Returning the link love to those kind enough to trumpet the news I’m going full time with MMSL.

The Red Pill Room – A Married Man’s Courage

“When you are “going your own way” and you have no one but yourself to care about, that sort of thing is easy. When you are going your own way, Captain of your own ship, and you have three crew members who depend on your ability to keep it afloat and on course . . . that’s HARD. That’s a kind of courage a single man without children cannot know.”

Dalrock – Congratulations Athol Kay and MMSL

“As I’ve said before, he is the king of his topic, and his book is the best introduction I’m aware of to the concept of game for traditional men.   While his passion is clearly to help others, along the way he helped his own family as well.”

Gaming My Wife – Athol Quits His Day Job

“Congratulations, Athol. Here’s hoping you save many, many more marriages and make a shitload of money doing it.”

The Badger Hut –  Athol Kay’s Latest Post on Finding Your Passion And Making It Happen

“Satisfaction on the job is worth so much more than money or perks.   And if you hate your job, they could never pay you enough to displace that hatred.   A parallelism of this is: A good job you can leave at the office. A bad job follows you 24/7.”

 Thanks all. Very much appreciated. All good blogs to have in your feedreader.


  1. OffTheCuff says:

    I hope you suck millions of dollars away from crappy marriage therapists.

  2. Athol, you are doing great work. And I think it lends to your credibility that you are a man going his own way. This is one thing I have in common with you. I am a one man business. And its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I just want to get to a point where I can hire my wife (and make her where the sexy secretary glasses to work everyday after the kids go to school!)

    Congrats and welcome to the big boy club.

  3. wear…not where! Dangit!

  4. best of luck athol, this is the empitome of your years of hard work . Game on, pun clearly intended

  5. You should bring back the blogroll, or add a new section with related blogs. I found dalrock, badger and others out through you.

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