The Friendzone


  1. This is the thing I love about red pill marriage. She gets to have a guy in the “friendzone” with all of the beta that that entails, and I get to fuck her brains out (almost) whenever I want.

  2. Superb. Of course in reality, it’s not quite so easy for a beta to car jack some alpha and drive his way into her pants…

  3. OMG that’s too funny

  4. HAHAHA!

  5. When you see beta everywhere trying their best to get a gal’s attention…then she leaves them to come to you. That’s a great feeling.

  6. OMG that montage at the end with him holding her purse and then having a mud-pack facial. Too much!!

  7. That was hilarious. Interesting that it seems red pill concepts become more and more mainstream through the rapid dissemination of information available today via the webz.

  8. Allen Funt, is that you? Stop following me.

  9. AHAHAHA awesome. Definitely posting this one soon.

  10. There are no friends in the so-called Friendzone. Dude, she’s not your friend. Give up on her and move on to other females. That’s your way out of there.

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