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I spend approximately four hours every day answering email and offering free advice.

That free advice has to be free, because the state of Connecticut has made it plain that any kind of 1:1 paid advice I’m giving requires a marriage counseling license. Yeah I could get away with being a “dating coach”, but I don’t really feel very dating coach-like when so obviously I care about marriages.

The other option is to claim everything I say is completely ineffective at helping people and is simply for entertainment, but that’s all a little bit like standing in waders, covered in lures and baiting a hook and claiming I’m not actually there to catch fish, because I have no fishing skill whatsoever and am doing it all for entertainment. Yeah right.

I can still write and speak though. First amendment and all that. Phew. Working on it.

Anyway, the forum is growing faster than my erection when Jennifer bends over, and it’s about to get a bit more expensive. I mean the forum is going to get more expensive… well I guess if you count the kids, Jennifer bending over is pretty expensive too. It’s a sort of no money down scam she runs I think.

Anyway… forum, grow oh so big Mr Kay, needs to be self-supporting…

So I now have a sort of Mega Affiliate program thing happening through Viglink and I have a static “Support” page set up here and in the menu under the header. Clicking on any of the links below gets me a slice of the pie when you buy something. So if you can that would be helpful.  There’s more I can add, if you have someone you regularly buy from not on the list below, message me and see if I can add it.



Mass Merchant –    Sears

Clothes –    Nike

Computers / Electronics –    Newegg

Adult –

Home Improvement –

House Wares –

Travel –

Food / Drug –

Office Supplies –


  1. Joe_Commenter says:

    I am all for supporting your work at MMSL. W/ the VIGLINK, let’s say I want to buy something from target to help you get money. Do I have to sign up for an account thru VIGLINK? i apologize for the “DUH” nature of the question, but I do not do very much online….anything.

    Say you want to buy something at Clicking on the Target link on MMSL means when you get there and buy something, Target pays a small percentage to Viglink and they forward it to me. That’s all you need to do.

  2. Speaking of supporting Athol, I’ve been saying I’m going to buy the books and give them to friends who might get use out of them. Any tips for slipping them the volume and introducing it subtly? My regular manosphere pitch of “you’ve been lied to and this guy will fucking save your sex life!!” is a bit strong for some of your prospective followers.

  3. If they haven’t bought your book, ask them to. Product promotion is “fair”. If they have bought your book, then you need to make up some additional semi-helpful download. Assemble your emails into a “Best of Athol Kay” 50 page e-book. People do not like mooching for the most part. What you need is some sort of additional product that you don’t push on-site(because it is overpriced, but made for people you have personally helped and who want to contribute more, People who won’t donate “for nothing” will “buy” something that is overpriced in order to feel like they haven’t mooched your time.

    This obviously can and should be polished and thought about more, and I’m sure there are articles on how to do this “right”.

  4. 4 Hours of free advice every day? WOW that’s a lot!
    Isn’t there some other title you could have besides the “entertainment” one? How about life coach? Motivational Speaker? Sex coach? I don’t know, it seems that there should be SOME kind of work-around here…

    I order stuff from amazon pretty much weekly. I shall click click away!

  5. What about the amazon sites that don’t end with .com (I’m in France right now so I’d order via…) Do they count, too?

  6. Yep, put Amazon UK there and I’m buying.

  7. Another vote for Amazon UK – also, none of those links in the post actually ARE links. These days 90% of my shopping comes from Amazon UK. Also, perhaps (a UK/US equivalent to

    The links fail in the feed.

  8. What Badger said. I’d be a mailbox-stuffin’ fool if I had a way to send anonymously, or a pitch that won’t come across as offensive.

    And please check out Very cool company located here in the ATL, check out their videos of how the use technology and creative design to not only be proftiable, but be green and keep jobs in the USA.

  9. I don’t often order stuff online, but next time I do, I’ll definitely go through your links. God knows how much of your bandwidth I’m wasting goofing off at 3am :P

    P.S. Thanks for the blogroll love!

  10. Added and should in theory work, but no link popping up.

  11. RedPillAwakening says:

    I’ll def. go through you from now on when I order through Amazon or travelocity. Cool that you have NewEgg.. what about adding TigerDirect too? I plan to order my next PC through them and I would like it for you go get a cut.

  12. is a big one for us. Does it matter that we already have an account with these vendors when we click through to buy something? Hope this works for you!

  13. When is the 2012 edition of the Primer coming out? I bought the .pdf last time, but I’m thinking I want a paperback of the new version.


  14. I run several blogs and while you’ve got a winner in your books, I have seen blogs that have far fewer pageviews than your make enough to live off of. (I’m not one of them yet) Two big things that you need to do are Amazon Associates affiliate program. Put links to products that you recommend or books you’ve read. Much better than Viglink. The other is Google Adsense, especially in the forums maybe not the main website. It’s the only way and I know many people don’t like to put ads on their website, but damn it you have to make money at this somehow! I for one would not be offended at seeing ads. The Talk About Marriage forums are chocked full of them.

    I live in Connecticut and Nexus Tax Laws = Amazon dropped me last year. Adsense performed poorly for me, as in very very very poorly. Nothing but dating sites and so on.

  15. I believe Dr. Phil isn’t licensed.

  16. He is assuredly entertainment. And mass crowds.

    Can I get an I use that all the time.

  17. Athol those were just two examples. Adsense is based on the cookies on the users computers. You don’t see the same thing others do. You saw dating sites, I see tools or whatever. How long did you have Adsense on? It takes a few months for it to start paying off. Something like Google Affiliates you can set the ads on your website. There are many affiliate programs and ad networks. I’m just saying when I see a 20 something stay at home housewife blog about her recipes and kids and make $50k a year, you can do it too because you get way more pageviews than she does!

  18. I just thought of another way and it’s pretty simple. You sell space on your website. I don’t know how many hits you get a month but it has to be pretty high. Another blog I follow, a photography blog has is pretty frank about selling ad space. You can read it here:
    I wish my blogs could support that type of ad revenue. Maybe some day!

  19. Is it legal for you to just have a page where people can donate on their own if they’d like? It’d be worth looking into if possible, I’m sure you’ve helped enough people out who would be willing to “donate” a few dollars to the cause.

  20. …how about creating a “buy me a beer” or “buy me a coffee” paypal button?

  21. You should set-up a form that people can fill out that they send in with their issues. That way, you can get the background info quickly and without a lot of verbage. It makes it much quicker for you to ascertain the basic info of a person’s marriage (duration, SMV of husband/wife, Partner N of husband/wife, that kind of stuff)
    It would generally streamline the process and allow you to get to the real meat of what is going on and streamline the preliminaries.

  22. please Athol. That way when I feed mine, I help to feed yours.

  23. Realize kids-still-in-schools, all that, but one answer is to up-ass from CT to ‘greener’ pastures.

    Form a business entity else-where, and bill from that entity for consulting services.

  24. Joe_Commenter says:

    Athol. You need to check this out. Now I understand my confusion and why I asked my first question in the comments. I’m using Chrome and NONE of the links above are actually links. They show up as static text that is not clickable. If I view this page using Internet Explorer all of the links are actually links that I can click. So it is possible that anyone using Chrome has no idea what you are talking about. It could be specific to my computer, but you owe it to yourself to verify that Chrome displays your page correctly.

  25. We have someone at work and their only job is to check and see how different emails/web pages/links/etc perform on the following:
    IE 8 and 9 (they already know IE 6&7 are probably not going to work)
    mobile platforms

    I will donate via PayPal, and I believe your stie IS entertaining…and educational.

    I second the mention of their sex cushions are the best thing EVER for the over-55 crowd.

  26. Wayfaring Stranger says:

    I’m using Chrome Version 38.0.2125.104. Some of the links work, some don’t.
    These are the ones that work:
    Mass: Amazon US Amazon UK JCPenney Target HSN Cafepress BJs
    Clothes: Nike and EddieBauer
    Computers: Dell, PCConnection, PCMail
    All of the links under Adult, Home, House, Travel, Food, Office.

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