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We are very fortunate to be riding out the storm so well that my one great annoyance with this hurricane is that the kids are home from school, just as I started hitting a rhythm of writing. I’ve started going to the main city library to write during the day and obviously that isn’t happening in the middle of a hurricane. Maybe not getting to the library is a First World problem, but that’s how I roll. Maybe I’m reaching too high, but I mapped out the next three years worth of writing and speaking creation tasks and have some good ideas of where MMSL is headed.

My other move is that Jennifer and I are joining a gym, mostly because I’m going stir crazy alone at home without a more social group to be part of. So more structured things to do and places to go. I need some new habits… and if they involve 930am Zumba with bored housewives, I’m okay with that. Shit, Jennifer wasn’t meant to read that.

Speaking of Jennifer, we’re continuing to work on empowering her a little more and have strung quite a few rounds of the tease and denial games back to back to back over the last month. We’ve had some confusing moments, but overall it’s been fun. Every marriage has ups and downs, and this feels like more of an upswing. It’s actually been extremely interesting to experience my feelings for her change the longer it goes between orgasms. Day 1 I like her, Day 2 I’m interested in her, Day 3 she’s amazing, Day 4 and beyond she’s the chosen one. I actually had an experience a couple weeks back where I was driving at night with Jennifer and having rolling flashbacks / deja vu that I was driving around with my first girlfriend. Basically a similar experience plus the same mental state, so both wonderful and very interesting from a neurological point of view.

And I broke down and got the damn Warcraft expansion. Rolled a Monk, pushed fairly hard up to the level cap hitting Level 90 on Tuesday, ran my Heroics for gear and 6 for 6 Bosses down in a Raidfinder run on Saturday. Pretty much third on healing. At this point there’s not a lot more to do with the character except wait for the weekly reset and get the total needed play time down to a 5-6 hours a week. Might look for a casual raid guild to do a couple of structured nights play. It’s more fun than watching TV that’s for sure.

Finally have the payday money for my Army retreat in my possession and while not broke, it’s our buffer… Jennifer all clingy tonight lol.  It’s also the next book production money and makes things a lot easier to do. This time around I’m trying the Createspace cover people and likely interior design as well. Kindle is 80% of sales, so the paperback is somewhat a vanity thing, but I’m so used to wanting to hold a book that I think I need it for myself. Things to get done sooner rather than later though. Jennifer finished her round of editing the Rules book tonight, so have something to plow ahead on tomorrow.

It’s been a totally strange experience finishing up nursing and suddenly turning into a full time writer person. You would think that it would have been a completely easy transition. It’s not been nearly as easy as I thought. I’m getting there though. One of the things that I’ve really learned over the last few years is that your shot doesn’t have to be pretty, you just need to get the ball to go through the hoop. Don’t wait forever for the perfect moment to take your shot… it never comes.



  1. Keep going planning out essay/blog ideas. I find that my own writing ideas comes in fits and spurts. If I don’t write the idea down, I forget it and later when I need ideas, I have none.

  2. As someone who did go the same route 15 years ago, my advice would do yourself a favor and get some scheduling software for goal setting and dump the whole WOW thing if it intrudes during “Working hours”, even if it’s just checking the forums and stats/gear sites. When you work by yourself things like games , non business email, facebook etc. become huge time wasters. Tim Ferris’s book ” the Four hour Work Week” is a good one for hints at working on your own. You are also going to have to keep your financial rank higher than Jennifer’s and as tempting as it is to do all the housework, don’t. Over the long term it’s been my sad experience that being super “House Husband”, even if you are making good money causes your rank to diminish over time. The more you do the less it’s appreciated, some wives feel it encroaches on their territory, especially if you do better than they did.

    If I had to do it again I would have rented a small office, or even went to the librbary and worked from there. After all I’ve researched on SAHD’s and talking to other guys who went this route, I’m pretty sure now if I had I’d still be married.

  3. Nooooo, don’t let it suck you in again, lol.

    How long did it take you to get to 90? I’m asking for a friend…

    Just on five days.

  4. Word.

    The problem with being a writer is that it’s like being pregnant. No one knows how hard you’re working until the thing is born, and once everyone sees it in final form they get the impression that it’s easy. That you can just sit around the house, play WoW, go to Zumba class, have sex with your wife and POW! A Book!

    It ain’t that easy. And one of the most difficult things to do is try to figure out just how to sit in one spot and grind out words when you know you have a million other things to do . . . and when you’re doing just about anything else, you know you should be writing. Finding that balance in managing your time is critical, Athol, and if I haven’t recommended it before, you might want to check out A Writer’s Time ( and/or Write Time (–ebook/dp/B007HB8R3C/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1351601987&sr=8-2&keywords=a+writer%27s+time), both by Kenneth Atchity. That might give you some insight in how to manage that balance better.

    Or it might just mess you up. Suggesting books on writing to writers is like giving your golf partner books on golf by pros designed to improve his game . . . in far too many cases, the result is negative, not positive (unless, y’know, you have money riding on the game, in which case buy that dude all the books you can).

    But I emphasize something fierce. Note the dwindling posts over at my blog. I’m grinding myself. And with Kindle, as you know, there’s no editor or publisher screaming at you about deadlines. Just that pesky mortgage payment to keep you inspired. Keeping yourself on schedule takes supreme discipline.

    Good luck with the storm, and I hope it doesn’t set you back too many days. And as far as the girls . . .

    iPod: Great Invention, or the Greatest Invention. Discuss.

  5. I’m a stay at home mom and while I am usually quite busy (homeschooling) I do understand the boredom thing. The gym will help tremendously. Also, as person who does a great deal of thinking while working out (it may sound strange but it actually helps me focus on working harder) I advise having something there with you to write ideas down between sets. I use my phone, personally, but anything will do. You will regret not writing things down as you might not remember them later!

  6. Brotherdance says:

    Dang monk got me back in too. Just when I thought I was free…

  7. Speaking of MMSL Primer v2 / 2012 (?) / next gen / whatever you’re going to call it…

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… include a Table of Contents in the Kindle version. This is the one feature that makes MMSL Primer 2011 much less useful as a handy reference than it could be.

  8. Take from me, as someone that followed their passion and left the corporate world 8 years ago, it’s not over til you die. Due to a downturn in sales for my product and huge competition rolling into town, I am forced to go back to computer programming for pay. My wife is working, but for now I am a SAHD looking for work and taking classes to bone up on things. Life is constantly changing, you never arrive at the place you think you should be.

    Also, trying to work out of the house there is always some distractions. The dog is sick, or the kids have a holiday, or the car needs to be fixed so the wife can go to work or whatever… it never ends! That’s why I recommend an office away from home, even for a couple of hours a day so there are no distractions!

  9. The longer I go between orgasms with my wife the less I am interested in her and the more I am interested in my 18-22 year old employees.

    Is your wife playing with your cock twice a day though? That’s really fun. :-)

  10. I love Zumba! It’s hard to imagine you doing it though, although if anyone could pull it off you could, you should teach your wife the belly dancing one if you learn it.

  11. @brotherdance Is that why we haven’t seen you on the Forum for a while? Missing your good comments.

  12. Brotherdance says:

    @serenity Caught red handed… (I also realized the forums are dangerous for work from home types like myself. Too dang intriguing! I could spend hours every day in there.) What Athol is learning fast, and what I constantly have to watch out for, is it’s very easy for a full time writer to self distract with secondary interests.

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