The Sex-Fest In The Olympic Village

I got asked about the legendary sex-fest that is the Olympic Village and why it it so. The way I’ve heard it is that it’s  a running-of-the-bulls like stampede to the bedrooms all across the village for the whole two weeks.

So, some thoughts as to why.

(1) Prime rib beefcake bodies. Everyone at the Olympics is ultra-fit and in shape and top shelf genetics to boot. Everyone is at their peaks of physicality and that also equates to peaks of sexuality as well.

(2) Non-local DNA. Boys from over there and girls from somewhere else can have a major boost to sexual interest simply based on their ability to successfully cross-breed for even healthier babies.

(3)  Time Limit creates sales pressure. That amazingly hot guy  /girl who makes you hard as a rock / slippery as an eel, is going to be gone forever in a little under two weeks. Have sex now or not at all.

(4) Separation from primary partner creating opportunity. If the athletes primary partner is watching them on TV from half a world away, they aren’t around to cockblock and will likely have no way of knowing the truth of what happened. This is the same effect as “business conference” for the rest of us.

(5) Testosterone. Both male and female athletes have a higher than usual testosterone level, which is what drives the baseline raw sexual drive.

(6) Relief from Stress. Once your event is done, there’s nothing else you have to do. Four years of pent up self-discipline and epic level training can suddenly stop and the athletes can turn the party switch from all the way off, to all the way on. Suddenly they can eat ice cream, and drink and get a little (or a lot) crazy.

(7)  Altered States. The Olympics is such a high level event that athletes will typically experience very high levels of dopamine for the entire two weeks. For most of the athletes, this is quite literally the most amazing period of their life. It can almost be an out of body experience with the massive crowds and fame and TV and everything that’s happening throwing your body into an all-purpose “in love” state of being.

(8) Culture. If you go to the Olympics with everyone thinking it’s a two week orgy, it increases the likelihood that it’s a two week orgy. It’s what happens there… and when in Rome…

All that being said, it’s probably not everyone that goes to the Olympics that indulges. I suspect it’s a little like college where there’s a noisy group that goes all out and a decently sized group of people that stay out of it. Sucks if your event is on the last day lol.

Also it’s interesting in that the basics of Sex Rank don’t vanish there either…

The chaps who win gold medals – even those as geeky as Michael Phelps – are the principal objects of desire for many female athletes. There is something about sporting success that makes a certain type of woman go crazy – smiling, flirting and sometimes even grabbing at the chaps who have done the business in the pool or on the track. An Olympic gold medal is not merely a route to fame and fortune; it is also a surefire ticket to writhe. But – and this is the thing – success does not work both ways. Gold-medal winning female athletes are not looked upon by male athletes with any more desire than those who flunked out in the first round. It is sometimes even considered a defect, as if there is something downright unfeminine about all that striving, fist pumping and incontinent sweating.

Hypergamy is still in effect with the female athletes wanting to hook up with the gold medalists, and the guys still want to bang the hot looking chicks. Which all sounds like someone set the Olympic Village maturity level to “high school”.

Or spelling things out more clearly… if you’re a male Gold medalist you get to hook up with the beach volleyball babes. If you fail to medal… there’s always the women’s shotputters with great personalities.

Pro Tip: Synchronized Swimmers are your best shot at a threesome.


  1. Vae Victus says:

    Too bad for the ladies that Michael Phelps is gay…

  2. Nice analysis. However, I`ve read that people who exercise very, very much such as personal trainers, dancers and professional athletes actually have an unusually low sex drive. A similar level of training often also leads women to loose their periods so it is not implausible that such level of “overtraining” might set back certain other functions in the body.

  3. RedPillNewb says:

    Pro tip #2: The earliest medals are always awarded for shooting, leaving two weeks of no stress. The major track events come last.

    So now you know where to focus your training.

  4. Carlotta says:

    What is interesting is that you would think that many people at this level of accomplishment would hook up simply because the genetic potential for their children would be amazing. You do see it sometimes, but it is rare. You still usually see the big hunky guys with some hot chick who isn’t into sports at all. You see some of the better looking very successful women with an athlete of some kind (think like Gabriel Resse and her husband the professional surfer) but you would think there would be a huge amount of pairing like Bart Connors and Nadia Comenche (sorry, have no idea how to spell any of their names and don’t feel like looking it up).

    It seems most female athletes go on to a life of lesbianism, childlessness but professional success in training others in their sport or pull a Mary Lou Retten (smart ).

    Off to drink some coffee lol.

  5. @Carlotta:

    While it might intellectually seem like a neat eugenics experiment to breed our top-performing athletes together and try to create Super Athletes (TM), from a practical standpoint from the point of view of our genes trying to reproduce, over-specialization usually isn’t the best strategy. There’s also the fact that, for better or for worse, the amount of physical fitness a woman needs to compete in the Olympics is FAR beyond the point of diminishing returns when it comes to what’s attractive to most guys. So any child of two Olympic-level athletes would have a 50% chance of coming out as a super-hot male super-athlete and a 50% chance of coming out as a medium-hot female super-athlete. For the purposes of the child growing up to successfully reproduce, having one Olympic athlete parent and one parent that brings something else to the table would be more likely to give them the best of both worlds (medium-to-super-athletic / medium-to-super-hot male or medium-athletic, crazy-hot female).

    And, of course, all of the above is predicated on treating the whole thing as a breeding experiment. Even for us Red Pillers, there’s still such a thing as romance in the world. (-:

  6. I’m sure its all true.

    However, at what point does it get relevant to the non-world class athletes who will be at home for the whole two weeks?

  7. Chimpy, watching sporting events has been shown to increase testosterone in men. The study I saw had to do with ball games, but I’m sure it would extend to watching the Olympics. So if you plan it right, the Olympics can be a sex-fest for you too. :-)

  8. Linanati,

    I lift weights. That will boost testosterone more than any amount of frigging about watching the telly. However, I will STILL not be an Olympic weightlifter for those two weeks, and I will STILL be in my own house with a wife who hates me with her cunt.

  9. Chimpy, yikers! Are you staying for the kids? If there aren’t any kids involved, you ought to get out of that one. She really shouldn’t have married you if she didn’t want to have sex with you.

  10. Linanati,

    “She really shouldn’t have married you if she didn’t want to have sex with you.”

    No shit sherlock!!! Its got worse since she found and read parts of my copy of the MMSL primer. It was OKish before, but could of done with improving, so I bought the book and ran the MAP. She read the book and the shit hit the fan cos Im playing silly little mind games that a smart woman won’t be fooled by…

  11. If you’d been trying to fool her with mind games, I’d assume you would have hid the book. Maybe you could have spun it that you were trying to improve yourself for her. You’ve got a rough situation there. I hope you enjoy the Olympics anyway!

  12. *would have hidden, sorry!

  13. RedPillAwakening says:

    The self-selecting group of females who comment on mmsl always seem surprised to find out what average married men are going through, vis-a-vis sexless marriages, being hated with their wives’ vaginas, etc. The roar of the manosphere, experience, and conversations with friends have convinced me that it is probably pretty much the norm. I imagine it would be a shock to actually know what percentage of women only married their husbands to use them as a meal ticket so they wouldn’t have to work. It is a whole other truth about women, another bitter red pill to swallow for the men who were fooled. Too many men find out too late that their marriage vows were really chastity vows, and with the anti-male bias of the family court system in the US, it basically amounts to a hostage situation. Help us, Athol-Won-Kenobi, you’re our only hope.

    A large percentage of my female readers are here looking for answers to questions about things like being the sole breadwinner as the family slides toward bankrupcy, badly obese husbands they can no longer feel attracted to, and trying to deal with their husbands erectile dysfunction. Much of the problems of the marriages where the husband punked out of the marriage he expected, are mirrored fairly well by the marriages where the wives were punked out of the marriage they expected.

  14. @RPA:

    Not that you’re wrong about the first bit, but I’d also tend to assume that the self-selecting group of men who frequent MMSL (and especially many of the other segments of the Manosphere that tend to be much more bitter and angry in tone) would bias one’s observations in the other direction.

    I really couldn’t tell you anything about “meal ticket marriages” from personal experience because all the married couples in my social group are two-income households, but without hard data, I’d be very careful about making broad generalizations.

  15. Angeline says:

    [However, I`ve read that people who exercise very, very much such as personal trainers, dancers and professional athletes actually have an unusually low sex drive. A similar level of training often also leads women to loose their periods so it is not implausible that such level of “overtraining” might set back certain other functions in the body.]

    I think that’s true for the vast, solitary, grinding years an Olympic athlete trains, but by the time they get to the Olympics themselves, I would guess the combination of reaching their physical peak (if they’ve planned it out correctly) and the adrenaline rush of finally being there, gives the ‘lowered’ sex drive a giant kick in the tuckus.
    I’d also be surprised if an athlete at that level’s ‘lowered’ sex drive wasn’t still higher than the average SUV-driving, couch-sitting person’s. I also think all that effort and focus on the moment just feeds the giddy intensity of everything associated with the experience.

    While I was by no means an Olympic athlete, I had a hard time in high school/early 20s keeping *enough* weight on. I frequently had uneven and unpredictable periods, with zero effect on my sex drive, other than having to be really careful when having sex with my spouse to use birth control ALL the time, because we couldn’t predict fertility. If anything, my sex drive was heightened, because I felt good, I felt attractive, and was active and invigorated. Yeah, that’s just anecdotal, YMMV.

    And RE: the genetic seeking and finding perfect specimens everywhere they look – my impression of the genetic pull in a partner is that while the brain is almost certainly thinking “it would really, really suck to get pregnant now,” what Athol is talking about is what the testicles/ovaries want. And in that highly charged environment, they want, they seek, they get. They certainly aren’t parsing out Mendel’s genetic experiments and calculating how the babies will perform in the 400m relay.

  16. @RPA

    Of course sexless marriages happen. It can go the other way too. A woman in my parents’ church ended up having an affair on her husband who wouldn’t give her sex. I still find it surprising in the sense that it’s hard to see why anyone would be stupid enough to marry a person they didn’t want to have sex with. Hasn’t sex traditionally been one of the main points of getting married? That and having legitimate children and a stable environment to raise them in?

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