To Baldly Go

Asked in the First Officer section of the forum…

WideAwake:  So, I have the typical “male pattern baldness” and for the past several years have just kept my hair trimmed very short (like a #1 clipper).

I’ve been toying with shaving my head completely – but that is a big step (even though it would grow back in about a week or two).  I’m 6-2, 230 (still losing weight, will get to 200), muscular but not ripped (working on this too) and have a decent looking head and tan.  I’m 44.   Ladies – do you prefer a very short haircut with brown and grey hair or should I just go for it and shave it?

My wife has hinted at me shaving it…   Your thoughts?

Athol:    “My wife has hinted at me shaving it… “

Sorry, just couldn’t resist!

And yeah, shaving it off is just fine.

Jennifer:  I miss the weekly ritual of shaving Athol’s head, but I can’t stop touching his head now he’s shaved. 


  1. It makes shopping for Christmas presents much easier. Just buy a jar of Uncle Fester’s Scalp Wax!

  2. Dude, if it bothers you that much – Finasteride

  3. Go for it. I have shaved my head for about the last nine months. One word of advice: get some sun on the shaved parts asap. The worst part for me was the formerly covered portions of my scalp resembling an aborted pig fetus at first. A few layers of suntan dispel that…effect.

    My wife still wishes I would grow some hair, but I’ve told her I’m not willing to fart around with largely ineffective hair regrowth snake oil, and I’m dead tired of the male pattern baldness look.

  4. Beeping Slooty says:

    Trimmed short and shaved bald are both good looks in my opinion. I think the trimmed short look would probably require a bit less maintenance. My ex shaved bald and it looked really sharp but if he didn’t shave it at least every other day it started to look a little scruffy. He used a crazy gizmo called a Head Blade.

  5. LovelyLauren says:

    Personally, I prefer trimmed short to entirely bald. I just think it looks neater. All bald just seems really harsh to me. If your wife has brought it up though, she is the one who looks at you every day.

  6. What BeepingSlooty said.
    Embrace the baldness and shave or trim extremely close!
    Own it.
    +2 for being fit and also owning it.

    Now I’m totally checking you out.
    Hey, I’m married, not buried, people. :)

  7. Short hair definitely. Shaved is yucky. I would not like that at all.

  8. I’d prefer neat styled hair. I love touching my partner’s hair – where ever it is on his body! Long live natural hair distribution! :-) C

  9. Remember, male pattern baldness is caused by testosterone. Rejoice, for your Manly Hormones are strong!

  10. Totally bald I don’t know it looks good on certain men but in others it look too harsh. I personally prefer the Picard look. It looks really wise and also it looks like “I’m bald so what?” Which I would admit is the only bit of Alphaness that I actually like.
    But follow your wife’s lead she knows what she likes and that is what matters.

  11. Milf_in_Training says:

    Though I prefer long hair on men, very few can pull off long+gray+bald spot. A beard helps. Bald and short hair reminds me of my father — a good guy, but NOT what I want to be reminded of in my bedmate!

    But that’s me. The most important opinion is WideAwake’s, followed by his wife’s.

  12. The only opinion that should bear weight is the wife’s. My husband says he only cares what I think of his dressing and grooming styles. I feel the same way towards him. Things are much simpler that way.

  13. “Though I prefer long hair on men, very few can pull off long+gray+bald spot. A beard helps. Bald and short hair reminds me of my father — a good guy, but NOT what I want to be reminded of in my bedmate!”

    Exactly. If you have gray plus balding, even a very short trim still makes you look much older than completely shaved does. Bald may look harsh compared to a full head of non-gray hair, but for some of us, it is the sexier alternative.

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