Favorite MMSL Rules and Wisdom

Over the years I’ve written an massive amount of content, some of which have been “rules” of various sorts. I’m considering putting together a “short and sweet” rule book. Might make a nice Christmas gift sort of thing.

So, just wondering what everyone’s favorite rules / most critical MMSL nuggets of wisdom are.

And damned if I can think of a title lol. Help!


  1. DC Al Fine says:

    The two week rule. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it goes something like this:
    Never let any strange behavior of your wife’s go more than two weeks without getting to the bottom of it.

  2. Alpha/Beta isn’t quite right. It’s more like Alpha/Beta/Physical fitness.

  3. I was talking with my dad about some of this stuff and he said he knew about it all along. To which I ask “Why didn’t you tell me?” He is more of the you should experience it type advice. That’s fine if you have a lot of time or have lots of experience. This stuff shortcuts the experience timeframe.

    How about “Stuff Your Father Should Have Told You” or something along those lines as a title?

  4. I’m not sure how you’d make it into a short and sweet ‘rule’ per se, but your entire post about duty sex and ‘half the sex you have is below average by definition’ was a life changer.

  5. Well #1 has to be, if too beta add more alpha; if too alpha add more beta. Then of course explain that you need both and solution isn’t to end either, just balance. I’ve only known of you for a week or so, but have tried to read through as many posts as possible. So far it really is helping. As a wife, I knew my husband was trying but wasn’t quite getting it. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so this was god send. Finally I could tell him what I wanted. He’s very alpha in stance (a Marine, his big broad shoulders were what got me, he also is muscular whether or not he’s working out, very high leadership qualities, even asked me out in a very alpha way by telling me he’d take me to homecoming when I mentioned I didn’t have a date lol, etc.) but is a softie which is great as he is very snuggly (which means jumping into sex is really easy and natural b/c we touch so much) and helps out around he house a lot as well as an amazing father but it wasn’t being match by the alpha I fell in love with. So much advice out there is all about beta bull crap- I love that he’s not an oaf who won’t change a diaper but it isn’t the biggest panty dropper. In today’s culture, men are so discouraged from being men. It’s really sad b/c that can really be a wonderful thing. So I guess #2 rule would be don’t be afraid to man up. Oh and do a freaking book tour- I bet you could swing it as a family vacation and bring the whole family on the publisher’s dime:)

    I am the publisher lol. Stop giving my wife ideas! :-)

  6. “Rules You can *REALLY* Use”

    “Maxims for the Manly Mounting of Marriage”

    “Get These – and Get What You Need”

    “New Rulez – Screw the Old Rules”

    “Marriage can be Tight! Learn the REAL Rulez”

    “Quick Tips to Get It Going On”

  7. Pay attention to what she does, not what she says. Also seconding the two week rule.

  8. What Feminists Don’t want you to know.

  9. The Second Date Rule.

    “if I just saw behavior like that on the second date, would I have ever had a third date with this person?”

    It’s quick, it’s tailored to everyone’s individual tolerance, and there is almost no gray area.

    Call the book “Wearing the Pants: 101 Rules to Get Her Out of Them.”

  10. Re name:
    I really like @The Dude ‘s suggestion
    maybe “Rules your dad should have told you” or “Rules your Alpha Dad should have told you”

    On that theme, I thought of the investment books “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” He has a investment savvy best friends dad that coachs him on business and investing instead of taking advice of his well educated dad who says get a good education and a good job.
    So what about “ALPHA DAD, BETA DAD – rules for being an integrated male” then you can have wisdoms from both camps… i.e.. ‘Alpha dad says: blah blah blah… Beta Dad says; blah blah blah…”
    -or “Rules of the Married Man Game”

    sounds like a good book idea….
    Around Xmas you see lots of little books like that, so it could be great! and it could be an interesting door opening marketing tool. I have a hard time broaching the subject of MMSL with my guy friends, so if something like this is a little cheap gift thing that can easily be given out, it can be a good ice breaker, and then if they are intriegued of course there is info on how to get the full scale books.

  11. I officially love this idea.

    Title can be decided later — I personally like “Uncle Athol’s Proverbs of Poon”, but that’s a marketing decision. But here are a few that stand codification:

    “Masculinity attracts femininity”
    “She’s never going to give you permission to lead”
    “Pay attention to what she does, not what she says”
    “Quite being afraid of your wife”
    “Wives are fungible”
    “Beta for show, Alpha for dough”

    And so forth. Let me know if you need help.

  12. Everything you think you know about women is wrong.

  13. Milf_in_Training says:

    My favorite rule:

    Be the type of person your spouse would have an affair with.

    Also I love the 70% rule: 70% of all sex variations won’t work for you.

    If the book is for women too: Never stop being his girlfriend

  14. -The Second Date Rule
    -The Two-Week Rule
    -“If you’re in good health and not doing it at least twice a week, your marriage is not where it should be”
    -The princess Fiona and donkey treatment – women who are worth the investment _and have shown the right behavior_ get special treatment from you, regular dates or women you’re not dating don’t get vagina passes to the front of your favor line (btw a good way of getting around the tone of some of the other Manosphere writers who eschew any long-term investment in a woman)
    -Get in shape (this is the attraction lever that married, job-bound men can most easily burnish in a fairly short amount of time without destabilizing the relationship to get there in the first place)
    -The test (the core idea is that you WILL become more attractive, and that WILL test your character in a situation you best be prepared to deal with before you do something you regret)
    -Not getting married is the default
    -You should expect a sex life as a part of marriage

    LOVE that alpha dad/beta dad idea…a dialogue is a great context to show the benefits and shortcomings of each side of the male personality.

  15. The Dirty Dad’s Advice For Sons ?

  16. I’m kinda leaning toward “The Two Week Rule” with a subtitle. I think the two week rule is the most popular rule, mentioned here and on the forum.

  17. “Alpha Rules and Beta Rocks – the quick guide”

  18. I don’t think you’ve ever formally said it, but…

    A successful marriage should provide more, and higher quality, sex than any PUA artist gets. Quite aside from the other 23.5 hours of the day.

  19. senior Beta says:

    16 Commandments of Married Poon?

  20. Phew. It’s about 228 rules so far…

  21. How about:

    The Birds and the Bees – Matrix Edition

  22. @MikeM – “Quite aside from the other 23.5 hours of the day.” 30min?!? I sure hope that’s not including foreplay…

  23. @Athol RE: Title

    If you get up to 365/6 rules, you can call it the “Rule-a-day Married Man’s Guide” or something similar. It’s much easier to remember one a day than all at once :)

    Or you can call it simply “The Essential Married Man Sex Life” like it’s a CD. You know, “The Definitive Collection” or “Greatest Hits” or similar things that bands call their awesome-est songs together on a CD.

  24. AlmostAnonymous says:

    Careful with the titles, there was one from a few years back called “What Your Mother Couldn’t Tell You and Your Father Didn’t Know” by John Gray.

    On the other hand, “What your Father didn’t tell you and your Mother didn’t know” might be a perfectly appropriate title.

  25. This advice I liked: if you’re only going to get sex once this month in return for a hundred hours of domestic service, you may as well take the month off and see what happens.

  26. Not sure the direction you want to take the project, but my wife has been actively looking to up her game since my improvements. Asked what she could do better I had one simply answer: “Laid, Trayed, and Maid”. That was a month ago, since then I get a gourmet meal every night (with leftovers for lunch the next day), sex 5-6 times a week, and a noticably cleaner house. If you or Jennifer ever does a MWSL/Primer, I recommend those three words become the catchphrase.

  27. @Shawn OMG I forgot the Laid, Trayed and Maid line.

  28. 1. Get in Shape.
    2. Dress one level better than you have to for any environment. Learn what that means if necessary.
    2b. Corollary: Personal Hygiene – trim the nails and the nose hairs, comb the hair, keep it cut short, etc…
    3. Make as much money as you can without giving up the rest of your life.

    These two have always struck me as the easiest to do, don’t require relearning interpersonal behavior, and have general positive results beyond relationships.

    I’ll be advising (requiring?) my son to:
    1. Learn to play the guitar… Keep playing forever.
    2. Participate in sports… Stay in shape for life.
    3. Learn to shoot, kill things, and eat them. Own (a) gun(s) (legally) and get a permit to carry concealed. Safety is paramount, of course, but make it clear to the ladies that he will continue to own guns, shoot them, kill things and eat them regardless of relationship status.
    4. Learn to ride a motorcycle, own one, make it clear to ladies that he will continue to ride it regardless of relationship status.
    5. Join the Marines, do one enlistment (as a poge, learn a skill), then switch to Air National Guard, get a commission… make it clear to the ladies that he will be doing a full career, regardless of relationship status.
    6. Avoid debt, have the military pay for his education, make a living doing something that is relatively independent of the rest of the economy or the government (ie, skills that kept Nazi prisoners alive). Being a general surgeon or an aviation mechanic would be up at the top of the list.
    7. Don’t get married unless he wants kids. Don’t have kids unless he’s married. Prenuptial (I’ll be the excuse: neither he nor his future wife nor his kids will be in my will unless they get a pre-nup).
    8. Always dress a little better than he has to.

  29. Do you have a post about what it looks like for a wife to back off and let her husband alpha-up? DH is becoming stronger in our conversations but I feel caught in the horrible no-mans-land where smiling and encouraging him seems to lead to complacency (like:whew! I figgered it out!), but the alternative (which keeps it forefront in his mind) is a seriousness and reserve on my part that is not my natural self. I’m still reading the archives and the book so if help is there, I’ll eventually find it. :) Not giving up.

  30. FlyingDutchman says:

    I’m a little late here, but 2 of my personal favorite bits of wisdom from MMSL are:

    1. Stop trying to make her happy, make her attracted.
    2. What women say that want, and what they respond are not the same thing.

  31. Rod Freeman says:

    Good idea for a book… suggested title “FAQ The Rules” or “FAQ Rules” :)
    Rule #1 – Stay in shape.
    Rule #2 – Refuse to lose your temper. Ever.
    Rule #3 – Become immune to emotional manipulation.
    Rule #4 – Internalize self confidence and know how to develop it in your life.

  32. Late to the party but…one of my favorite rules:

    Don’t use the same sex position 2 nights in a row.

  33. And, of course,
    Variety is the Spice of Wife.

  34. Thought of another one:

    Buy you own clothes.

    Most men have their wives shop for them because a) they are lazy, b) they dont care what they look like, and c) if they pick something wrong they’ll hear about it. Buying your own clothes is a significant statement that you are your own man and not an additional child your wife cares for. It also helps you dress better since you are invested in the process and prevents your wife from picking out bad things (consciencely or unconsciencely) once you start making progress and she begins resisting.

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