The Forum Rocks!

Any time you do something new, you put in the effort, then you wait and see if people like it. You hope people like it, you think they probably will like it, but you still never quite know until the curtain goes up and it’s showtime.

Fly baby forum, fly. Please fly…. flappy flappy, you can do it…

Anyway…. wow… holy crap…

The MMSL Forum is doing not just well, but doing astoundingly well. I know it’s just Day 1 but it’s already getting twice as many page views as the blog is. The blog took two-and-a-half-years to get to this point, and Day 1 the Forum kicks it’s ass and steals it’s girlfriend.

Well over a hundred people already signed up for membership and there’s already some great content added by them. I’m very grateful to you all. I signed up for the “medium” cost platform with my host and Day 1 stats suggest that bandwidth is going to be easily reached in the first month. So that’s a happy problem to try and sort out.

So anyway, the MMSL forum is already a success and it’s going to be an epic success. Go take a peek.


  1. It certainly is off to a flying start! It’s going to be hard to keep up with all the threads! Well done.

  2. The forum is flying because it is so awesome!

    I really love getting other peoples’ perspectives on the matter, since it’s easy to get into a rut of feeling like Athol is just some prodigious master of the MAP, and Jennifer is some perfect-for-the-MAP kind of woman. We need these testimonials!

  3. Hi Athol. I know you mentioned in the past about specifically not starting a forum to steal thunder away from TalkAboutMarriage but I’d say that’s a different audience. I visit there from time to time, but almost always leave there pretty depressed as most of it are guys who are in need of taking the red pill. I know you’ve spent time there as well, trying to help those poor guys, but sometimes they’ve got to figures some stuff out first before really gaining the benefit of your wisdom.

    I think you’re forum’s audience are those who have at least started their journey and have some basic foundations in them that most of the TAM don’t have. I know that I’ll be a frequenter of your forum, and may even sign up for the private option.

    My only request on the private option as you get it established: for billing it would be good if you could make it somewhat ambiguous or discreet. Many of us have shared finances, and while it’s not a big deal, having to explain why “Married Man Sex Life” subscription keeps popping up on bills is a question some of us would rather not answer. When you get this issue figured out (how it will show up on billing) be sure to let us know, as I’m sure others could be interested as well. Nice job on the forum and it will be a big benefit to married life for many couples.

  4. Congrats Athol and Jennifer! It’s going to be a trip this new phase on MMSL. We just bought the Primer! Hope it helps with the bandwidth bill, lol. :)

  5. RedPillNewb says:

    Well, I’m a forum addict now. I may need to impose some limits on myself so I can occasionally do the work for which I’m paid.

  6. maybe paypal billing? and do it in a lump sum rather than monthly?

  7. well you did redirect your entire 3 years of traffic you cultivated to that site. . . .

  8. Congratulations to you and Jennifer and thank you again for what you are doing!

  9. AverageMarriedGuy – Any billing will probably be simply show up as “PayPal” and the dollar amount.

    Yeah I think it is different to Talk About Marriage in many ways. I think TAM is like an ER waiting room where the other patients provide care. MMSL is more like “okay here’s this whole plan and model of relationships… go”. I think it’s more hopeful.

    I had wanted to do individual coaching but getting state of Connecticut troubles wanting me to be a licensed marriage counselor. I could do “life coaching”, but as soon as I say it’s helping marriages and I’m taking money 1 on 1 it’s going to end up with a knock on the door. The public forum is simply a public forum.

    Oh and Day 2 of the forum about almost doubled page views and membership.

  10. Angeline says:

    The forum is awesome! I am trying to figure out a couple of issues with using it via my phone, such as the upvoting comments, because I don’t want to clutter up comments with a @commenter, that comment was hilarious! (Fly baby forum … flappy flappy … you can do it! LOL) Some of them really do make me laugh out loud (which may prove to be a problem at work!), and some of the posts are so sad or so brilliant they stick in my head. Over here I worry about contributing to the topic at hand, over there it’s more of an ongoing conversation.
    My biggest problem will be budgeting time to keep up with it.

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