Sexy Move: Warm The Bed

Warning: This post is so sweet it might give you diabetes.

Jennifer hates the cold. Hates, hates, hates being cold. She also isn’t fond of getting into a cold bed.

The heat for our house is in three zones and our bedroom is up in zone three and we hardly go in there until bedtime. Knowing that heat is being wasted makes my “Crazy Coupon Lady” anxious, and that makes it harder for her to orgasm. So zone three gets turned off during the day. My Alpha move of a colder evening is be all Captainy and turn on the heat in zone three about an hour before bed. Most nights I remember , but  sometimes it’s just not cozy warm up there yet by bedtime.

So if I get into the bed first and it’s still cold, while she’s in the bathroom brushing her teeth or tending to her vajay, I lie on her side of the bed warming it up with my Bodyheat (TM).

When she comes to bed finally, she’s always eyes-all-glassy-grateful for being able to slide into a warm bed. It’s all sickly sweet Beta goodness I know, but there you go.

Of course when you start the night of being naked on her side of the bed, she’s pretty much got to press herself against me to even get in the bed. Or just straight off climb on top of me. Bonus points for her getting into bed and discovering I’m already hard.

Jennifer:  /melt   (and lol Bodyheat (TM) )


  1. Phantom says

    It might thwart your sexy plan but flannel sheets are a _lot_ more comfortable to climb into on a cold night.

  2. says


    Also, by laying on her side of the bed you are soaking the area with your virile pheromones. So when she does come to bed and finds the allure of Bodyheat (TM), she’s also secretly basking in the heady soup of your primal masculinity . . . little does she suspect.

  3. jane says

    my hubs got a heating pad and hooked it up to a timer for my side of the bed. It absolutely ranks as one of the top gifts of my LIFE!!

  4. says

    This not only knocks out a favor for her, but it also takes care of logistics that would slow down the process of play time. That’s worth a lot because women seem to prefer a smooth ride to bumpy and mechanical.

  5. K_C says

    Hands down one of the best investments we ever made was buying a heated mattress pad. It goes *under* your fitted sheet and is 10x better than an electric blanket. You don’t feel any wires and it’s not a suffocating heat. Just turn it on a hour before heading to bed and slide into a toasty cocoon without any of the ‘cold sheet’ shock. Plus you can keep your thermostat down at night and set different temperatures for each side so you both are equally comfortable.

    And yes, one of my moves is to make sure her side is turned on beforhand as she often forgets (always gets an ‘ahhhhh, thanks!’ when she realizes I got it for her). It sure as heck beats the old method which involved me making vigorous ‘snow angel’ motions under the covers on her side attempting to get it warm!

  6. Jim says

    Nice, I already do this for my lady! It’s a great feeling when you’re already doing something before Athol blogs about it ;-)

  7. GC says

    Nice – kind of balances out recent posts which suggested that you are a bit of a cad – lol.

  8. Bhetti says

    Generally, a woman will feel colder than a man, built around the way our circulation biologically works. We feel the cold more. We might feel it more at night; that’s cause of loss of temperature regulation iirc at the time.

    So the way I see it, is you’ve got a choice. You can engage in thermostat wars, or men can use their God-given warmth usefully.

  9. GLight says

    K_C speaks the truth. Every word. To this day, the heated mattress pad I bought my wife remains the most appreciated gift I’ve ever given her. The colder the weather, the more she thanks me.

    And on most of the newer ones, the coils double up on the lower half so the feet get warmer faster.

    Also, if you want to be beta, turn on her side ahead of time. If you want to be alpha, turn on your side and make her come over to you if she wants to get warm.

  10. MCM says

    I did this Saturday night and she totally appreciated it! I also had candles going plus some aeromatherpahy sprkinles on the (new and clean) bedsheets. You really have to go full package for maximum effect.


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