Sexy Move: Some Homework For The Weekend

Ladies….  Reverse Cowgirl + Long Hair + Playing With His Balls As He Fucks You

Gentlemen… Reverse Cowgirl + Holding Her By Both Wrists As You Finish

Report back. :-)

(If you don’t have long hair, seriously grow some as fast as you can. Short hair isn’t sexy.)




  1. This is my kind of homework….I already have a night out at a swanky hotel planned for hubbys birthday tomorrow night I’m sure he’ll like this extra ‘gift’…

  2. pdwalker says:

    “Short hair isn’t sexy”


  3. esundstrom says:

    ugh short hair….there is nothing fun with short hair

  4. The only problem is if either party doesn’t really dig the reverse cowgirl, as my current S/O doesn’t.

    But I must second the holding of the wrists. Actually did that one last night (different position). It’s hot, for sure.

  5. Wow…. I already did this homework last night….. aren’t I a good student?
    My report: It was in the living room, lights off but TV lit up the room (no sound) and provided a very good blueish backlight to the activity…..He loved it – he told me so again this morning. I loved it – it felt very sexy and an added thrill to be out of the bedroom.

  6. My wife of 10 years has never been down for reverse cowgirl (ever, despite some otherwise fairly kinky stuff), even with some some weak-ass efforts over the last 6 months by me. She is now very confident in her back-side after some big improvements from Crossfit (TM). I am going to do a full court press on the reverse cowgirl this weekend and will report back. Thanks AK and Jennifer for all you’ve done for our love life in the last year! Can’t wait for MMSL 2012!

  7. I am still running the MAP and believe it will eventually allow me to get to this homework assignment. By the way, I think your book may save my marriage, so again I want to thank you and Jennifer. Like AMG I am looking forward to MMSL 2012. Do you know when it will be out?

    Please let me throw out a couple of more questions. What advice do you have on marital counselling? Can it help?

    Also what do you make of the many women enjoying Fifty Shades of Grey?

  8. Beeping Slooty says:

    I am a woman and I love having long hair. When I was a child, my mother was always focused on being practical as opposed to being beautiful, so it took me a while to figure out how to be a mom but still also look sexy for my man. Having long, healthy hair is an important part of this for me.
    Athol, whenever the time seems right I would really appreciate reading a post by you about hair *color*, not just hair length.
    Himself and I are both 39 years old. He has a head full of lush, thick hair, and it looks like genetics is on his side to keep his hair firmly attached to his head. His hair started going grey when he was a teenager, and now it is nearly completely silver. I love this silver look on him.
    My hair is long and wavy and about 50% grey. I color my hair regularly to a dark brown shade which used to be my natural color. I imagine that there will come a day when I will want to stop coloring my hair.
    My question is this: Is there ever a point at which salt-and-pepper or grey hair on a woman is an attractive, sexy feature?

  9. anonymouse says:

    I think grey hair is attractive for anyone. Hubby’s been getting a few streaks of silver here and there for years, and I’m drooling with anticipation of him going fully grey. He’s mostly pepper with a bit of salt at this point. Yum ;)

    I have doubts that I will ever go grey…. even at 80, my grandma has very little grey hair, and my grandpa has a bit of silver going on, but not a ton. I don’t think my mom has much, if any. Kinda disappointed. Is that sad, or what? 0.o

  10. Hi Athol,

    Regarding the hair length, what if the woman is unfortunately bald or has very little hair due to medical treatments? Would getting a wig count?

  11. LadyGrace says:

    Did my homework first thing this morning! Kicked the kid out that was on the bed with us, locked the bedroom door and climbed on. I alternated playing with his balls and my clit. Hubby was loving it. Neither of us was able to come in this position (my 46 year old knees can’t last quite long enough), but we finished in other ways and both enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for the assignment!

    As to the long hair issue, I am currently on a mission to grow my hair as long as possible. I’ve told my hairdresser no cuts until I’m 50. I’ve got very curly hair and I’m worried it will get to a point where it looks ratty or stringy, but so far so good. It is almost to my elbows right now. If you watch any of those makeover shows like What Not to Wear and such, there is a great deal of pressure on women my age to cut their hair short. Like an older woman with long hair just looks desperate or something.

  12. “Short hair isn’t sexy.”

    I asked Himself about this, when I was considering getting it cut from shoulder length to really short. He just smirked and told me that anything long enough to pull is fine by him.

    I didn’t get it cut short.

  13. Grey hair on women sexy? Looking old as sexy? Seriously? Ask your man how many movie stars with grey hair he masturbates about. Ditto with the short hair. A quick browse through Playboy Magazine is pretty revealing, ladies.

    I live in a state where even the lesbians are pretty: about 75% of them paint their toes, are slim/fit, adorn themselves with clothes and jewelry designed for women, wear makeup, and color their hair. They look like straight women, only with (more) tatoos. The other 25%, however, intentionally look like lumberjacks because they do not want male attention. They cut their hair short (above the shoulders), wear men’s shapeless clothes, and let their bodies go. In short, they look like a stereotypical dyke but ALSO like the women from the midwest states whenever a story features those areas on the news. I shake my head whenever I see this on television, because I just don’t get it. Why would a straight woman go to a salon and purposely pay for a look that’s the opposite of any beautiful movie star?

    Is she intentionally trying to look unattractive to her spouse to avoid sex, just like the dykes avoiding all male attention? Or is she just trying to prove to all the women in her social circle that she isn’t a threat, able and intent on stealing someone else’s husband?

  14. anonymouse says:

    Any man who thinks his wife is going to look like a 20 something movie star for the rest of their lives together is delusional. Sorry, nature has to take it’s course at some point.

  15. RE: “My question is this: Is there ever a point at which salt-and-pepper or grey hair on a woman is an attractive, sexy feature?”

    I’m also going to have to nix the gray hair being sexy. (On women, not men). I’d say maybe 1% of women could pull that off.
    Of course, I may be a bit biased as a former cosmetologist/hair colorist!. :)

    As for what hair COLOR is sexy, I think everyone has their preferences. Athol has said he likes blonde, but my husband prefers red. Condition of hair (shine, texture, length) is probably a more important factor in attractiveness.
    Since I was a stylist, of course I’ve had my own hair every different color. You might think I’d have gotten more male attention as a blonde, but that’s not the case. I think it looked too unnatural (my real hair color is reddish brown.) If you go more than a few shades away from your natural hair color, it can just look cheap.
    One small tip – as women age they should slowly lighten the color of their hair. Dark hair next to older, pale skin is too harsh. Ever seen a 70 year old lady with dyed black hair? Enough said.

  16. “Any man who thinks his wife is going to look like a 20 something movie star for the rest of their lives together is delusional. Sorry, nature has to take it’s course at some point.”

    As Athol has pointed out before, attraction is not controllable. So if keeping your spouse attracted to you (and not to his hot coworkers who wear those “unnatural” heels, blonde highlights, and mascara) is important, then you’ll make the effort.

    Men: you are in the same boat. Just because your hair falls out naturally with age does not mean you have permission to do a comb-over or to let your belly blossom. Think Woody Harrelson or Jason Statham. And please, please! ditch the ridiculous mustaches. Those are things so out of fashion that they bring to mind 70’s porn stars, UPS drivers, and the Village People (YMCA). Nothing dates you as a man in his 50’s+ faster than a long-out-of-style ‘stach.

  17. anonymouse says:

    Shanna, I knew a creepy old woman who wore very dark brown wigs (I’m not sure I want to know what she had under there), but she was scary beyond all reason so I just tried not to look at her.

  18. I’m a middle aged newly single woman who is turning gray. This is important to me personally.

    Though men have a automatic attraction to women who look like they could make healthy babies (good, young hair and skin, fat in the right places and nowhere else), older men who pursue young women for LTRs are looking for arm candy. So I see my job as looking good and healthy, like I made good babies (and I did!), and still show that fact.

    I have long healthy hair, though some is gray. I don’t have wrinkles or age spots, have good muscle tone, and my tits are still reasonably perky. People don’t believe me when I tell them my age … they think I’m about 40.

  19. If your hair is going grey I believe there’s a ton of products out there that can change your hair color.

  20. sentwest says:

    Seconded on the Crossfit! I’m still not as slim as I’m aiming for, but OMG the ass created by hundreds and hundreds of squats is pure gold. Gets rid of cellulite as well, and much faster than reducing overall body fat.

  21. sentwest says:

    I have a hair issue though. I grew my hair out, about halfway to my elbows now, and its glossy and wavy and luxurious, but all the SO does is bitch about my hair being everywhere, and refuses to touch it like he did when it es shorter. He says he likes it, if I specifically ask, but I don’t get the negative behavior.

  22. Grey hair on women simply isn’t sexy. Keep it colored as long as it doesn’t look ridiculous. Obviously there comes a tipping point where you have to give in and accept it, but your late 30s/40s isn’t that time in most cases.

  23. Athol, I need help letting my husband know that I would like to try some hotter/more Alpha sex. I am attracted to him and we have a good sex life, but sometimes it is too “nice.” He has your book, but that message hasn’t taken hold. I don’t want to seem to be criticizing him in any way. How can I introduce this idea?

  24. Would also like to add that I cannot get off in reverse cowgirl unless the guy has a penis that curls under (in which case, any position that is rear entry is great, because the penis tip curls into the g-spot shelf with each stroke).

    But this is a great “finishing” position for him (after I’ve had mine) because of the visual. Would suggest, ladies, that you spread his legs and tuck your ankles underneath his thighs after he’s entered you (so you’re in a closed-leg kneeling position). Then all you have to do is rock back & forth on your hands a few inches. Easy and quick.

  25. Highlander says:

    I’d dearly like to complete my homework, but unfortunately I’m a horse without a rider since last July

  26. Anonymous says:

    He was very pleased. Thanks for the tips, keep them coming!

  27. kryssie says:

    The long hair thing seems almost universal but not sure it’s 100%. . . He actually said he’d prefer I keep it shortish (around chin length), but is trusting me to try it out long. (My goal is waist length.) He doesn’t *dislike* it so far, and does find me beautiful. I’m hoping that the ability to run his fingers through my long tresses will win him over.

  28. Panther34 says:

    My hair started going gray at 30. It looked okay, but one day a colleague told me he’d sent someone off to look for me with the words, “Look for the tall, skinny guy with spiky gray hair.” I thought, “Two out of three ain’t bad.” Some time later I was at a salon and saw a flyer for a color blend–they don’t take away all of the gray, just some/most, so it’s not very obvious at all that you’re getting colored. I love it. Combined with the professional cut, instead of Great Clips, my hair is now a serious asset, rather than a potential thorn in my confidence. I can go six weeks between treatments (three weeks between trims), so it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg either ($20 a session, just for the color blend). If you have a head full of hair, guys, and are less than completely happy with the color, find this at a salon.

  29. “Is there ever a point at which salt-and-pepper or grey hair on a woman is an attractive, sexy feature?”

    This is a personal preference, but I do find grey hair attractive on some women (although probably not salt-and-pepper). I’d add a few qualifiers: it has to be at least shoulder length, it has to be thick, it can’t be frizzy, and it needs to go along with a figure that is exceptionally tight.

    My wife and I are both in our mid 30’s, and she has thick black hair commensurate with her native American genetics. Most of the women in her family have hair that turns silvery white at about age 40, and I can say with complete honesty that I’m looking forward to the day when her hair does that, will be disapointed if it doesn’t, and will be downright angry if she decides to color her hair to cover it up (I don’t think she would).

    So really… it depends on your man.

  30. I’d also say that it is kind of silly to worry about what anyone other than your spouse thinks regarding hair length and color IF YOU ARE MARRIED. Sure, for a single person trying to attract a potential spouse, it may be a good idea to find out what length and color would attract the broadest audience. But if you are married, you may be married to somebody who falls outside convention… a guy who likes short hair on women for instance… and that’s probably a good way to wear your hair if you are interested in working on your marriage.

  31. I may be in the minority, but I love short hair on women. It doesn’t look good on everyone by any means– something about the shape of the face I think– but for those women for whom it works, it REALLY works.

    Didn’t happen to see this until today, so my homework will have to be turned in a bit late. We’ve only tried the reverse cowgirl but once and it didn’t really work out, which is weird because otherwise we do rear entry almost exclusively. (It’s a happy anatomical coincidence that this is the most stimulating for both of us; makes the search for the fables simultaneous orgasm a lot easier.) This was years ago and tastes do change, so maybe it’s time to give it another shot.

  32. Max Waters says:

    If you were religious, you’d be made a Saint.

    On marriage counselling, all those guys do s tell you it’s ok to get divorced.
    On short hair, my SO has short hair–not dyke short, but short. All I can say is that she hasthe most exquisite neck in existence and looking at it is very hot.

    Keep the good work. I often myself answering doubts with “WWAD”,(What would Athol do?)

  33. On the topic of long hair, what do guys think about hair that’s not just long, but super-long? Like waist length+ long? Is it still attractive, or does it start to turn on the freaky alarm lights?

  34. If you are doing reverse cowgirl to a guy, I’d say you are fucking him, not ‘tother way around.

    I’m not totally sold on the long hair thing as a universal truth. Not saying this out of defensiveness– I think mine is my best feature, really. Mid-back, very blond and outrageously abundant. But it was pixie-short when we were dating and newly married.

    I mostly let it grow out because paying 40 bucks every couple months started to rankle, and if you stop getting haircuts, long hair results. :)

    I ask the husband all the time about it and he always says “if it makes you happy I’m happy with it.” Just doesn’t seem to be his thing.

  35. I know this is a post about hair length and color but since it’s also a post about sexy Alpha moves in bed, I need to share one of my favorites (and I totally saw this in porn so that proves that porn is useful!). I love to be on top and then while her arms and legs are wrapped around me tight, I pick her up off the bed and do it standing up. Her body is completely off the floor and supported entirely by my arm strength and her arms/legs wrapped around my body. She’s pretty small so this isn’t a hard move for me to pull off and while I continue to pound her, the look on her face is simply magnificent, as if she’s thinking, “OMG I can’t believe this guy is able to carry me and pound me at the same time!” It shows that your physically strong and dominate at the same time. Her breathing and moaning always increases after I do this move so guys, if you’re able to do it I would highly recommend it!!

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