Picard Breaks In A New First Officer

Deleted scene…

…Picard all Captainy. Watch the Alpha Male staredown.

Picard is doing the whole Tit for Tat strategy too. He starts out nice and welcoming as the default opening, but as soon as the line is crossed, he bumps back. The whole bridge crew knows what’s coming and just enjoys watching it play out.

Then when the moment is passed, it’s passed… and he continues on with a perfectly calm and rational interaction with his First Officer.


  1. Coming under the wing of a respected leader is incredibly difficult and challenging, especially in a position like First Officer where you are expected to be able to do the Captain’s job if need be. Earning the respect of the Captain and the rest of the crew is essential and you might only get one shot at it.

    Meanwhile one of the aspects of good leadership is accepting the fallibility and redeemability of your charges, so that you don’t write them off after one fuckup.

  2. So often saying nothing is INCREDIBLY ALPHA. That’s something I regularly teach guys. Stop saying ahhh, ummm and feeling like silence is bad. If you maintain eye contact, the other person will feel THEY have to say something and break it. It establishes social dominance with men and turns women on!!

  3. Hahaaaa. No words needed.

  4. It’s about time the got some safety features on that ship! No more ‘bracing for impact’ and flying all over the bridge every time they get hit…

  5. Milf-in-Training says:

    I have to give the FO a fair bit of credit too … he spotted the error and corrected it, with an explanation of how the error happened. No excuses, no whining, no unnecessary emotions.

  6. To be fair. Officers at that rank come with abilities and reputations of their own.

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