The Friendzone

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  1. jetaz says:

    This is the thing I love about red pill marriage. She gets to have a guy in the “friendzone” with all of the beta that that entails, and I get to fuck her brains out (almost) whenever I want.

  2. Simon says:

    Superb. Of course in reality, it’s not quite so easy for a beta to car jack some alpha and drive his way into her pants…

  3. Brian says:

    OMG that’s too funny

  4. I'm a man says:


  5. The Dude says:

    When you see beta everywhere trying their best to get a gal’s attention…then she leaves them to come to you. That’s a great feeling.

  6. Shanna says:

    OMG that montage at the end with him holding her purse and then having a mud-pack facial. Too much!!

  7. ZLX1 says:

    That was hilarious. Interesting that it seems red pill concepts become more and more mainstream through the rapid dissemination of information available today via the webz.

  8. NSR says:

    Allen Funt, is that you? Stop following me.

  9. George says:

    AHAHAHA awesome. Definitely posting this one soon.

  10. Charles says:

    There are no friends in the so-called Friendzone. Dude, she’s not your friend. Give up on her and move on to other females. That’s your way out of there.

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