Spotted at Alpha Game.  (I think I’m the only atheist Vox doesn’t hold in contempt lol.)

I’m so going to use the “Prepare for boarding” line. Much better than the old “Brace yourself” one.

Some guy in the comments at Alpha Game said I even looked like a Bablyon 5 extra, which of course totally made my day! That’s awesome lol.

Jennifer: Love it!  But in real life my response to “Prepare for Boarding” would be more along the lines of LMAO…and then, yes, I would enjoy the boarding immensely.


  1. pdwalker says:

    What? Either of you have not dropped lines like:
    “Maximum Warp!”
    “The ship, she canna’ take any more Cap’n”
    “Firing torpedoes”

    You realize that I am never going to be able to look at Star Trek in the same way ever again.

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