Baby You Can Start My Car

Blockhead:  Here in the Midwest, its starting to get cold now in the mornings.

I usually leave the house about 5 – 10 minutes before she/kids do, Since its been getting cold, As I am walking out the door to leave, she will ask me start/warm her car up. Never really though about it before and have always done it in the past, but after reading MMSL/shit tests I am wondering if this is a shit test and a beta move?

Any thoughts?

Athol:   If you’re already walking out there and it takes you ten seconds to start her car for her… seems like a nice Beta move.

She should be saying “thank you” / kissing you goodbye though. Tit for Tat. It’s just a nice Tit for a nice Tat. Now if you were staying home and she was going out, and then she went all pouty and whiny to get you to go out there and start her car… then that’s her testing you.

If I’m doing the morning routine with the kids, I bring Jennifer a cup of tea. I’m already making me coffee, we have a Keurig thingy so it only takes me a minute to make her something while I’m making my own. She always says thank you and actively enjoys the Act of Service. She also knows that all she needs to do once is say, “Where’s my tea?” in a snarky tone and she’ll get a whithering look and a big cup of make-your-own-fucking-tea.

Something to watch is whether or not small acts of service are also returned to you. I do nice things for Jennifer, but she also does many nice things back to me. For which I also say thank you.

If it’s all a one way flow of your energy into your partner… even if they are being nice and appreciative about it… that just means you’re doing everything they want for nothing but praise. Which is simply talk and not action. If they are performing actions for other people though… hmmm.



  1. That’s a big beta move once the ice is on her windshield. My husband and I both do that for each other if we get the chance.

  2. Athol, sometimes I count the number of times my wife looks at me during a conversation, and I’m certain that she look at me about half as often as I look at her. This is based on a large number of samples, and even some recorded footage where we were creating a video for a family member and were talking to each other during the video.

    Is it a big beta move for me to look at her more than she looks at me? Should I try to a big alpha move and call her out on this? Should I just let it slide even though it’s always creeping up in the back of my mind. Regardless, I think some beta or alpha moves are happening and I’m not sure what to do about it.

  3. Disagree this is a Beta move even if there is ice on the windshield, although that all depends. She get’s the kids ready, you clear ice from the windsheild – give and take – Alpha taking care of his family. She wants to sit on her backside watching Jerry Springer while you do it that’s a Beta move.

    Agree with everything in the article. As long is she is not being whiny and pouty about it, it’s appreciated and you get it back in whatever other way then it’s in the bank. Alpha’s take care of those around them. They also actively remove life suckers from around them.

  4. If you look at your wife twice as often as she looks at you, check out her ass. Her cleavage deserves attention, too.

  5. Ahhh…I’m so glad you wrote this post. So tired of the guys thinking everything is a test.

  6. Whole thing made me feel warm and fuzzy.

  7. Agree that taking care of your wife and family in small and large ways is alpha. My husband has always taken care of my car (I don’t even check the oil), and I always let him know that I appreciate it. Yes, it builds comfort, so it’s beta too, but I consider it to be alpha.

  8. Milf-in-Training says:

    Car things are Alpha anyway .

    There’s nothing Beta in doing work that needs doing, if necessary. Even the starship Captain will scrub the floors if he’s next to the mop and there’s nobody else to do it.

    The Beta comes from doing the work solely for approval or because she expects it done whether convenient or not.

  9. Baby, I’ll start your car, but only if it’s a Beatle.

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