The MMSL Forum Is Now Open

There’s still some odds and ends to tweak, but the forum platform is essentially good enough to just push play and have at it. It’s a fairly comprehensive platform, so lots of bells and whistles to play with. There’s a link in the header on the blog and/or you can just jump to it here.

One of the things that I’ve been doing a great deal behind the scenes is answering emailed questions, and my intent is that the forum becomes the arena for that. I think more people would use the forum to ask questions rather than emailing me direct, so more people will end up helped. Also there are many MMSL readers in much the same boat as each other, so there can be a lot of cross-helping.

Forums do eat up serious bandwidth once they get going, and I went for hosting/software that would hopefully stand the test if time and be fun to work with. It’s not trillions of dollars out of my pocket, but there is an expense.  Many, many, many people have asked for a donation option to support MMSL over the years, but I’d rather actually offer something more tangible than an open hand and puppy dog eyes. So one of the things on the to-do list is to add a forum/MMSL supporter membership option. There’s a Harry Potter-like “Room of Requirement” that’s completely invisible on the forum except to a certain level of membership role. So the idea is a two tier forum of free = public and paid = public + private. For now though, it’s simply the public bit that’s ready to go.

Anyway…  go have at it.

Jennifer:  I’m already the second most powerful person on the forum lol!  I demanded the right to be the first official “member”, but I got the First Officer promotion and have monitoring/access to the all the dashboard privileges apart from the self-destruct button.  I’ll be doing lots of lurking and some commenting…feel free to ask me questions along the way.


  1. It looks great!
    I couldn’t find a link back to the blog though. Should there be one? The MMSL header went to the forum home page.

  2. holdingallthecards says:

    Will you be adding the feature that allows us to directly reply to another poster’s comment in a subcategory format, so that we don’t have to use the @?

  3. RedPillNewb says:

    The open zipper and puppy dog eyes have worked so well, I don’t know why you want to change your business model.

  4. It’s the quote button in the top right of their comment.

  5. Girl4 – added a top level link in the bar above the header. The MMSL header image in the forum will always link back to the forum though. It’s a feature lol.

  6. pdwalker says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the blog comments vs the forums itself.

    It’ll be interesting.

  7. John Q Galt says:

    Does this work with Firefox or only MS Internet Explorer?

  8. pdwalker says:

    It works fine with Chrome.

    Firefox shouldn’t be a problem, nor with modern versions of IE.

    Give it a try and see for yourself.

  9. Everything should work for all the main browsers. I’ve had to do a minor fix for IE is all.

  10. +1 I’ll sign up for the paid version as soon as it is available. Great idea. Quicker turnaround with your product.

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