Money Casual

Reader:  Hey Athol, I’m a reader of your blog and I just received the book: love it!

I have an idea for a blog post: male baldness. How does it affect our sex rank  and how to best handle it.

Another similar idea: fashion/clothing. Expensive brands (display of wealth) and tight fits one a strapping body are the ideal it seems.

Athol:  Okay the easy one. Yes indeed expensive/tailored items properly fitting on a great body are ideal. Not so much tight fitting as properly fitting. For a woman tightly fitting gets a more of a boost.

Slightly less easy is baldness. It’s a mild negative in that it displays increased age as opposed to being a early twenties stud muffin. However you can do far more damage to yourself trying to cover it all up rather than just accepting it and facing it head on. The comb-over isn’t a hairstyle, it’s a extreme display of weakness and low value. It shouts out that you have no woman in your life that gives a crap about your appearance.

I have no clue whether or not any of the magical hair products and treatments work or provide value for money, so I can’t offer you any advice about them. My solution was just to buzz it all short one a week and be done with it. Jennifer cut it for me at home and it was kinda fun.

My new thing has just been to shave my head. After a few days of adjustment both Jennifer and I like it. It seems to be a slightly better look for me and I present cleaner and more put together. Also she rubs my head and giggles.

Whether it’s your hair or your clothes, the trick it is to look intentional. Doesn’t really matter too much what you are dressing as in terms of style, but that you are appearing exactly as you intend to appear and it’s not an accident you look as you do. Stuff matching helps a great deal for this. Clean clothes. New clothes. Planned and intentional. A shirt can be just fine to wear when you go out, but if you haven’t ironed properly then it’s not going to be a positive.

Something like the iconic Steve Jobs black shirt and jeans is a great example of being intentional. It’s not a high class look, but it’s well fitting, clean, new looking and well made. He’s purposely not wearing a suit. He’s obviously intending to wear exactly what he’s wearing and everyone knows it. Thus it works.

The trap to avoid is having one or two really good outfits you wear for special occassions and a bunch of dross. You’ll end up only underlining how bad you look on a daily basis the few times you play dress up. You need to set out to create a wardrobe that is consistently a little better than your social circle. Once you can do that, you get all the ladies attention as the best dressed man in the room. Just being the best dressed man in the room is like creating an instigation field around you like… okay crap… it’s like Paladin aura gravity well for pussy.

As I’ve mentioned before, this is still an area I’m working on myself – part of the issue with nursing is my day job is a little rough and tumble so fancy clothes quickly become unfancy on the job and we’ve been catching up on the money front as well. I’m not really a big suit guy either. Personally I like casual and comfortable clothes, though that easily turns into the “early K-Mart” look that repels women. And I like light colors as well. I intellectually get the black shirt and jeans look, but everytime I’m in a black shirt I don’t really like it.

Anyway a couple months back I got the brainwave about how I need to look. It’s two words. “Money Casual.” I find once you view clothes through the lens of “Does this say Money Casual.” everything becomes a lot clearer as to whether or not you should buy it.

The old rules still apply though. Get in shape first, then add the clothes.

Jennifer:  …and truly, if you can’t afford to buy high priced labels, just buy what you can afford and what fits.  It’s less important to flaunt a super expensive label than it is to be neat and clean.  If I can tell what you had for lunch the last time you wore that shirt because it is a permanent stain…points off.  If the cuffs are frayed and the knees are worn because they’re your favorite jeans…wear them when you’re sitting home alone or doing yard work, not out to our date.  If you are ironed, not stained and faded, and coordinating…I’ll take it!  (well not really, I’ve got my well dressed man…you know what I mean) 


  1. If on a budget, don’t make the mistake of buying one or two super high-end designer pieces of clothing — it will make the rest of your wardrobe look cheap by comparison. Also, when buying nicer clothes, always start with things you can wear on a regular basis — like pants, a jacket, a nice blazer or (basic) suit. Paying up for a good pair of jeans and a leather jacket is totally worth it. But you can only wear a brightly colored shirt with a unique pattern every so often.

  2. Everyone else is touching on the clothing, but for the hair–I second Athol’s advice! My husband has been shaving his head/cutting his hair very short ever since high school, and I love it, especially with his goatee. When he lets it grow out some, I’m not as much a fan, although hair looks great on some other men. Mine just looks better without it, or with it very short. If your hair is receding, then my advice would be to shave it, as long as you don’t have too many weird lumps or colored spots on your head (if you have colored spots, get those checked out, though–another good reason to shave it at least once is to see what’s under there). If you do have noticeable lumps or spots, though … I don’t know.

  3. Guys have no need to name brand whore. Really, buying something clean and deliberate does the trick. Whenever I buy some new outfits and get a clean shave like I’m trying to look like something, I get positive results. What you don’t want is to walk out the front door like f-ck it. As long as a guy finds the style that fits him naturally, while adding some nice deliberate touches like quality cologne and well put together shoes, he’s well on his way.

  4. Kyle In Japan says:

    Steve Jobs’ look was way overrated: iconic, but not very good. A black shirt and jeans is good in theory, but his problems were manifold. Turtle-neck shirts are bad in general for men, it was way too big (look at the spacing on the shoulders), tucking a t-shirt into jeans – ESPECIALLY without a belt – is a sin, tennis shoes don’t belong off the court, and so on. He looked like a yuppie in a coffee shop. An untucked black collared shirt, slim-fitting dark jeans, and a slightly dressy pair of shoes gets the same result, much more effectively.

    Also, worn-out jeans can look badass if they’ve been done naturally and aren’t crappy pre-washes like most guys wear. Get a good pair from Self Edge or Blue In Green, and you won’t regret it. I’m a bit of a denimnerd, but IMO a good pair of jeans are the heart of a man’s wardrobe. And nothing tells the ladies you’re reliable like your sexy Flat Head jeans you’ve been every day for the past year.

  5. Since I was a child the haircut of choice for my family/parents was the buzz cut. Mostly due to the fact that it the cost was minimal (buy a pair of clippers and you’ll soon see a return on investment). Anyway I kept this hair style into my late teens when I started growing out my full and thick hair. Eventually I picked up the buzz cut again (it was easy and I looked decent), and a then two years later I decided I wanted to start growing out my hair again. To my dismay, my hair did not grow in as full and thick as it use to. It was quite thin and my hairline was receding. Needless to say I was a victim of male pattern baldness. And so at that point I recognized I had a choice to make:

    1.) I could try every remedy in the world to make my hair grow back
    2.) I could keep growing out and styling my thinning hair
    3.) I could shave my head and accept the fact that I am going bald.

    And so I chose option three. I figured there wasn’t much hope in getting my hair back, and the thin hair did not look good no matter what I did. Thankfully the shaved head look suits me well, but it is still a bit of a bummer to have lost my hair.

    I am 27 years old, my hair loss dilemma occurred at age 24.

    As far as clothes are concerned, I had a group of guy friends who were very well dressed/stylish. I humbly asked two of them if they would go shopping with me a few years ago and help me develop a stylish wardrobe. After a shopping trip with them, I was able to understand/develop some basics and know what I’m into/what looks good at this point. I’m thankful for their advice and help. I think stylish friends are a good resource if you have them at your disposal.

  6. Trimegistus says:

    Also: begin to expand your definition of “casual” to include a jacket and tie.

    If you’re wearing a jacket and tie, you’re the grownup in the room. Women will start casting you in their Downton Abbey fantasies. All the guys wearing cargo shorts and t-shirts suddenly look like toddlers.

  7. Flipper says:

    I struggle with this too. I’d feel out of place with a jacket and tie on. Part of it is that I’m yet in good shape. I wanted to lose about 30 lbs. I have lost about 12 pounds. So my old clothes, which were baggy to begin with, look way baggy. And yet I don’t want to spend the money on transition clothes either.

  8. I concur that baldness is not a problem if you embrace it. It can be very alpha (think Jason Statham or Bruce Willis). Yes. any version of a comb-over would send me running!
    Also think this goes for both men and women: try to dress remotely close to your age. It’s really sad to see people over 40 wearing super trendy clothes. We were at a Memorial Day party this weekend and there was a lady in her 50’s wearing white short shorts and huge, tall platform wedges. My hubby was scared. LOL

  9. I think this is pretty simple. Toss the old clothes that show signs of wear and tear and that are definitely out of style. Get simple things, but good fitting. Dress shirts, not T-Shirts. Jeans that fit your shape. For all of it, go to a decent store when they are not busy and find a sales person of your age that is willing to consult you accordingly. And don’t stop at the top layer. White fine-rip baggy undies aren’t what a woman wants to see either. Wear what you expect to see on her. Well, not literally of course, but if you expect her to wear sexy underwear, find out what she thinks is sexy on you and wear that. Nice casual top layer and fitting underwear without skid-marks. If you wear a suite during the day, don’t come home and take it off immediately and change into sweats. Let her enjoy it a little too. And then put on decent jeans and a casual button shirt. Something that says sophisticated and not slob.

    Clothes (including shoes socks and underwear) that have stains, rips, tears and the likes, aren’t supposed to be in your household. If at all, only when you work around the house and things could get dirty.

    If you can afford it, get some Carhartt work wear or the likes. Invest in some steel toe work boots. All women dig the handymen from TV. Maybe even get a tool belt.

    If you aren’t comfortable wearing a tie, don’t wear it. A guy that feels uncomfortable, looks uncomfortable and therefore gives a bad vibe to his surroundings.

    Overall, don’t contrast to extreme between business and casual and pick one style.

    Shaving is another thing. The facial hair… I myself, I “wear” stubble 24/7. But I make sure it’s well maintained. Don’t go clean shaven all week and then don’t shave on the weekend. Unless she specifically asked for it. It all comes down to taking care of yourself.

    And for heaven’s sake, don’t wear socks and sandals!!! and don’t pull the (black) socks up till your knees…

  10. Over It says:

    See if you can find a good tailor to take in a couple inches off your clothes for a few bucks. It’s definitely cheaper to do this a couple times than to buy new clothes for each size as you drop weight. When you finally get to the weight you want, you can have the final tailoring done and keep some of your favorite old things.

    In general, guys shouldn’t be worrying about labels. Are you really going to sit around with your friends and talk about what designer you’re wearing? If that’s what you and your guy pals do, I’d guess you shouldn’t be reading Athol’s blog since it’s about how to game *women*.

  11. FeralFelis says:

    Just a reminder that unless you are trying to score with ALL women, you only have to please YOUR woman, and every woman is different in what she likes.

    I have always liked very short hair (think 50’s buzz cuts) that is about 1/4″ long, so that it feels kinda like a velour blanket when you rub it. I am not as fond of a shaved head because when you sweat, your head feels kinda slimy. And I don’t like it in-between, when it’s so short it’s like the sticky half of velcro and my hand doesn’t slide smoothly over your head.

    I have zilch name-brand attraction but you should be clean, freshly shaved (or trimmed facial hair), your clothes should be clean and tidy, and SHINE YOUR SHOES (or at least WASH them, if they are athletic shoes).

    The guy I dated last year had a motto which he took from a razor commercial back in the 70’s:
    Look Sharp, Feel Sharp, BE Sharp!

    I couldn’t agree more with “intentional”:
    I dated a guy who wore clean jeans, Timberland boots, and plaid flannel shirts most of the time; HOT!

    Here in Texas, pressed jeans and shirt with freshly shined cowby boots are practically is practically a tuxedo; HOT!

    I date an engineer who wears clean jeans and plaid non-flannel shirts all the time (no pocket protector, but he is that geeky and smokin’ smart); HOT!

    On the flip side, there is a money casual “look” (practically a uniform at the minor league ball park at the north end of town) which is a huge turn-off to me. The “look” is an expensive short-sleeved shirt, untucked, worn with off-white or pale khaki shorts and leather docksider shoes on a guy who is perfectly tanned and even chiseled but extremely conscious that he has the right “look”. The guys wearing this “uniform” have money but are NOT necessarily Alpha. I don’t give a rat’s ass how much money they have. Alpha is an attitude, and they are Pretenders.

  12. Over It says:


    Can we get the ability to reply directly to another person’s comment back? I understand that it can lead to too many micro-discussions, but I think it made for nice direct responses to each other’s ideas. Thanks.

  13. This can go a lot of different ways, depending upon your personal style (assuming that you have a personal style). But I can personally recommend seeking out a really good tailor to help boost your clothes-wearing confidence. There’s nothing quite like having a man who does nothing else for a living but make dudes look good take meticulous measurements and give you the benefit of his experience. A really good tailor can even give you advice about how to wear the clothes he’s doing for you. And it’s not just about the suits — a good, traditional menswear tailor will often have insights on how to dress above your social rank without breaking your bank account.

  14. As has been said, I think clothes need to reflect who you are. Clothes that reflect your personality makes you feel more confident. They also should fit the context. You don’t want to wear a suit and tie to your next fire-spinning night. For me, I find that sporty kinda clothes make a decent casual look, depending on where I am. I play sport every day and I look fit, so those clothes work for me. Of course, this is for when I’m at the mall or around the house, rather than on a date. And I’m talking about clothing you wear for playing sport, not clothing for supporting your favourite team from your couch. I think girls like an active guy, so it doesn’t hurt to look the part if you are actually that kinda guy.

    To dress up a little more, but still be semi-casual, wear a shirt with a collar and leather shoes. It’s really easy to find a nice plain shirt and decent shoes. Spend more on the shoes; women notice.

  15. Kristine says:

    A guy in a nice Brooks Brothers suit always is a plus for me! Just reeks of Alpha. :) I quite like the country club look as well, with khakis and polo shirts. I like well-polished leather shoes and big masculine-looking watches.

    tight clothes on men
    socks in sandals
    shorts worn with black socks
    any jewelry other than a wedding ring and a watch. earrings, gold necklace, etc are yuck
    ugly t-shirts with tacky stuff written on them
    tank tops on men
    basically anything shiny either looks really tacky and cheap or just gay
    men dressing like teenage boys

  16. Flipper says:

    So you wear sweat pants and shorts and tank tops everywhere?

  17. For those of you not old enough to remember them from the 1980s, the Dress for Success books cover this philosophy in great detail, though the specifics are aimed at 1980s yuppies. But if you can look past the Brooks Brothers suits and striped ties, the books have great advice.

    I just wish clothing was as easy for women. It’s easy for younger women to look sexy, but in middle age its hard to both look your age and sexy. I can’t wear what my man wants because I’m single. And I’m an unusual woman, because I don’t like fashion or shopping!

  18. PocketAces says:

    Ok, I went from a somewhat balding head (good in back, points starting to meet in front) to a totally shaved head recently. Most everyone said it was too early to do it. I think there’s either too early or too late.

    Like anything else, you have to OWN IT. Yeah, that’s my head, it’s shaved, and you have nothing to say about it. I’m a badass. If you are mousy about it, that’s how people will treat you. To me, a comb-over is pathetic. It says to the world, I’m not in control and I can’t take decisive action when clearly I need to do something.

    The no woman angle in your life angle I think is wrong. My wife was dead-set against my shaving my head because she can’t fathom shaving off my “great blond hair.” I did it in secret because of her (yes, yes, very blue-pill I know, we all have to start somewhere). So, it may just mean you are whipped instead. Heh, rock and a hard place there.

    If you strut around like a badass and you are shaved, well, in the short time I have had it, I have had a few women stumbling over themselves to open doors for me. The double-take, stumble, lurch for door to open it is always nice. Doesn’t happen often, but it NEVER happened before. Wish it would happen in front of my wife. ;)

    Also, if you do it when you are starting the red pill, it can be a bit of a magician’s misdirection. No one will consciously notice that you are standing taller and taking up more space when they are staring at your head.

  19. A shaved bald head makes people look at you because it’s it’s unussual. It’s the boldness grabs attention. Stepping a little out of the crowd.

    A look I absutely love if you’re darker skinned (just doesn’t look as hot on pale guys…) is a white or cream silk botton up short sleaved shirt with either navy shorts and tan sandles for casual stuff or with navy slacks and brown “boat” style shoes for more formal….EXTRA hot if there’s just a LITTLE 5 oclock shaddow – OMG, SOOOOO hot! Has a look like you’ve been hanging out on a boat all day….

  20. I have to disagree with Jane on the docksiders comment (but, to each their own).

    1.) Docksiders or dress shoes with no socks: I am over 55 years old and love Miami Vice.
    2.) Combover: I am married and not getting laid, or I am single and not getting laid.
    3.) Flannel shirts: redneck dressup clothes, or I am a lumberjack.
    4.) Basketball shorts and athletic shoes: I play X-box and drink beer with my buddies all weekend long.

    I would also like to advise that men throw away every polo shirt (that is NOT a collared shirt) and definitely ditch the Dilbert short-sleeve dress shirts.

    I personally am not a fan of intentional baldness unless it’s on black men. Jason Statham’s short stubble looks better on white men. Luckily, one can bounce back & forth between the two looks pretty quickly if the Missus prefers one over the other.

  21. Jane’s and Jaz’s comments show that Your Mileage Definitely Varies when it comes to fashion and grooming choices for men. FeralFelis is right, a guy should go with what he’s comfortable with and what his ice likes (though I’m sure no woman likes a combover!).

  22. One of the benefits of shaving your head too early is that it has the potential to make you look like you don’t age… Patrick Stewart, for example – he’s looked roughly the same age for an eternity. While he probably looked a bit older than his actual age at the start of STTNG, today he really doesn’t look much older than he did 25 years ago.

  23. I like to dress down
    it impresses the girls
    when I drive my Maserati

  24. Joe Commenter says:

    Z: It depends on who you are dressing for. Dressing to impress men? You will get a lot more leeway than if you are trying to impress women. Women are brutal to each other. Of course women have the same requirement as men. You need to be in reasonably good shape. Not pencil thin, but as long as they are not obese, 40-60 YO women can bring the heat with a little cleavage and a pair of shorts. Men like curves. Men like seeing skin.

  25. “So you wear sweat pants and shorts and tank tops everywhere?”

    Flipper, was that for me?

    If so, no. I swim, so I wear Speedos and a towel.

    Seriously, I wear clothes that are not nearly as casual as you mentioned, but still from a sport store. And, as I said, not to anywhere important.

  26. Have to disagree slightly with Athol. Do not get in shape first and then add the clothes. Of course do not blow a hunkabunchmoney on a new wardrobe: wait to do that after you drop that pot belly and fill out your shoulders (hint: heavy squats build upper body muscle better than any upper body exercise.)
    However, it is imperative that a man be well dressed. All of us look pretty stupid with our flaccid dingelings dangling in the breeze, which is why our honored ancestors went out and murdered wild beasts, acquiring pelts with which to gird their masculine loins. A well-put-together outfit tells a woman, “Look, I can kill wild animals, or some reasonable facsimile thereof.”

    Clothes are far more of a status symbol, and thus a sexual attractor, with respect to female attraction to men than they are male attraction to women. A woman should get in shape first and then add the clothes, because any man who is interested in her is mentally undressing her anyways. But a man should definitely not neglect personal style while going to the gym.

    You need to cultivate a personal style. It really doesn’t matter what it is. While a $3000 suit made of sabre-toothed-tiger pelts may indicate that you are a Big Hunter, chicks really don’t care if you are wearing a $30 bunny-rabbit loincloth instead because “Ooh! Fuzzy!” Though if you were not wearing a rabbit-fur loincloth when your wife married you, it may be beneficial to rethink springing such a major change on her right away. Jeans and a shirt works fine, as long as – and here Athol is absolutely correct – it is obvious that you _intended_ to wear that particular shirt and pair of jeans. Your wife will notice if your friends are all wearing sabre-toothed tiger and all you have is rabbit-fur: so again, if you are going to dress down, do it on purpose. Tell her about how all those other guys are murdering an extinct species of beautiful, majestic cat, and you just can’t bring yourself to do such a terribly cruel, heartless thing. (Don’t tell her how you got the bunny fur.)
    Having a personal style in the way you dress yourself is all about indicating that you are in control of your appearance – and being in control is alpha. The purpose of going to the gym is not to look better. No woman cares how you look. At all. Many women will say they care, but women are notoriously stupid about what they find sexually attractive. The purpose of going to the gym is to assert control over your own physical appearance – which is alpha. If you intentionally bulk up like a Sumo wrestler you will attract more women than you can sit on, except that unless you actually are a Sumo wrestler nobody will believe you when you say that sitting on the couch in your underwear eating a bucket of fried chicken is part of your carefully planned physical regimen, so you are probably better off going to the gym. But the point is that it is control – dominance – which women find sexy in a man – not appearance.
    Thus, while you will still look like a fatso who can’t put down that second helping of pie until you get your diet and exercise right, it is possible to look like an in control, stylish, alpha fatso if you pay attention to how you clothe your overly-chunky hunka love. Just don’t buy the $3000 sabre-toothed-tiger suit until after you’ve made regular appearances at the gym for a while. Sabre-toothed-tigers don’t grow on trees, you know.
    On the subject of baldness: frequent ejaculation cures baldness in men and blowjobs are good for the tooth enamel.

  27. Shameless plug, I riffed on these topics here:

    and here:

    It’s really an important and super easy part of a man’s game to have clothes and a ‘do that fit him right.

  28. Yes I can definately see there’s a wide variety. I’m going to hazzard a guess that Jaz is a bit older than me (I’m 29). And based on other info about her job, I’d guess that the men thier generally wear a tie to work? I work in a hospital – ties are not allowed, most people are in scrubs. Some of the more “dressy” guys wear polos and slacks. I ussually wear linen skirts with sweaters and even jeans on fridays. I think some of it is dependant on what’s appropriate.

    I happen to like polo guys, maybe don’t toss them til you ask your girl =) Flannel I would agree is GENERALLY a sloppy look, however it CAN be quite cozy to lay your head on if you’re out camping in the cold or something…It’s a snuggle fabric for me. I’d agree to skip athletic shorts unless you’re doing something athletic….

  29. FeralFelis says:

    If a man is married, it would seem to me he could ask his wife to go shopping with him and pick out 2-3 outfits she thinks are sexy. Tell her you want one “hanging around the house but not in my sweats” outfit, one “let’s go to Chili’s for dinner” outfit, and one “it’s our anniversary and we’re going to spend the night at a nice hotel afterwards” outfit. I’m not a normal woman, but I still think this would mostly work (any of you married men want to comment about whether you think that would work for your wife, or is it too Beta? Ever had sex in the men’s dressing room? :-P I have!!)

    For single guys:
    Answers from women here have been all over the map, and once again it points out to me that FIRST AND FOREMOST, a man should wear the kinds of clothes which reflect what HE LIKES and who HE IS; you just want to be at the top of your game, whatever it is.

    Because if a man DOESN’T do that, when he meets a woman (if he’s single) and gets serious, she is going to expect him to continue to dress that way!!

    Case in point: my best friend hated wearing suits, but took a job which required he do so. He met a woman at work, and continued to over-dress (in his words) during their entire courtship. Once they got married, he started wearing “normal” clothes, except suits to work and on anniversaries and birthdays. Within a couple of months, his wife nagged him all the time about how he looked. Then she nagged him about hanging out on his small sailboat (she wanted a bigger one, good for entertaining). Then she nagged him about the older car he drove (she wanted new car all the time). He had, without realized it, married “up” because he had brought himself “up”, but he didn’t want to LIVE “up”.

    I wish he would have just been himself and married a little down the food chain; he could have saved an expensive divorce and been a lot happier.

    It reminds me of the post in the past couple of weeks about not marrying a high-maintenance woman if you don’t really want one. Dressing in a way which is contrary to your nature, in an effort to up your Alpha, can have unintended consequences. Be careful.

    And for the record, he WAS a lumberjack! LOL! Well, a very successful wildlife photographer….

  30. @Jane: I’m a little older than you, but I think the biggest difference is that I live in Southern California. We (and NYC) basically set the standards of style, and the have-a-clue vs. clueless-and-newly-single men are as obvious as “Crazy, Stupid Love”‘s Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling.

    Plus, I am one of only 10 women out of a department with 150 people at my job. To boot, I am single and wear heels, so you can guess where that goes.

  31. ” one ‘hanging around the house but not in my sweats’ outfit”

    Not to pick just one point from that long insightful post, except it turns out that’s exactly what I’m about to do. (-:

    Any tips for the above situation from anyone here in the comments? I did a big wardrobe upgrade late last year and another little touchup a couple months ago when I got a new job that requires me to dress more nicely than I was used to doing on a daily basis, so I feel like I’m pretty covered as far as having plenty of outfits for social events ranging from “casual house party” to “formal-ass wedding,” but I haven’t quite gotten the “hanging around the house” part of my wardrobe right.

    I tend to default to “get the hell out of my work clothes and into an undershirt and pajama bottoms,” which isn’t quite cutting it any more. I don’t like keeping on my work clothes on weekday evenings after work because that’s my time to relax a little, but scheduling-wise it’s also the time when sex is most likely to be on the table so I don’t want my lady to come home and find me totally slobbed-out every night either. Plus I just have this mental block against picking out a whole separate clean outfit after work every single day, essentially doubling my laundry load per week even though I’m only getting maybe three hours of wear out of that second outfit. Is there some kind of middle ground that I’m not seeing?

    (Exception: on workout days I can change to workout clothes and rely on sheer testosterone value to pick up the fashion slack. Doesn’t work on non-workout days, though. Wearing athletic wear to sit on the couch and watch a movie is just sloppy.)

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