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I’m finally getting to finishing off some of the unfinished business with the blog switch to WordPress. Yesterday I spent about eight hours editing around the first 200 posts that got their formatting grunched in the switch. Thankless drudgery for the win, I didn’t think anything could make me miss nursing lol.

Today I spent eight hours grinding through my feedreader and moving stuff around and making it more useful. Culled out about a hundred dead blogs into a graveyard folder. What’s listed below is my list of blogs that are still currently active, and in some way shape or form writing about sex and relationships from a Game / conscious / Red Pill viewpoint.

You might like some of them, you might not. Below is the cut/paste from my blogroll page.  The blogroll page will be updated and amended at random, though being active and basically on topic is the critera for survival and addition.

As a caution to new readers. Please be aware that doing nothing but reading 50+ blogs a day isn’t making a positive change in and of itself. They are helpful, but you need to stay in action. Also some of these blogs are far darker in tone than MMSL. I’m by no means a Pollyanna, but staying positive is usually more productive than being negative. Stay positive and productive and you’ll get your best results.


Close relatives to MMSL. If you like MMSL you’ll probably like these blogs too. They aren’t MMSL clones but all have a strong Game + Pro-Marriage/LTR bent. A couple of these are “I’m running the MAP” in content as well. So shout encouragement from the sidelines or something.

The Red Pill Room

Average Married Guy Losing Beta For More Sex

Gaming My Wife

Phase Frame

Taking Back The Reins

The MMSL extended family… including black sheep. All these blogs deal with sex and relationships from a Game/conscious perspective. I don’t agree with all that is written, and a some of it isn’t for me, but there’s nuggets of gold all over. Grab a shovel and start digging. Just use your own judgment.

Aleph One    Alpha Game    Approach Anxiety    BbSezMore    Life: The Rough Draft    Candidly Candice    Chateau Heartiste    Christian Men’s Defense Network    Dalrock     Danny From 504     Freedom Twenty Five    Game For Omega’s    Genuine Approach    Good Strong Men    Haley’s Halo    Hawaiian Libertarian    Hidden Leaves    Hooking Up Smart    I Will Never Say No In 2012    Just Be A Man About It    Krauser’s PUA Adventure    One Man’s Perspective    Picking Up Women With Sleaze    Pill Red Condition Yellow    Post Masculine    Roosh    Samplexus    Solve My Girl Problems    The Alpha Persona    The Badger Hut    The Left Half    The Private Man    The Rational Male    The Quest For 50    The University of Man    Willy Wonka’s Adventures    Yohami


  1. Southern Man says

    The first one I tried, Christian Men’s Defence Network, goes to Heartiste instead. Can you fix that link?

  2. says

    I have a new desk job that involves a lot of sitting around and waiting for a crisis -> dealing with a crisis -> cleaning up the fallout from the crisis -> sitting around waiting for the next crisis. So I probably read more Game blogs than is healthy for me… but it’s just because I need more reading material in general. (-: Thanks!

  3. Ardee says

    Thanks for the links, but after reading a few, it makes me realize how head and shoulders above the rest you are. Oh my gosh, what a bunch of whiners. It makes me really not like men, and I usually love men! I think I’ll stick around here.

  4. says

    Appreciate the link as well, but it’s like Ardee says, I feel like I’m in the minor leagues and you and Ian are on a whole other level with your perspectives and experiences. You’re both much further down the road, but I have a feeling there’s many men like me who only recently have started the journey.

    On a personal note, similar to the Jennifer post today, you’ve interacted with me last year through e-mail a couple times and have appreciated the message you and Jennifer are teaching and wouldn’t be where I’m at without the knowledge gained through MMSL. You’re like a modern day Johnny Appleseed, instead of spreading apple trees, you’re spreading better marriages.

  5. Shanna says

    Thanks for the list. Some of the people in the “extended family” 2nd list scare me a little bit. You did give fair warning! I think I’ll just stick around here.
    @AverageMarriedGuy – great analogy with the “spreading better marriages”!

  6. says


    Your blog is on my regular rotation. I don’t know about “leagues,” but it’s nice to hear from a day-to-day, on-the-ground perspective. I feel like I can relate to you more easily than someone who already has all the answers (or just talks like they think they do).

  7. says

    Thanks for the link love, Athol. Love the new blog—looks great! (But of course I like a blog redesign, lol.)

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