaha. Good one!

    My s/o and I just joined a gym to lose the weight we both need to lose together. Not only will it improve our attractiveness and sex ranks, it'll be a bonding experience, so we know all about new workouts! :)

  7. Watch your punching and kicking form. You can screw up wrists and ankles if you don't hit straight.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Got one myself. Good alternative to lifting and running. It's especially nice to use after my a-hole co-workers or wife annoy me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lots of women find the idea of a man hitting ANYTHING to be deeply disturbing, and not the least bit arousing.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Speak for yourself! I'm just speaking for me when I say that I *wished* I had been around for my hubby's MMA days!!

    S'cuse me while I change my wet panties, since he's not here right now.

  11. Anonymous says:

    With when I first learned about the MAP I got one ASAP. It heed with the fitness, stress, and reminded my wife of the soldier I once was and could easily summon as needed. She posted some photos on Facebook and the dude that I worried was trying to make time with her saw them and hit the hills. The guy can't even look me in the eyes and I know that the last time he showed up at a social event we were at he avoided me like the plague and she was hot for me (not that she would connect the rational like I do). I do imagine working him over as I smash the bag.

  12. THAT makes me smile!! Thank you for sharing that! Great work!

  13. Anonymous says:

    As a two time Muay Thai champion I can tell you that allll the ladies love it when you win your fights, even if they think it is gross or makes them squeamish. There is nothing disturbing about winning an athletic event. Even the girls that were vegans and pacifists still loved it when I won a fight.

    Bigger stronger tougher manlier…that always wins.

  14. Yes, on some level many women do find it disturbing, but it's actually quite arousing after the fact. My husband is a reformed street-fighter, and even though violence turns my stomach, some part of me really likes that he has this brutal side. These days, when he does his punching bag workouts in the garage, I get a charge out of watching him, even though he looks kinda scary. Or more likely because he looks kinda scary.

  15. Sawney Beane says:

    No, there's plenty of women who find the idea of a man who is capable of violence exceedingly panty-drying, not the other way about.

    Footballers, yes, athletes, yes, even rugger buggers, but boxers, martial artists, street fighters, no.

    I think on a subconscious level they go through a "He can beat f*** out of that big hairy bloke, he can snap me like a twig without even thinking, and one day he might…"

    There's no sexual charge – just plain old fear.

  16. Anonymous says:

    shocking that you would think that they would turn it on you instead of thinking, gee he could protect me. just because a guy is a boxer doesn't make him a violent domestic abuser.

    that sounds like your own issue to me.

  17. Sawney Beane says:

    I know, I know! I'm just saying there's plenty of women who do think like that. I've met quite a few. The idea that you, as a man, are capable of injuring or killing someone else is totally terrifying to them, and has absolutely no upside. They want big soft gormless men who couldn't beat an egg, because that's "safe".

  18. Anonymous says:

    Um, that kinda goes against the whole biology thing. Abused women absolutely should/could/would fear this.

    Let's just not say "lots" or "more" on this one. Speak for yourself, please, before I create an online poll and post it here to get real data.

  19. Anonymous says:

    my "wife' is about as pacifist as you can get. she hates it when i yell at another driver…but when she had moved out in the midst of an affair i went to drop something off at her place. the affair partner was there. i asked him to leave, which he didnt comply. hes 6'2, im 5'7(though i do work out regularly and he was skinny). something in me snapped. i didnt hit him, but i got in his face big time.(twice techincally). he backed away and into a wall. he presented a "im too good for this" smirk, but the reality is i backed him into a corner. when he left the premises he called the cops (for no reason, he was just being a little bitch)

    i later found out that it turned my wife on BIG time, although at the time it didnt fix the situation. but she told her friend how she never saw that side of me before, and when i "puffed up" she really realized how much id been working out. as well she started to see the other man for the "weenie' that he was.

    i think it really goes along with the whole alpha concept, something that permeates all animals.

    the OM tucked his tail between his legs and ran. and like i said, it didnt change the situation, but it had an affect.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Would she have been turned on if he'd responded by punching you out?

  21. Anonymous says:

    As a mid-ranked student in MMA, I'm interested as to what guys think of girls that have a killer right cross and will go toe-to-toe grappling with an opponent, girl or guy?

  22. Athol Kay says:

    In and of itself, it's kind of a mild negative to me. However the physical fitness and in shape aspect can be played up to great advantage if you can glam it up after your workouts.

    Actually watching you fight though… I couldn't sit still and watch you get hit.

    Just me though.

  23. Anonymous says:

    heres the thing. i did my batman thing. i knew enough bout the OM already to determine he was a coward. actually the act of having an affair is cowardice. he had been into my home a year prior to. his kids hung out with my kid. I knew him well enough. i saw some of the texts he'd given my wife. hes a big talker, but nothing more. and dont think i didnt go into the situation prepared. not armed, but i was prepared. (he had recently had a hernia surgery, a bad left eye(vision) and a weak ankle) so no he wasnt going to punch me out.
    and as bravado as it sounds, i was fighting for my family. end of story.

    and if there was a fight, im almost positive she wouldve been turned on. scared for me, but turned on none the less.

  24. I agree with Athol.
    Fitness is a plus. Being able to hit someone just doesn't matter. And I REALLY wouldn't like to see her grappling on the floor with a man. That would annoy the HELL out of me.

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  26. Anonymous says:

    I had the same revelation the first time I went to a boxing gym. Then again the first time I sparred for real. Hitting things is fun. Hitting things hard is more fun. And chicks dig it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Sawney Beane, how many of those women you know who are supposedly turned off by violence have actually held up to that standard in a real-world situation? As in, they saw a man boxing and winning, and doing well (we'll limit it to competitive sports for now), and he had no obvious flaws (though not any huge complicating bonuses like obscene wealth), and they were simply turned off by it?

    I've known plenty of girls who said they hated and were repulsed/turned off by all forms of violence. And yet, I'd take them to one of my sparring matches, and every last one of them would end up salivating over one fighter or another. Kind of like how so many women say they hate guns, but it's easy to convince them to go down to the range to learn to shoot, and they end up loving it.

    Short of abuse survivors and the occasional, rare exception of a woman, I don't see that many women are actually turned off by the capacity for violence on a hindbrain level, only on a forebrain level – and the hamster says that hindbrain's calling the shots on this one.

  28. Anonymous says:

    As long as she doesn't look mannish, that'd be great. Fit girls are phenomenal in bed.

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