Why Crazy Bitches Are So Good In Bed

So why are crazy bitches so hot in bed?

The probably surprising answer to most long term readers, is that crazy bitches don’t have much of a Rationalization Hamster, and that’s why they’re so hot in bed.

Confused? Let me explain…

The bits and pieces powering your sex drive, are all based in your Body Agenda. More particularly it’s based in the Limbic System which you have no conscious control over. Your Body Agenda is essentially always on, and has a fairly minimal moral compass beyond trying to ensure it’s immediate social group survives and thrives. The more thoughtful morality center is based in the more rational thinking part of the brain – the Neo-Cortex. Depending on your upbringing we all have an internal monologue voiced by some combination of Christopher Hitchens and Church Lady. (Shame on you and isn’t that special.)

So in reality, the majority of the time, the Rationalization Hamster is actually thinking up reasons to not follow our baser instincts, and thus be well behaved. So when you find out some guy has been putting the moves on your girl, it’s actually your Rationalization Hamster overriding your Body Agenda and telling you to be cool and not get into a physical dust up. That’s how you get either seriously injured or jailed, be cool dude, be cool. On a biological level though, you just want to fuck him up.

For women, the overwhelming majority of the time, their Rationalization Hamster is absolutely telling them to play it cool. Don’t be slutty, don’t have a high partner count, don’t be a stripper, don’t appear in porn, don’t wear too revealing clothing, don’t drink that, don’t drive too fast, don’t color outside the lines, be on time, be nice, smile at everyone, be home by 10, don’t fart until after you’re married.

What happens for the more naturally Beta women, is that by over-thinking things, and having too strong of a Rationalization Hamster, they can actually inhibit their sex drive and sexual performance. Don’t show outwardly that you have sexual impulses, play it safe, don’t make too much noise, orgasming too well makes you look slutty, don’t have too many moves, nice girls don’t do that, you whore that’s where poop comes out.

Crazy chicks though, simply can’t muster up the mental rigor to act as any sort of inhibition on their sex drive. If the Neo-Cortex is all whack-a-do, or periodically just switches completely off, instead of some sense of control over her sex drive, you get full force Body Agenda at work. Deep down all women love sex, but with crazy bitches there is no “deep down”, it’s all up on the surface, laid bare for all to see. Body Agenda is a fickle friend and it’s moods and interests run hot and cold from moment to moment. This is why crazy bitches are suddenly hot to trot and then absolutely not trotting anywhere but out the door.

Now when mentally normal women end up having sex, or seeking to avoid sex, their Neo-Cortex is engaged and they will come up with reasons to justify their actions. He’s my husband, we’re engaged now, I met his mother so he’s actually serious about me, if I don’t put out now I’m going to lose this really great guy. Thus when a non-crazy woman decides to cheat on her husband who is a great guy and nice to her and the kids, the rationalizations required to undo all her prior thoughts of morality and justify doing something evil, take quite a lot of mental effort. There’s almost a personality de-programming that takes place as she unpicks all the old rationalizations to be a good girl, and replaces them with ones that say cheating on her husband is okay for her in this particular circumstance. Men do the exact same things too. The Body Agenda wants to bang someone inappropriate and leans all over the Neo-Cortex to agree. Eventually the Neo-Cortex finds some BS way of agreeing with the Body Agenda. Along with the dopamine effect from exposure to the lover, this is why people in the middle of affairs have an almost total personality change.

That unpicking of the old morality codes is one of the reasons that previously “mild housewives” turn into “raging cockwhores” during an affair. The “be a good girl” rules are all intertwined with one another, once one breaks, most of them will shatter too. Pretty much any woman that’s had an affair is going to be potentially more open to much wilder sexual activity in the aftermath. It all depends on if she was caught and if so, how the morality restructuring went afterwards. Typically though, once a cheater, always a cheater… unless you can point to a very clear rebuilding of commitment and an acute sense of having done wrong.

If you want the perfect setting for the Rationalization Hamster for a Red Pill woman, it’s pretty easy to figure out. Everything and anything goes sexually inside the relationship, nothing goes outside the relationship. You can get to that setting starting from either the slutty side of the equation, or from the good girl side of the equation. But it’s not an easy or overnight route for either one though. That’s why I’ve done posts encouraging the good girls adding some bitch.

Crazy bitches though can’t ever really reform because they can’t keep a thought together for more than two seconds. They just live in a sort of endless “Running of the Bulls…”

…starring as the bull.


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Getting Boys To Clean Their Room

Asked on the forum… “How do you get boys to clean up after themselves, or clean their room?”

Well the old behavioral standard is that you “can’t beat food or sex” for motivation. So obviously mom will use food for motivating the kids… I’ll cover using sex as a motivator on the husband some other time lol. Then we’ll see if the guys can handle the real Red Pill stuff I can teach the ladies lol.

So anyway…

Boys like food.

Room tidy routine, with clearly defining “what is clean” (nothing on the floor, bed made, clothes in hamper, whatever you decide)

Clean room = Mom’s special cupcakes / banana bread / muffins / doughnuts / whatever

Not clean room = watch your brothers eat mom’s special cupcakes / whatever


Slice off a “big piece for daddy” and throw the remainder of the baked goods into the trash.  This makes it a time sensitive offer. They can’t be brats and then ride it out and get cake later on in the day or tomorrow. If they missed out, they covet their dads piece, consider the possibility of theft, yet fear the results. If they fail the first day out, repeat it daily until they “win”.


2pm “Cleaning frenzy announced” Oven on. And get baking.

3pm Room check and reward.

330pm  Slice for daddy… throw remainder in the trash. Ignore howling if they fail. Just let their tears nourish your spirit.

Do random cleaning frenzies. It makes it more effective.

My bet is after a few times, you’ll be asked “Mommy, can we play the room cleaning game today?”

Jennifer: I vote for giving the leftovers that non-cleaning kids are not getting to the neighbor/work/etc instead of the trash can lol…

To Baldly Go

Asked in the First Officer section of the forum…

WideAwake:  So, I have the typical “male pattern baldness” and for the past several years have just kept my hair trimmed very short (like a #1 clipper).

I’ve been toying with shaving my head completely – but that is a big step (even though it would grow back in about a week or two).  I’m 6-2, 230 (still losing weight, will get to 200), muscular but not ripped (working on this too) and have a decent looking head and tan.  I’m 44.   Ladies – do you prefer a very short haircut with brown and grey hair or should I just go for it and shave it?

My wife has hinted at me shaving it…   Your thoughts?

Athol:    “My wife has hinted at me shaving it… “

Sorry, just couldn’t resist!

And yeah, shaving it off is just fine.

Jennifer:  I miss the weekly ritual of shaving Athol’s head, but I can’t stop touching his head now he’s shaved.