Unleashing Your Inner Bitch

An old saying that I just made up is “Scratch a lady, find a whore.”

Most married women try pretty hard to be good girls and squish down the simmering primal desires inside of them. In reality, about 60% of the time the Rationalization Hamster is doing things like convincing them to not put a toddler down for a nap by way of a choke hold. 30% of the time it’s trying to figure out what’s for dinner. Only 10% of the time is it trying to figure out how to get some other dude’s semen without being caught by their husband. So relax, it’s really not as bad as you think.

So without further ado ladies, put your hamsters in neutral, relax, sit back and live your primal impulses out vicariously for the next two minutes through ascended master Lois Griffin.  (NSFW)


…I’m not saying add the whole Lois Griffin to your personality, because that two minutes was nothing but her moments of being Batshit Crazy from ten seasons of Family Guy. But she is kinda hot, and if you can admit to yourself you actually enjoyed watching it, maybe you should let your hair down just a little more.

If you wanna know why your husband isn’t paying attention to you, maybe it’s because you’re a little boring. If you’re a total pushover for him, actually testing him a little can be kinda fun for both of you. It’s all about finding the balance. Mixing the Alpha fun and sexy play with the Beta comfort of home and hearth. Always balance.

Unless of course some bitch is putting moves on your man…

Jennifer:  We’re not all high strung drama queens. This is something I’ve had to work on. Some of it is just standing up for yourself and some of it is actually demanding what you want. I’m a stronger person overall these days.


  1. Was this post really relevant considering how over-entitled and bitchy most women now are?

  2. @Alpha Mission – is your comment really relevant considering how you don’t even notice non-bitchy women?

  3. So that was you watching all the women I did and didn’t notice. I know you found a good woman, and I know some are out there, but don’t think I haven’t been looking

  4. @AlphaMission You simply don’t understand how much of a personal issue this has been for Jennifer and myself.


    The forum has a ton of women who are exactly the types who can learn from this post.

  5. Oh, Athol. You are hysterical. Yes, if the kids are alive when you guys get home know we did our best.

    I’m pretty low maintenance, but I give dh enough run for his money that I don’t have to add any bitchiness. I wish I did.

  6. I can see what you mean. I imagine there are many married women who don’t embrace their sexuality, even after getting married. I remember you did a really good post about that not too long ago.

  7. @Alpha Mission; you know why so many guys get into relationships with, and often marry, Batshit Crazy women? It’s because such women are often quite passionate in the bedroom (and often out of it too, in a fun way), and guys really like that. It’s only after years of marriage that the passion tends to fade and just the Batshit Crazy is left.

    Not all sexually passionate women are Batshit Crazy of course, but the two generally do go together.

  8. all women have an inner bitch.

  9. Joe Commenter says:

    Athol, what’s the difference between bitchiness and fitness testing? I have never met a woman who does not fitness test early and often.

    To me there is an important distinction between assertiveness and bitchiness. Bitchiness is usually passive aggressive behavior that is vastly annoying and corrosive to a relationship. Assertiveness is knowing what you want and letting people know that. Assertiveness is generally positive IMHO. Assertiveness gets issues into the open where they can be resolved. I am all for more assertiveness. You can keep the bitchiness.

  10. Differences between bitchy and assertive:

    Hey Tina! So glad you could make it today! I know you had to be a little rushed to get here. *hugs* **in a lower voice** Sweetie, you have something stuck to your shoe you might want to take care of.

    Well, look who’s five minutes late and doing her best mummy impression. Glad you decided to join us today.

    Does that help?

  11. I’m reasonably assertive, but very low drama. This post makes me think that a small amount of well-placed drama could lead to some good old-fashioned fun.


  12. I’ve never watched Family Guy, and having seen this I’m glad. It looks absolutely ghastly.

    I think though that if your husband doesn’t find you interesting as you are, having to pretend to be something you are not would be a bit depressing. There must have been something about you that interested him in the first place, otherwise why did he marry you after all?

  13. @Louise: are you serious? Pretending to be something that you’re not would be depressing? The best writers of the manosphere have rightly told men they need to change themselves. Changes that are very strange and alien, but eventually transform the man. You’re telling me you’re not willing to make any changes? Its not men alone that need to change.

  14. @Louise – Consider that marrying you was exciting and fun for him and that being married to you is less so.

    It’s not about turning into a wild and crazy lady, just adding a touch of it here and there.

  15. MadnyClark says:

    Thanks, Athol! Exactly what I needed!


  1. […] If you want the perfect setting for the Rationalization Hamster for a Red Pill woman, it’s pretty easy to figure out. Everything and anything goes sexually inside the relationship, nothing goes outside the relationship. You can get to that setting starting from either the slutty side of the equation, or from the good girl side of the equation. But it’s not an easy or overnight route for either one though. That’s why I’ve done posts encouraging the good girls adding some bitch. […]

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