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So we’re home after the first MMSL seminar weekend. Overall it went really well, no trouble with flights or accommodations. A mix of attendees who had some prior MMSL knowledge and some with none whatsoever… leading to some shocked looks, uncomfortable chair wiggles and the occasional walk outside for fresh air.

Or as Jennifer put it, “You made Army guys blush!”  I didn’t even say the word “pussy”. A well placed use of “clitoris” being a tactical nuclear strike apparently.

More of a grueling trip plus weekend experience than I expected. Totally didn’t expect Colorado’s elevation to make breathing as hard as it was. Simple walking around seemed more like jogging. Constantly worried about drying out my voice too.

Anyway, good first time out, there may or may not be more with the Army in the future, but overall looks like it’s positive potential for the future. If it works great, if not, I’ll be looking to do more of my own events anyway. It’s certainly great to have gotten one under my belt and gone well. It’s a different format than the writing and books. So reworking some stuff and once I’m happy with it, opening the speaking doors for business. Anyway… so… sleepy. More thoughts some other time.


  1. I’m going to be able to say some day that I read your blog before you two became famous.

    You will be. Just keep on doing what you’re doing.

  2. Hah! Army guys blushing! Good job :D

    Congrats again on the big weekend. May there be many more.

  3. Army guys have a tendency to be very conservative socially, in mixed company. Especially the combat arms guys.

    We used to laugh at the soldiers who after spending a month in the field, swearing their heads off, would call home and be “Can you pick me up, sweetie?”

    It’s an Army thing.

  4. I haven’t be able to keep up as much on your comings and goings, but it sounds like a very successful weekend.

    Congratulations to you both.

  5. Hesedshesed says:

    I am glad your weekend went well. We had our Strong Bonds Marriage Retreat this weekend as well. It was “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage”. Definitely not as red pill as your layout but it was still decent. There were several places though where my husband and I just kind of looked at each other and giggled as some of it was very blue pill. The speaker, Mark Gungor, did place good emphasis on the importance of sex in a marriage but just stopped short of how you need to be attractive to your partner for continued satisfaction in the sex department. My husband and I also noticed so many “un-even” couples where mainly the guy was in pretty great physical shape (Army) and the wife was morbid obese (seriously). So…we are excited to see if your seminar gets picked up by the military. If so, I bet I have far less issues getting my husband to attend one by his own choice. :)

  6. Congrats. Hope the good things keep rolling your way.

  7. Good for you, getting one under your belt!
    Was it only the men or were their wives there, too, like the seminar hesedshesed went to?
    I felt dizzy and a bit nauseated the first 3 days we were in Colorado, and I’m in decent shape! You were probably almost used to it when you came home.
    Wish I could have heard your talk. Did you talk about Captain/First officer model?

  8. So glad you feel like you succeeded, even if it doesn’t turn into more with this client. You have a potential audience that’s huge, if you stick to “clitoris” and leave “pussy” for the upper classmen/women.

    I say that from a convert who comes from a conservative religious background, which is pretty close to Army culture in many many ways, as I’m sure you know.

  9. Congratulations – that is very exciting for you and Jennifer. I was wondering too if it was couples or only guys? The image of Army guys having to go outside for a breath of fresh air because you were overwhelming them with sex talk made me smile.

  10. @Shanna – was a couples retreat. Yup… did Captain and First Officer.

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