1. w15d0m says

    I must say I’m quite impressed about the work done on your WordPress site & theme.

    Kudos to your design and development team!! (I have developed WP themes and plugins myself so take it as high praise indeed)

  2. Blackburn says

    looks great, only thing missing is links to some of your other favorite bloggers.

  3. Mark says

    Ooh, much nicer!

    By the way, although you’re probably on top of this stuff, I thought I’d list some WP blog plugins that make life easier, just in case: – Makes the site run faster. – Best SEO plugin, so people find you more easily. – For making everything totally phone-friendly. – Automatically backs up your site and emails you the backups. – So people can share your articles easily and get the word out. – Makes the site run more smoothly, faster load times. or – Check your blog stats.

  4. Jaz71 says

    Looks great! Are you still able to insert YouTube funnies? Hope so (I got hooked on some of the comedians).

    Also, everything’s still under construction, but are you going to enable us to reply to other posters with subcomments?

    Congrats on the move up!

  5. Reader says

    Your new layout is excellent!

    Just one suggestion: have the archive links go to *single* pages with just titles as links.

    When a page with links to the actual articles (for example, January 2012) also includes text from the article, you end up with having to page back through “Older Posts”, and this makes it really hard to browse.

  6. says

    Thanks all. Still quite a few things to do as yet. A lot of the behind the scenes stuff to play with as yet and still some content to add.

  7. says

    Dig the new site, Athol! I can finally comment again without messing with logins and other such annoyances. I’ll be commenting more instead of just lurking. :)

  8. Jane says

    Love the new site design, but what about a photo where you are smiling just a bit? Not grinning, just a little smile… like you’ve discovered the secret to a happy marriage!

  9. Jane 2 says

    I was thinking I better change my name to Jane #2, since I saw you had been posting!

  10. R. says

    You should register “”… would be a smaller and nicer URL, and would circumvent some corporate firewalls…

  11. says

    Love the new design, it looks really sharp. On the blog side though, your right column is too short and needs content to feel full. Maybe expand your archives to run down the page? At least that way it’s your content being advertised.

  12. Z says

    Nice update!

    One thing missing … Previous Post and Next Post links. Sometimes I don’t read the blog for a few days and want to catch up easily.

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