The Red Pill Does Not Involve Cupcakes

In the comments of yesterday’s post...

OpenYourMind said “Taking the red pill for me has turned a marriage that was coming to a slow death into a vibrant and thriving marriage. At the same time, I hate the idea of the red pill in many ways, it has made it harder for me to respect my wife. I sometimes hate it that I have to be more Alpha, more this, more that, to keep her attracted to me, but the results speak for themselves.”

Angeline - And she has to – push away the cupcake, even though cupcakes are *delicious*! to keep her figure near or at something you like to look at. She needs to be open to sex at any given time, even though her default mode is not as sexual, or even “off”. She has to futz with long hair for an extra 30 minutes a day, she has to wear sexy clothes and heels. She has to get over the idea that you should love her *as she is*, sweatpants, short hair, cupcakes and all, and constantly work to keep your interest and passion up, more this, more that, to keep you attracted to her. She has to swallow the disrespect that she’s not valued as much, regardless of what her friends tell her are her stellar personal qualities – based on how her ass looks or whether she gives good BJ’s. Perhaps she feels less respect for him that wearing a thong is more interesting to him than the brilliant thing she did at work. The Red Pill does not taste like wine and chocolates for women, either.

The fact is, we all have to keep working at it to be interesting to our partner. This was old news in our grandparents’ day. Somewhere along the 60?s and 70?s people got the idea that because of how amazing and unique and enlightened we all were, we could throw out eons of experience and biology and pretend that good intentions were enough. That we could just coast into old age, once we got married.

Athol:  One of the things Jennifer has been doing is growing her bangs out toward having properly long hair. She’s in that awkward phase of her bangs being baaaaaannnnggggs that make her look too poor for a haircut, and yet not quite long enough to really do anything much with other than pin them back with multiple hair clips. Early on I playfully but regretfully teased her that it was the “Polygamous Compound Look” and got a proper look of disgust in return. (I did apologize!)

Anyway, she still has the baaaaaaannnnnggggs and it’s been weeks and it’s going to be months more until her hair is where she wants it to be. The longer it’s gone on the more I’ve come to appreciate what she’s doing. It’s a real pain in the ass to her, but she’s doing it to please and attract me. I’m sure that once it’s all long and wonderful I’ll be attracted to her more because I can’t help myself with the long hair +1 bonus, but I think I’ll always remember she did that for me too.

And before anyone gets the wrong idea. I didn’t ask her to do this. She just knows what attracts me. So it’s one of those Red Pill Girl Game moves and she’s doing it for her as much as for me.

Of course if you want to really be Red Pill / MMSL / MAP about it… if she doesn’t get what she wants out of a relationship with me… the long hair just sets her up better to attract my replacement. Be careful what you wish for and all that.


  1. I’ve seen some anime where the girl pulls her bangs up and uses an elastic to hold it. It doesn’t do much for me, but if y’all decided to try some cosplay….

  2. Long time reader, first time poster. Inquiring (female, well mine) mind wants to know…

    There’s bangs…

    And then there’s also bangs…

    (Thought I would post links of pics of the same girl to help with comparison.)
    My guess is that most of the gripes about bangs/fringe is about the type in the first link, rather than the longer, side-swept look of the second. Or are they all the same to men (i.e. not hot)?

  3. Eoin MacAodh says:

    “Perhaps she feels less respect for him that wearing a thong is more interesting to him than the brilliant thing she did at work. ”

    Please. Even if she’s a defense attorney (and a nuclear physicist on weekends), nine times out of ten her day will be boring to hear about. Last thing anyone wants to hear is another person’s coworker drama. Thongs are always interesting – if they’re not, start worrying.

    And now that the snark is off my chest, I get that this is just how people come to adjust to the red pill. It’s tough. I was going to write, “It’s tough at first,” but it’s just tough. But even puppies don’t love unconditionally; ignore it’s needs long enough and it will latch onto the first person who feeds it. So are we all.

  4. The Hunch says:

    Its not as if you’re forced away from the cupcake and into a thong at gunpoint, though is it? It’s just a beautifully simple equation (which I GUARANTEE) your husband thought he’d get anyway when he proposed to his girlfriend… Man sells ‘good husband.’ Woman sells ‘good wife.’ It’s not about what’s fair, it’s about what *is.* Red Pill is just the realisation that ‘good husband’ is different to what we men were always told, and MMSL is the scheme whereby establishing an imbalance, ‘good husbands’ get ‘good wives’ in return, rather than ‘entitled princesses.’

    Or put another way; if you had been a disgusting, fat cupcake addict when you’re (now) husband locked eyes with you across the bar (or library, or train) – would he have asked you out? Course not. Congratulations on being one of the few women who realise how stupid the fatties battle cry of “you’re my husband and you should love me for who I aaaaaaam.” But dont think you din’t have a choice- you do. Now your husband has gobbled some red pill goodness, he’s just making sure your choices have consequences.

  5. Athol gives really good advice – I see it from an empwered and positive perspective. That is my choice.

    I only do things that are no regrets and win-win and I don’t do things that don’t pay off for me or are uncomfortable.

    Being fit, slim, long-haired and holding a professional job are all really, really nice things to be and do. I get a huge buzz out of knowing how to atract my partner. Nobody enjoys being over-weight, unwell and unemployed and unable to seduce the object of one’s desire. I’ve been that and it sucks big time!

    I really enjoy making the best of myself – both in terms of grooming and other achievements. I don’t have to have cupcakes or chocolate or whatever, I can equally teach myself to enjoy fruit and vegetables etc. What is the healthiest thing to do is mostly the most enjoyable thing to do once you address any medical issues and get over the addiction to laziness and junk food. Healthiness usually equals attractiveness! Win-win!!

    Why should someone wear heels all the time if they are uncomfortable? Surely they only need be brought out for special occassions? There are attractive and comfortable clothing options for wearing at home: one does not need shapeless and ugly track pants – think fitting leggings and a short tunic top…. It is possible to have one’s cake and eat it too!

    For Awesome my progress at work and ability to understand his world and hold his interest on an intellectual level are very important. That is the way he is.

    Knowing how to pique his interest is empowering and delightful. Knowing he is partly driven by biology rather than religious or other principles does not make me respect him less. Rather, I leverage my knowledge to create sparks and make us both happy!

    So yes – like most of life – a positive attitude contributes to better outcomes.

    :-) C

  6. @Candice, I don’t think earning money is a part of girl game.
    I agree on wearing heels for more special occasions, I tried wearing them shopping one day and had to wear tennis shoes for a week for my poor feet to recover.
    Angeline’s comment was very insightful, I used to spend my Saturdays painting the deck or doing yard work, now I put a pretty outfit on, fix my hair, and dote on my husband in-between laundry and kids. I don’t know how the deck is going to get done, but I’m not going to worry about it.

  7. @Sis

    You are correct, earning money is not girl game. It’s nice and all but way down there on the list of things I think most men are interested in.

    Put it to you like this, I have never had this conversation:

    Friend: I met this cool chick this weekend!
    Me: Yeah? What does she do?
    Friend: She’s an HR manager at Company X Insurance!
    Me: High Five Dude! That is awesome!

    I have had this conversation:

    Friend: I met this cool chick this weekend!
    Me: Yeah? What’s she look like?
    Friend: She’s hot. Her tits were like (hand gesture demonstration), 5 minute conversation on her hotness and appearance ensues.
    Me (half interested): What’s she do?
    Friend: I dunno, she said she works in HR or something.
    Me: Oh.

    You have probably had this conversation with your girlfriends:

    Friend: I met this great guy this weekend!
    You: Oh that’s so great, I’m so happy for you! (frenemy) What’s he do?
    Friend: He’s an engineer at Company X. Yeah, he just got promoted and is heading up this new project team – blah, blah, blah. I think he does really well because he drives an X and he dressed great. He said he just bought a house and was fixing it up, blah, blah, blah.
    You: Wow that’s super! What’s he look like?
    Friend: He’s pretty cute. Blah, blah.

    Personally, I look to see that she is doing ‘something’ with herself and is not a welfare / alimony layabout. Whether she works as a sales girl at a women’s dress shop or is a veterinarian doesn’t matter to me. I have a very busy ‘power’ career with weird hours so it’s preferable to me that she not.

    Here is how I wade through basic screening: (mostly in order)

    1. Does she pass my boner test? No – give one second glance, turn back to what I was doing, itch nuts. Yes (she is about 5’4″-5’8″, thin/slender/athletic, has long hair, I like her look)- Proceed.
    2. Is she bitchy and entitled? Yes – file under ‘for banging only.’ No – Proceed.
    3. Is she feminine? How feminine? Chuck Norris Sans Beard – run evasion subroutine. Average Hard Charging Career Chick (burps/farts in front of me on second date/way into football-cried about Joe Paterno statue) – file under ‘for banging only.’ American Woman (not especially feminine but not too overtly masculine) – continue to monitor. Sweet and Warm – Proceed.
    4. Baggage Check – More than me? Yes – file under ‘for banging only.’ Less than or equal to me – Proceed.
    5. Is she dumb? How dumb? Very – file under ‘for banging only.’ A little – file under ‘cute but silly.’ Not at all – Proceed.
    6. Is she crazy? How crazy? Bunny Boiler – activate evasion subroutine. Crazy but Hot – file under ‘for banging only.’ Average American Level Neurosis – continue to monitor. Appears Normal – continue to monitor.
    7. Morals Check – How Slutty is She? Single Mommy (never married) – mental note, double up on the condoms, make sure to personally dispose of them. Very – mental note, double up on the condoms. Average Empowered Career Chick – mental note, double up on the condoms. Church Going Girl – mental note, triple up on the condoms, expect spontaneous offer of anal by fourth date.
    8. How many pets does she own? More than 2 and they have ‘outfits’ – run evasion subroutine. Two or less – Proceed.
    9. White Glove Inspection – How dirty is her place? Don’t step in the cat poo in the hallway – run evasion subroutine. How do you use a vacuum? – file under ‘for banging only.’ Pretty Clean – continue to monitor. I’d eat off that floor – Proceed.
    10. Can she cook? How well? I’m a Vegetarian – run evasion subroutine. You want me to cook (bitchy look of disbelief)? – run evasion subroutine. How do you set the microwave to 50% power? – file under ‘for banging only.’ She Tries/Does Okay – Proceed.
    11. What does she do when she’s not doing me? Lives off Child Support or Alimony – file under ‘for banging only.’ – mental note – dispose of condoms personally. She has a job doing something or other – Proceed.
    12. Does she have debts? How Much? Never answers phone because of collections calls – run evasion subroutine. Credit Card Junkie – file under ‘for banging only’ Student Loans Out the Wazoo – Is she working? – Yes, Proceed with caution. No – file under ‘for banging only.’ No, lives within her means – Proceed.

    Your Saturday’s sound good.

  8. @SJ

    I don’t think either looks bad, but Hillary is a very cute chick to start with. All in all, I’d vote the second photo as being preferable over the first.

    In all cases, I’ll take long hair, about shoulder blade length to mid back or so, any day of the week.

  9. Second photo vastly better than the first.

  10. Am I the only bloke who finds some short haircuts very sexy?

  11. @Ayrun


    Exceptions made for that woman from Northern Exposure and Tasha Yar,


  12. @Ayrun:

    No, but only a handful of women can pull it off, and if a woman thinks she can but it turns out she’s wrong, it takes a LONG time to get back to a proper length.

  13. @Ayrun,
    A woman’s default should be long-hair. Short hair is a no-go for me.

    However, Catherine Bell does a decent job wearing it somewhat shorter (that’s about as short as I would tolerate on a woman). But then she becomes much more feminine when she has it long.

  14. That’s one thing I detest about english women these days. Even the “used to be attractive” ones go for that horrible, short, mannish bob cut.

    U G L Y !

    Women, when in doubt, let it grow.

  15. Candice – I agree with your comments and approach to all of this. And I agree that being successful/having a good job can be attractive for a woman. Certainly not the only or most important thing, but attractive nonetheless.

  16. Had no idea bangs were so disliked! They’re a personal hassle so I’ve never had them, but I guess not having them is a good thing. I have the plain and simple part in the middle long hairstyle that doesn’t require cutting or maintenance for up to two years at a time.

  17. Regularly Spanked Gal says:

    This is why men shouldn’t talk about hair. There are 30 different kinds of ways to wear bangs. They aren’t all the “straight across the forehead” style you seem to be talking about. (Although considering the number of guys who are into Zooey Deschanel, I’m really not inclined to believe any man who says that he doesn’t like bangs.) When men say they hate bangs, it’s clear most of them don’t know what they are.

    Anyway….I think that most marriages could benefit if both partners did what it takes to attract each other, but there are some lines for me. My hair is my territory. I do enough other stuff just for my husband (I’m betting not a lot of guys here wax the south garden regularly) that I’m willing to take a hit to wear my hair however the hell I want.

  18. “@Candice, I don’t think earning money is a part of girl game”

    Our current society has definitely made earning money part of girl game if you are single and looking for long-term commitment with a red pill aware man. It doesn’t matter if all you are looking for is sex. Within a marriage, it is a little more nuanced, but Athol has covered it best here:

    I am no longer willing to commit to anyone that cannot afford to match my lifestyle. I have been married once to someone that earned much less than me (SAHM). I paid for everything by working hard and the sacrifices I made to do that were not appreciated. Then half was taken from me in the divorce. I still have children to raise and spousal support payments to my ex, so now I cannot afford to subsidize anyone else. She will have to be able to pay her own way in a committed relationship. Never-married guys would be stupid to put themselves in the position I put myself in, and more and more of them see it every day. My sons, my friends’ sons, and my neighbours’ sons are all being told to make sure that IF they marry, make sure it is to someone with a career path and proven earning potential. The risks and damage of divorce are too great otherwise.

    Also, upping your girl game is not about making it into an either/or situation. You can be the type of woman that both puts a pretty outfit on, fixes her hair, and dotes on her husband AND the type of woman that can paint the deck. They are not mutually exclusive and both are attractive traits in a relationship. You just need to be aware of what increases your value in his eyes. Take it from me, having a pretty, doting wife that can’t or won’t help out elsewhere lowers her value almost as much as gaining weight and wearing sweats all the time does.

  19. JCclimber says:

    I would agree with your comment. My wife is a SAHM (can’t homeschool if someone isn’t home), but if she weren’t a seriously committed Christian, I wouldn’t have considered marrying her for more than 0.0002 seconds.

    In fact, I question the wisdom and intelligence of ANY man who gets married in America today, if they aren’t doing it for religious reasons.

  20. RedPillNewb says:

    I remember casually telling my (future) wife that I liked long hair, and she didnt’ cut it again util it was down to her butt, and even then only trimmed the spit ends. ROWWRRR!

    And I loved it when my wife was a SAHM. Nice meals, never worried about doctor’s appointments, kids being raised by mom instead of a stranger. She hated it though, and her income does take pressure off of me, so I live with it. Eventually I want us working together, because we’re a hell of a team.

  21. enlightened1 says:

    What exactly IS your definition of “a religious reason to get married?” I’m not being obtuse, I just can’t remember. Seriously. Don’t get fooled by my ‘handle name’. It’s not a comparison to others, it’s a comparison to where I was!

  22. @enlightened1

    You and your beloved bride to be are devout members since birth of the following:

    Hardcore Eastern Orthodox
    Really, really, really old school Catholic
    Orthodox Jewish
    Charles Manson follower.
    Things like that.

    Everything else is just window dressing to distract you. Do not be deceived. When you get married at the run of the mill suburban mega-church, it’s just for show. The church isn’t going to preside over your divorce or decide anything about it. Your friendly family court will.

    There might be a council of church elders and the most they’ll do is kick you out of the church. Yawn. So you’ll have to stroll down the street to the next one. A far cry from Amish shunning or other faiths that tend to handle these things “in-house” so to speak.

    All other churches ceded marriage and divorce powers to the state by early last century. You can have a church wedding all you want, but until you cough up the cash for your license/legal contract with the state, you aren’t married. Same goes for divorce.

    Now if you have a personal religious conviction that compels you to get married before having sex and what not, that’s up to you, I would only offer the advice that you make sure your bride has the same belief and has stuck to it. No born again virgin nonsense.

  23. @Draggin

    You bring up a very good point. In my earlier post with my tongue in cheek list, I’m basically listing out girlfriend initial screeners. I’m not personally interested in her earning potential.

    You mention in your post that a pretty wife who doesn’t do shit else around the place starts to be baggage. I agree. If you elevate a woman to the position of wife, there should come an increase in her responsibilities as well. Shoulda, woulda, coulda though.

    I don’t know you would explain that to these darn kids today. Arrgghhh – get off my lawn!

  24. I'm a man says:

    @JCclimber “In fact, I question the wisdom and intelligence of ANY man who gets married in America today, if they aren’t doing it for religious reasons.”

    Not if your attempting to avoid divorce, christian divorce rates are higher than the atheist divorce rate.

  25. Off The Grid says:

    Kudos to ZLX1 I loved your girlfriend selection criteria list.

  26. Beeping Slooty says:

    A few years ago I made the mistake of cutting my medium-long hair into a dramatic short new ‘do. What a mistake. It took a good long time to grow it out and I won’t make that mistake again! There is a product called Hair Formula 37 – you can find it easily enough with a Google search. It worked really well for me to increase my hair’s growth. I hope I’m not violating the house rules by posting info about a commercial product here. It’s a good product and worked well for me. (I just used the vitamins and amino acids – not the shampoo or styling products.)

    Jennifer, I feel your pain on the bangs! Have faith – take the HF37 stuff and invest in a few hairbands. In a few months you’ll be so glad you grew them out!

  27. enlightened1 says:

    Thanks for the reply ZLX1.And laughed myself silly over the ‘girlfriend selection process”. I appreciate the answer and I understand the hard core ones but JCclimber said, “In fact, I question the wisdom and intelligence of ANY man who gets married in America today, if they aren’t doing it for religious reasons.” What would THOSE religious reasons be? He said he wouldn’t have considered his own wife if she weren’t a ‘seriously committed christian.” So…JC?

  28. I’ve grown bored with my hair lately (curly, dark brown, just above my bra strap) and have contemplated at least cutting bangs. Went to a family gathering last weekend and my 18 year old daughter just cut her long hair into a chin-length bob. Sigh. She’s my child and she’s beautiful, but she doesn’t feel good about herself right now, and I think the short hair made it worse. My mom and aunt (both with short hair) were going on and on about how cute it is, and how I should at least cut bangs in mine. I was so tempted. I even made a salon appointment for next week.

    Then I read this post today and the angst of growing out short hair from my childhood just came back in waves, and I’m over it. Lol. No bangs for this girl.

  29. I think the male corollary woman’s hair is facial hair. If you’re Hillary Duff, Zoe Deschanel or Jordana Brewster ( you can probably pull off whatever hairstyle you’d like. Likewise if you’re Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp you can probably pull off a soul patch. You’re probably not Hillary Duff, and I’m definitely not Brad Pitt – if I grow a soul patch I just look like a giant douche.

    Sometimes I wonder if hot women purposely (or at least subconsciously) wear ridiculous hair styles and clothing just to show off that they can do everything possible to degrade their natural beauty and men will still want to fuck them.

  30. @Excess

    But then you win! Chicks love douches and UNICORNS!!!

    Ultra hot women and uncommonly handsome men can get away with a lot of stuff and people just assume the hot person is “doing it right” and suddenly everyone else is dressing or wearing their hair wrong.

  31. I think one of the reasons some people have a very strong negative reaction to some of your behaviours is that people have different love languages. (Or, in your words different “beta attraction needs”.) You seem to regularly say things to Jennifer that would be beta napalm to another woman, but since Jennifer’s beta attraction primarily comes from acts of service, you can get away with that kind of thing as long as you show you care through your actions. A different woman would lose all interest in receiving acts of service, or anything else, from a man who teased her about the look she was growing out for his viewing pleasure. Neither is right or wrong. Attraction, for the most part, is not controllable. But I guess this explains how misinterpretations could happen.

  32. Joe Commenter says:

    RE: woman’s earning potential. This is a huge factor in my female attraction ranking matrix. I have nothing against SAHM’s, They really are the best way to raise kids but I decided a long time ago that I would never support one. So even tho I might have good rapport and attraction w/ the Applebees waitress, it’s a no go for LTR w/ her.

    RE: Short Hair. I grew up in the 1980’s. For me, my wife’s short-ish hair brings back memories of drinking cheap gin, smoking too much, dancing to Billy Idol and the Clash and getting busy in my college twin bed. My wife was a virgin then, but the short do gave her a nice slutty look. I still like that short hair slutty or goth look on the women.

  33. @kryssie – you also have to remember I’m endlessly talking about tone of voice and playfullness too.

    I also did apologize for that one. Immediately. I do hit the mark and make her laugh a great deal through.

  34. @kryssie:”A different woman would lose all interest in receiving acts of service, or anything else, from a man who teased her about the look she was growing out for his viewing pleasure.” If all it really took to kill a woman’s feelings for a man was some teasing she didn’t like, or him saying something else that pissed her off, then that relationship is doomed anyway. Sooner or later, being human, he’s going to say something she doesn’t like and that’ll The End; next stop, divorce court.

    Note I’m not talking about a long-standing pattern of saying hurtful things, that would kill loving feelings after many years; I’m talking about the occasional dumb things that come out of our mouths that only afterward we realize we really shouldn’t have said, or that were taken the wrong way.

  35. Long hair on women is a sign of reproductive health. There is no way around the fact that it is universally attractive to men. Earning power has no impact on attraction so it ends up being a personal preference thing. My preference is to let some over shlub deal with the power career women. I’ll take sweet and nurturing any day instead.

  36. Long hair would also be a sign of reproductive health in a man as well, men wore it long for centuries. That said, I love me a cute bob on a lady. Gorgeous! -Male POV

  37. RedPillNewb says:

    Ayrun, you are of course entitled to your taste, and I have not desire to change it, but you have said 1) you like middle aged ladies, 2) with short hair 3) who don’t give BJ’s. That means you will be operating in a buyer’s market (lucky you!), but it doesn’t necessarily make great advice for a woman targeting the average man.

  38. I’m amazed at the bang-hatin’ going on here. I love girls with bangs. In fact, I’d say that almost ANY girl will look better with bangs (but, I live in Japan and I’m surrounded by cute ladies with bangs, so I admit to being biased and possibly brainwashed.) It is almost impossible to mess up long hair + bangs. The first Hillary Duff picture is much better, the long, sideswept bangs thing is too close to “dramatic teenage emo” territory.

    The reason why bangs rock is that it makes women look younger. This is a good thing. Covering the forehead makes a girl’s face look softer and more balanced. Hair styles that show off a lot of forehead make you look old.

    In other words, more forehead = old woman, less forehead = cute and sexy.

  39. Joe Commenter says:

    TP: In abstract a womans earning power makes no difference in attraction. But in the real world, my wife bringing in as much cash as I do is a huge attraction plus factor. She can afford good make-up, good hair, good clothes, can afford the deluxe gym membership. Because she works I can retire 10 years earlier than otherwise. When we are retired she can spend all day attending to the captains needs. How is that not attractive?

    Now of course when we met, neither she or I made much money. At that time, I just knew that she was good looking and got good grades in college. I had no interest in a LTR with a dummy.

    Women do not have to be power hogs to be successful in the corporate or government world. Sure at the highest levels the females need to be more assertive and driven. My wife is not in management. She is a knowledge worker. Confident and good at work, but sweet and slutty at home. We all have our pref’s, but I cannot understand how anyone could see competence and common sense (as reflected thru earning power) as not attractive.

    I am not here to say that SAHM is unworthy or un-attractive. I just assert that everything else being equal, earning power is a big plus for attraction.

  40. LOL Athol, I didn’t realize you quoted my comment. Oy. Cupcakes. FYI for the folks who seemed to have missed it, I don’t and never have existed on a diet of cupcakes and Twinkies, I was saying sacrifices have to be made on both sides to remain attractive to each other. All the debate here about long hair or short, high-powered career or not, make little difference if *your* mate isn’t attracted by it. Of course, if your mate outright asks you, sack up and tell the truth. You can’t be angry about the pixie cut if you told her it was cute.

    But truth is in short supply all around when it comes to what the opposite gender likes. We think because we have all the internets at our disposal, that all that info is good. That if a PhD says it, it must be so. Hell, even “Dr.” Phil managed that, and he is just full of tripe and nonsense. The fem-centered, retail-oriented women’s magazines and TV constantly push the message “he should just love you for YOU! He “should” (always be wary of shoulds) be more enlightened than to enjoy looking at and touching his woman unencumbered by 50 extra pounds. But: cupcakes! I wants them! Waaaaa!

    Even if they dare to try to tell us what men want, they fail at that, because they don’t ask men in an environment where they’ll get real answers. Plus, truth doesn’t sell Manolo shoes or “investment” handbags that cost a house payment. Or styling products for short hair.

    Which is the flip side of OpenYourMind’s sad lament that he couldn’t just be himself, he has to do stuff. Waaa!
    Welcome to the Red Pill, which simply means none of us can rest on our laurels.

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