Girl Game: What’s For Dinner

Watch and learn…


  1. RedPillAwakening says:

    Pure genius.

  2. holdingallthecards says:

    Cute. I like the role playing Star Trek doctor. Tuck that costume idea in the file…

    However….treating your man as if he’s suffering from arrested development is a turn-off for women. I understand the power of cooking as a seduction tool, but I think it would be a big red flag for women if their guy has not moved from spaghetti with hotdogs to steak or swordfish, from Quik to Cabernet or scotch.

    Is he just going to be an additional child I’ll have to raise? Seduction must be sexy for both people.

    It loses a little in the translation from the orginial Klingon.

  3. RedPillWifey says:

    Bwahahaha. I really need to start watching this show.

  4. catzmeow says:

    It’s not necessarily about regressing him to his childhood. It’s about noticing what he likes (strawberry quick) and serving it up to him on a regular basis. It’s not hard to initiate a conversation about his favorite meals and then, at some point, make an effort to prepare one of them for him…that’s value-added: a woman who cooks and who takes the trouble to cook his favorite thing.

    Food is magical when it comes to bonding people together. Breaking bread together is one of the oldest forms of peace-treaties. It’s sacred in so many different cultures around the globe.

  5. So the way to a man’s heart really is through his stomach? Or I could just find a Deanna Troi costume somewhere.

    Deanni Troi costume + eat a chocolate sundae…

  6. @Gwen: get the costume, and some take-out, (and use the time saved for more “playing doctor” :)

  7. pdwalker says:


    There’s an expression you could use knowing that’d go a long way to holding up your side of the relationship;

    “keep his stomach full, and his balls empty”

    It’s not a bad rule of thumb.

  8. Ohh Sheldon is so screwed, repeatedly. Me likes Amy: a woman that knows what he wants and gets it not matter what.
    Note to myself: get Uhura Costume. ;)

  9. CarolinaGirl64 says:

    Big Bang Theory – It explains so much in a very funny way !!

  10. Mr_Brown says:

    Never mix milk and spaghetti!!

  11. whatmeworry says:

    The med/sci insignias don’t look like that.

  12. The Dude says:

    I had no idea Blossom was back on tv….although I like this character better.

  13. I'm a man says:

    One of my favorite episodes from BBT! …and very instructive.
    It raises the issue of having too much good game and falsely raising the interest level of someone who really isn’t all that attracted to you. It may sound crazy but one could quickly find themselves in an unequal care taking role.

  14. FeralFelis says:

    @I’m a man-
    I agree with your second paragraph, but for a different reason. Much the way one of the MAP instructions is “do something, then let go of your attachment to the outcome”, running single girl game is the same.

    I have done that kind of thing and was told my behavior, rather than indicating I wanted to keep his stomach full and his balls empty, came across as “needy” and “too much”. Maybe it’s different once you’re married, but based on the fact that married guys are told they have to have a certain amount of aloofness to be attractive to their mate, I’m thinking not.

    So I guess the moral is, both genders always have run just fast enough to elicit the prey response, but not so fast that you can’t be caught.

    I think Girl Game requires more finesse than I am able to muster. It’s not looking too good for me.

  15. I'm a man says:

    @FeralFelis Men like chasing as much as women like to be chased. I’m thinking this BBT girl game video is more a preference for married men, living together couples or dating boy-men like Sheldon.

    Since you’re single he’ll need room to impress you and win you over. For dating, flirty/humorous and available/sometimes unavailable (busy life) is attractive to men.

    This crude description of “stomach full and his balls empty” is a slippery slope, It’s great advice for a wife who’s not being a wife.
    ….seriously, don’t be milkin’ a dude like a cow! Sometimes its good to simply let desire build, let it build into thoughts and flirting, that will amplify those desire into the male’s alpha motivation (challenge) for action.

    The notion that men are simple and giving them sex will make them crazy happy is not 100% true. Ben demonstrated that in an earlier post.

    “I think Girl Game requires more finesse than I am able to muster. It’s not looking too good for me.” this is exactly Omega male thinking! Define what your strong girl beta/alpha traits are and quit trying to guess what others want.

  16. That’s funny!
    @Gwen – YES. I don’t know a single guy (or person for that matter) that doesn’t like their favorite foods prepared for them. Throw in after dinner nookie and it’s a perfect night.
    @FeralFelis – One of the most common gestures of dating/courting/seducing a woman is cooking dinner for them. It works the other way around too for most “normal” guys. I wouldn’t let that one reaction tarnish the idea.
    @Holdingallthecards – Your responses baffle me with how consistently you appear to miss the point.

  17. holdingallthecards says:

    @Feralferis: I agree with your observation that cooking a guy on a regular basis can lead to him perceiving you’re needy. I had this happen when I was dating back in the day: I had my new boyfriend over and he opened my fridge to find a bachelorette’s version of food (salad, lots of condiments, yogurt, white wine and diet pepsi). A couple of weeks later he opened it up again and I had stocked it with all his favorites for sandwiches and snacks. He never called again. I was baffled that it was seen as too much.

    So is it different when you’re married? I think any meal prepared by one spouse for the other or for the family should be received with voiced appreciation. Otherwise just pour yourself a bowl of cereal if it’s too much to say thank-you.

  18. anonymoose says:

    “keep his stomach full, and his balls empty”

    No, it’s “keep his balls empty and his stomach full” in that order, because no one’s horny on a full stomach and you’ll always work up a good appetite after a good roll in the sack….

  19. I'm a man says:

    “keep his balls empty and his stomach full”
    Or….. “empty his wallet and keep him on a short leash”.

  20. tacomaster says:

    I love TBBT and this episode was one of my favorites. I never think Amy is attractive but when I saw her in that outfit, something definitely did it for me! I think it was the uniform, the glasses, and the role she was in.

    @ holdingallthecards—that is extremely strange that he would leave and not contact you again simply because you bought him foods for him. Well, some people are idiots. I think most be appreciative of the thoughtful idea but that’s just my opinion. Everyone is different.

  21. Draggin says:

    Ladies, keep cooking. Regular quality cooking is a DHV and is a part of girl game. Make sure your relationship has progressed to the point where you know he appreciates it and knows he has earned that consideration though. Holdingallthecards problem was that she was uncalibrated and went too much too soon.

    ” A couple of weeks later he opened it up again and I had stocked it with all his favorites for sandwiches and snacks.”

    This jumped right out at me when I read it and not in a good way. I admit that on the surface it seems considerate and that your conscious intentions may have been good, but when I analyzed what disturbed me about it, I realized that it sent up a few red flags. Two weeks later and you know his favourite foods and have them all in stock in case he comes over? You are either a stalker or maybe just too needy in relationship. At the very least it shows you as try-hard, which triggers the “She thinks she is way lower value than me. She’s probably right” switch. For anyone that disagrees, try switching genders in the story. I’m guessing the guy would be considered creepy by most women.

    Game works best on the subconscious. With direct verbalization, a lot of people will rebel because most people’s default is to resist change. That is why the ultimatums in the MAP are at the end of the process. For instance, if Amy had ramped up slowly, Sheldon wouldn’t have gotten to the “uh oh” at 2:34. She actually took a big risk, because it would have been equally likely that Sheldon would feel that things were moving way too fast for comfort and bail.

    The point I am trying to get to is that ANY game has to be calibrated. My story is also an example. In the Time Before Athol, I figured out how to get my wife re-attracted to me by reading PUA blogs and going alpha. It really worked. I had her initiating at least two times a week for 3 months and this was in a marriage that had several sex droughts of up to a year. This was within a month or two of MMSL startup, so the message to increase sexual tension with alpha and soothe insecurities with beta wasn’t readily available. So, looking back, what I did wrong was ramped up the alpha and cut way back on the beta. She ended up thinking I was going to leave her even though I told her I wouldn’t (damn that hamster and whispering friends) and so she left me for someone more beta. What I learn from MMSL is that alpha/beta calibration.

  22. FeralFelis says:

    Draggin said:
    “The point I am trying to get to is that ANY game has to be calibrated.”

    ‘Zactly, except I used the word “finesse”. My internal calibrator has never really worked well, and not only for Game. I do most things “all or none”; it’s one of the things that makes me excellent in most of the things I do (because, as someone else mentioned in a different post, if I’m not excellent, I don’t normally continue doing them). I skipped several grades, or I flunked cellular biology. I was the strongest one on the rugby team, or I quit softball because my batting average was below .200. I’m not a stalker or creepy; I’m just attentive and observant. New friends discovered their preferred beverage in my fridge. If they get busted for public intoxication, friends know I can be depended upon to come get them out of jail after they posted bail. The things that make me a good, reliable, trusted and treasured friend and co-worker become creepy and stalker-ish in a dating situation. Call it what you will; calibration, finesse, whatever.
    I haven’t read the book enough to know what Omega means, but I am guessing what it means from context. Hence, without using self-deprecating thinking, I will comment that this conundrum remains as yet unsolved by me! And I have a LOT of guy friends who feel that trying to ride the Game fence is giving them a really bad rash!!
    This sequence of comments was one of the most illuminating yet!!

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